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Bauhn Universal Travel Power Socket Adaptor Kit $9.99 (Was $19.99, Limited Stock) @ ALDI


Bauhn Universal Travel Adaptor Kit on sale at Aldi for $9.99. Originally $19.99. I found this at Scoresby Victoria store. There were over 20 in stock and some were scattered around the store in other display areas.


  • Can be used in over 150 countries
  • Tested to AU safety Standards
  • 2 x AC sockets
  • 4 x USB charging ports
  • 90cm Cable
  • incl carry case

This is one awesome product. I've got an older version that has traveled with me many times. Still going strong!

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  • Sold out in Orange NSW if this helps anyways. They did have the travel tags for $4.99, but not really a bargain. Good find OP

  • The old model seemed good going by comments, this newer model might have short lived usb ports. YMMV

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      Bought one of these ~4 years ago, USB ports failed shortly after first use. Is cheap though, probably worth a punt. Suggets just testing it out for a couple days before you take it overseas.

      • I had the exact same thing happen, all ports failed about 8-12 months after purchase

      • Mines around 4 years old also (older model), Never broke. Maybe I got lucky. New ones seem to be alot worse, I'd take the punt at that price

      • Had the same experience- was good for a trip or two, and the form factor is very convenient. But all ports blew on a later trip when it had a few things (ipad, phone, watch) plugged in. Very annoying. Didn’t bother with refund, but should have.

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    Call Aldi customer service & advise product code, Aldi will tell you where & quantity

  • Emerald Hills in NSW had some yesterday. Didn’t post as was unsure of quality.

  • noob alert. i bought 2 of this years ago. but i don't know how to use it. Is it plug in the country's adaptor then you plug in the australian plugs?

    • Plug the power plug adaptor for the country you are visiting into the AC cable. The dual outlets (AC sockets) on the adaptor enable you to use AU plugged devices, saving you having to buy an individual travel adaptor for each device.

    • You also want to be sure what you are plugging in has compatible voltage. A lot of devices, you are likely to be carrying, would have the voltage spectrum but you want to be sure.

      • You might put it in layman's terms. Voltage spectrum aka dual voltage. Like the US voltage is 120V, while AU is 240V. Many portable device have dual voltage and doesn't matter where you are, you won't burn it. But buy a fridge and you can say good bye to it if it is 120V and you plug it in 240V. And not forgetting difference in frequency.

        Anyhow, who knows what voltage will be on Mars?

        • Frequency - 60Hz in the US, 50Hz pretty much everywhere else - is not really an issue anymore. It used to be a problem with things like electric clocks but they're long gone.

  • Looks like what I bought a month ago - and returned. The plugs are Chinese format, meaning the cable on the plug is on the side of the two power pins so will cover the power switch is plugged into a power board. Australian cables have the cable on the earth pin side, away from the switch. Check before you buy if it matters to you.

  • I have one of these. Won't transform voltages i.e 110 to 230 but most modern switchmode power supplies for electronics like laptops phone chargers etc are often marked 100-240VAC so will be happy anyway.

  • Had the old one and the power adaptors stopped working after a couple of swaps. Would not recommend.

  • I use an Allocacoc power cube and a travel adapter. Same result, a bit more expensive but more reliable and compact. I don’t rate bauhn stuff, their power plugs and the like have never worked for more than a couple of weeks.

  • A few for $14.99 at Albury ALDI. Didn’t post because there was no a-frame with puns like the Harvey Norman up the road…

  • This is not suitable for Japan, unfortunately. I found this out after buying it.

    • i have first release works great but does not include Japan plug.

    • If you're still looking for an adaptor, I found they were cheapest at luggage stores, the sort that sell discounted suitcases. I recently saw a Japan-specific two-pin adaptor in my local Daiso store, for AU$5.99, if you have a Daiso store nearby. But you'll only be able to plug in things with a 2-pin AU plug, can't plug in a 3-pin AU plug.

  • I bought one of these a few months ago, no problems with USB ports or power after a few weeks each in North America and Malaysia.

  • USB's stopped working shortly after purchase. Don't buy.

  • they were $15 at my local

  • I’ll stay away from bauhn electronic, had their powerboard+usb, played up and fried an amp

  • Don’t buy!! It will fail I’ve been through 2 of em

  • Bought this a year ago, USB ports failed while I was overseas. Returned it for a refund. Not worth the hassle.

  • any good adaptors on ebay?

  • Most hotels will just give you one if you ask.
    More modern hotels will just have USB power points

  • Bought one years ago and have had no probs. Very useful for all the phone/laptop/tablet charging family needs while travelling. Used all through europe, UK, Thailand, Bali, Hawaii with no probs. Even used in a caravan in AU for USB and extra plugs. Sorry to here people have probs with newer version ;(

  • I also bought one and the USB's have stopped working.
    FYI, when it did and you plugged in 2+ USB's, it would share the load and take forever to charge your phones.

  • Anyone seen this one on sale https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/EN/MOGICS/MogicsPower I got one and I have plugged many items to it on a cruise (US Outlet) and trips within AUS and it just works. A bit pricey so I'm looking to get a second one on the cheap. Did a quick search in OZB but no results (lazy monday search.

  • I bought three in December, and took them on an OS trip.
    All working fine, no USB troubles.
    A gotcha for me though, cruise ships wont let you take them onboard!

    • I think most cruise lines don't like powerboards because they may have surge protectors which clash with the ships power system.