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[VIC] Supreme+ 98 Fuel 127.7c Per Litre @ 7-Eleven, Hampton (VIC)


Cheap fuel, let's all go for a drive to fill up.
For those with a P03 helicopter, see you all there.


Party location at co-ordinates:

Credits: Freighter & Master131, our OzBargain coding gods.
Please make sure you thank them for their hard work!

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  • -4

    What apk is everyone using? Latest one seems to be crashing while searching

  • +1

    Oh nice… My chopper was getting a little low.

  • +1

    Nice, almost a 70c/L discount over some 98 prices in Brisbane!!

  • +3

    These guys must have a 10 litre tank of 91 at their station.

  • -3

    The cost of helicopter fuel negates this deal.

    • +7

      Not if your helicopter uses u98 aswell!

  • +1

    Can't sign in, getting foxtrot error :(

    • +1

      Try a Viennese waltz instead

    • Same here

    • Me too. Iphone is fine, Nox fails to log in…

  • +3

    I just used previous deal, you saved me $18+ in the middle of whoop whoop. Thanks

  • +1

    Cheers OP, missed the deal earlier today

  • +1

    thank you OP!

  • Thanks!

  • -1

    Thanks just locked 45l

  • -5

    Can someone please show how to do this step by step on a IOS device ?

    • +11
      1. Drive to Hampton
      2. Open the app
      3. Lock in.

      That is the ONLY way on IOS

      • +2

        You mean "1. Land the helicopter in Hampton"

      • You should be a comedian!

      • NO. That's not the ONLY way.

        Check out iSpoofer for POGO (paid service) which allowed me go anywhere using IOS.

        • -1

          I stand corrected. I should have said there is no FREE way to do it directly on a IOS device (that I have heard of).

        • If you're jailbroken there's a few apps to fake gps

          i personally use Relocate by nepta

      • Incorrect, I’m on iOS and lock in every week to whichever co-ordinates I wish - you just need a Mac to run the Xcode program made by Master131

        • you just need a Mac to run the Xcode program made by Master131

          You might as well just install Bluestacks for Mac by that time

        • +2

          However the question was how to do it on an IOS device. You used a Mac to do it. There is iSpofer above (which I did not know about) but I don't believe there is a free way to do it directly on a IOS device right?

  • Thanks OP filled up 5 litres and locked in this price. 98 premium was showing as $1.91. At my local.

  • Thanks. Locked in.

  • -7

    How long will this be available?

    • +10

      Until it's gone

      • -8

        great answer mate…..

        • +19

          ask stupid questions, get stupid answers ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • It takes less than a minute to change coordinates and lock the price in (once you have done the initial helicopter acquisition).
          If you have time to write the comment, you have the time to lock it in.

    • +3

      Did you not learn from your previous post?

  • +3

    The errors i got on NOX was possibly from older Android 5 version, used 7 and it worked as normal.
    Thanks OP, locked in.

    • Can I ask how you got nox to run version 7?

      • +5

        Multi-instance manager should let you choose the version

  • It says "No Fuel Data" did they ban the modded app? I've locked in successfully before, is anyone experiencing this?

    • No, it happens from time to time. Just refresh it, it happens even when not locking.

      Also check your location is correct and you didn't fly to America/UK

      • Thanks mate, appreciate that

  • Damn. Overpaid. 129.9c

  • Live near Macquarie University I see.

  • Can you have two accounts on the 7 11 app?

    • Yes

  • Today I saw $1.23 at Liberty and $1.79 at Wollies/Coles for regular unleaded. There seems to be something seriously fishy going on with the prices at the moment.

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