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Bonus $10 Prezzee Smart eGift Card with Purchase of $75 Smart eGift Card @ Prezzee


note: Smart eGift Cards were formerly known as Swap eGift Cards

Turns out Instagram ads are actually good for something. Received my bonus instantly as usual.

For the uninformed, Prezzee is an online e-gift card store where you can purchase cards for quite a lot of retailers including Woollies and Coles.

Valentine’s Day BONUS $10!

Grab your Valentine a $75 Prezzee Smart eGift Card and get a bonus $10 Prezzee Smart eGift Card. Winning!

Available for the first 1500 users who purchase the promotion. Maximum 1 per account and limited to 1 transaction per credit card.
Promotion valid on Prezzee only when you purchase a $75 Prezzee Smart eGift Card. Once you purchase a $75 Prezzee Smart eGift Card you will receive a separate email within 3 hours with your bonus $10 Prezzee Smart eGift Card.
Offer ends 4pm 9.2.20 unless sold out prior. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

The Prezzee Smart eGift Card is the jewel of all gift cards, giving your recipient the ability to exchange their Smart eGift Card for any number of retailer Gift Cards on prezzee.com.au The perfect gift for the person who has everything!

A Prezzee Smart eGift Card can be exchanged for 100+ brands including Myer, Dymocks, David Jones, HOYTS Cinemas, JB HI-FI, Coles, Woolworths and many more…

Please note the Prezzee Smart eGift Card can only be exchanged for Australian retailer eGift Cards.

This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2020.

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  • "Grab your Valentine a $75 Prezzee Smart eGift Card and get a bonus $10 Prezzee Smart eGift Card."

    You can be your own Valentine, I suppose.

  • is Smart eGift Card = SWAP eGift Card?

    • +1

      Yes u are right

  • Worked, thanks. Just exchanged it for Woolies gift card.

  • +2

    For those lazy ones that can’t make an extra click 🤦🏻‍♂️

    A Prezzee Smart eGift Card can be exchanged for 100+ brands including Myer, Dymocks, David Jones, HOYTS Cinemas, JB HI-FI, Coles, Woolworths and many more…

    Please note the Prezzee Smart eGift Card can only be exchanged for Australian retailer eGift Cards.

    Edit: Got my extra $10 eGift Card within seconds of ours she, thanks OP!

    • Cheers, I didn’t want to clog up the description and thought people might just click on the link..

  • Got 10 bucks GC str8away. Thx for the post

    • +1

      Glad to see you benefited from the deal but didn't vote +

  • Doesn't load past the Sign In page for me on Firefox or Chrome, and that gift card denomination isn't available on the app. Ah well, good post OP

    • Didn't work for me on mobile either, desktop was fine though.

  • is there a $75 denomination card?

    • You can swap this $75 card for a $75 card

    • +1

      Use the link to the site posted in the deal description.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Are promo code required to get the $10?

    • No

    • no, you need to use the deal link though

  • +1

    thanks prezzee! excellent deal

  • How long do gift cards last? Or when do they expire?

    • +1

      the smart card lasts 3 years, whatever you convert it into will vary, eg woolworths no expiry

  • +1

    Feb. 7, 2023

  • Done…thanks

  • Thanks
    both turned up instant and easily swapped

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • +2

    so, paying $75 for $85 value is a 11.7% discount if my math is right

    • Your math is right

    • +1

      11.8% because you round up (11.76)

      • So 12% then?

    • +1

      Use for Wish cards and stack with 10% off this weekend at Woolies if you're a credit card / insurance customer for….an even bigger discount. I can't do those maths on a Friday evening..

      • I was wondering why I got that discount at the checkout today, nice surprise.

  • Do the Coles group gift cards the site refers to = Coles myer gift cards and thus include officeworks?

  • Thanks

  • I can’t find $75 option

    • +1

      Are you clicking the link? Takes you right to the $75 card. Worked a treat for me.

  • Thank you! Just order one and received the $10 straight away!

  • Thanks, easy $10.

  • Order unsuccessful.

  • Weird. Not letting me purchase. Tried 2 different credit cards too.

  • how can you buy $75?I can only choose$50 or $100?

    • click on the deal link

    • -1

      It’s s0ld 0ut.
      Sorry can’t say the actual words, the comment filter doesn’t allow it.

  • -1

    Looks like I might have been the last one to successfully purchase?

    • no, the deal page disappears when stock is expired

  • Thanks OP, $10 for nothing! Got free $10 instantly.
    I have swapped to Woolworths e-gift card, anyone know if i can somehow add them to the Woolworths money app?

    • +1

      Yeah just use the Online number + Pin from the virtual/pdf card to add them to Money

      • Ok thanks, I guess im just used to the ease of the Woolworths ones I purchase through cashrewards, that just say "add card", so easy! I will give it go.

    • +1

      Yes use the full digit online card number with PIN

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Managed one for Mrs, so free $20!

  • +1

    Was able to get it. Got the $10 almost instantly

  • Can confirm it is still working, just purchased using my existing Prezzee account. Also got $10 bonus card instantly. Thanks OP

  • I just got it too.

  • Thanks. Ordered and got the $10 instantly as always.

  • Still working. Thanks

  • +1

    Nice got my $10. Been buying these smart egift cards as a form of savings lately instead of putting cash into my savings account. Find it helps with avoiding impulsively buying crap because this requires actually having to think what card to swap it to and then go through the whole swap process rather than just seeing something I want and flicking cash between my accounts in seconds.

    • Can save more by buying discounted gift cards

      • Yes but these ones can be swapped to anything and I’m not locked in to a certain store.

        Had this issue when I bought discounted Myer gift cards last year and then the TV I wanted came up for sale everywhere but Myer.

  • Still working. Tried multiple times aswell!

  • Thanks OP, got a bonus $10!

  • Mo money!

  • +1

    Clicked my wallet link: only showing - Balance AUD $75.00

    • +1

      the bonus card arrives via email

  • Just snagged one. Thanks op!

  • Does the bonus $10 get sent via e-mail? I only got $75 card

    • +1


  • I got it too

  • Thanks - just used it, and the $10 bonus arrived instantly! Now to have fun spending it!

  • Thanks got one too!

  • Cheers, got it!

  • thanks OP.
    $10 bonus arrived.

  • Been searching for prezzee for the whole afternoon and here it is

  • Thanks - I got one.

  • Instant $10 voucher, thank op

  • thx op

  • Thanks, got $10 card.

  • thx mate.

  • Cheers, worked

  • Thanks, still working.

  • Seems expired now

  • +1

    Thank you for your order with Prezzee.

    Unfortunately we were unable to complete your Prezzee Order #.

    We have not charged your credit card and no action is required from you.

    Why was my order unsuccessful?

    For more information, please email us at [email protected] or call us on +61 2 9093 2777 between Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm AEST, excluding public holidays.

    • +2

      I had the same problem.

      If you use custom email domain stripe will reject.

      Gmail is fine.

    • got money in your account?

  • -1

    Cheers OP. Got them instantly on both my accounts.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Just got one, thanks!

  • Thanks. Still works! Received gc instantly.

  • Just ordered, got the $10 bonus email instantly (10:25pm).

  • Still working. I just ordered and got the bonus credit instantly.

  • got one thanks!

  • Thanks, bought and received instantly!

  • I'm new to Prezzee. So what you guys are doing is snatching a $75 and $10 smart giftcards and exchanging those 2 for $75 and $10 Coles giftcards for example?

    • +1

      When you buy a $75 smart prezzee gc, a bonus $10 prezzee gc will be sent to you instantly (so long as it hasn't reached the capped number).
      You can swap them with different giftcard providers. ie. swap $75 for ebay gc and $10 for coles.

  • Still working, thanks OP

  • +1

    Managed to get one too. Cant believe they havent got 1500 people.

  • Still works. Thanks OP!

  • Still works for me too! :D thanks OP

  • Still good thanks

  • Oh wow, got the $10 within a minute of the $75 order

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