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Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop Drive (+$1 Item) $90 C&C/+ Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Bing Lee eBay


Greetings everyone, Bing Lee have the Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop Drive for $99 and this can be combined with the $10 off $100 promotion currently on eBay.

Combine with a $1 item to get it for $90 C&C or + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus). A good example is an SD Card Adaptor from Flashforwardtech making it exactly $90.

Seems like pretty great value for $22.50 per TB.

The Seagate Expansion desktop drive provides extra storage for your ever-growing collection of files. Add space for more files instantly, consolidate all your files to a single location, or free space on your computer s internal drive for improved performance.

Set-up is straightforward. Simply plug in the included power supply and USB cable and you are ready to go. It is automatically recognised by the Windows operating system, so there is no software to install and nothing to configure. Saving files is easy too, just drag and drop.

Take advantage of the fast data transfer speeds with the USB 3.0 interface by connecting to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port. USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0 for additional system compatibility.

As always, enjoy :)

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    FYI: Easy shucking, HDD inside is ST4000DM004

    • this HD worth to take apart?

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        Depends if you want to use it inside your PC or not

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        I bought the same a few months back. Its good for internal storage. Worth the cash I would say

        • +1

          Same bought from last deal from JB

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      Beware the model above does not have great reviews. Many drives DOA and RMA'd

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        I would avoid buying. There are other HDDs with better reviews.

      • Thanks for that link. These drives seem terrible!

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        All drives generally have bad reviews these days, quality is down. you linked the bare drive which is subject to more user handling.

        Here is the equivalent Western Digital desktop external, lots of bad reviews

        • WD Reviews: 4,029 customer ratings, 5% of them are 1-star
          SG Reviews: 878 customer ratings, 20% of them are 1-star

      • Yep, I'd recommend waiting for another 4TB WD Elements deal. Mine came with a typical Blue drive.

        Amazon generally aren't good sample size for judging product quality and failure rates. Backblaze has a good annual report on many different drives and their reliability.

    • Not always, I got an ST4000DM005, which has a 64 MB cache and is apparently a significantly less dense drive.

      Probably not a huge concern most of the time given the likely usage, and perhaps not even a real performance hit comparing one to the other, but something to keep in mind.

      I noticed that for transferring a lot of smaller files onto it tanked the write rate, which is typical of an SMR drive.

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    $22.5 per TB, Bargain.

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    Thanks OP. I was looking at buying an internal 2TB seagate drive for my server for $89 so this was a great deal.

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    good price then I realise they are SMR drive.

    • I used to have 24tb of SMR drives. They suuuuucked. Never again.

      Hold out for a juicy Seagate 10tb deal. They don't currently make SMR 10tb so you'll get a nice helium Barra pro in them. :)

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    just another general reminder, the thing with these cheaper external drives is that they use LOWER BINNED hard drives. Drives that don't meet whatever QC targets they need to be sold as an internal.

    I would only shuck them to use in a NAS, as you have redundancy in place.

    Taking them out to use as internal drives for ur main system is a gamble, unless you have a backup regime in place.

    Good price tho at 22.5$ per a TB

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      Agreed, but the price is too good to pass on.

      Has anybody had experience with Bing Lee warranty returns in case of a DOA drive?

    • +6

      whatever QC targets

      Seagate QC target: Not DOA*


      • Lol. Laughing at all the Seagate hate.

        Has everyone forgotten the WD Green head parking fiasco that led to an enormous amount of drives dying within a year?

        Neither company is perfect.

        I'm running 30tb of Seagate heliums and so far they have been fantastic.

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      Or just store movies that you never watch and don't care if you lose them.

    • +3

      I know it makes "sense" and we want to believe it but do you have any actual supporting evidence on your "binned" story?

      • no i don't have any 'factual evidence' but this is a belief shared across the internet and it just makes sense.
        most technologies go thru a binning process, ram, gpu, cpus etc.

        the use case for an external drive would be far less strenuous than an internal drive.
        also the warranty for external drives is less than internal drives.

        i mean, even so i don't expect drives to fail within 2-3 months of use like some of the cases you read here - i'd put that down more to user's knocking or moving the drive around (or it being bumped around in transit)

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      I wouldn't recommend them to be for used NAS that runs 24/7. I had so many issues with these drives in recent past. A lot of time is just wasted in copying to new drives etc. Buy NAS drives for NAS period.

    • Assuming redundancy

  • +1

    Would this hard drive be good for game storage? Is 5400 RPM too slow?

    • you may notice slower loading for larger open world games, such as GTA V for example.
      game consoles come with 5400rpm drives

      i mean it will be slower, but it won't cripple you

    • +1

      All HDDs are crap for games when compared to SSD's.

      Don't buy a HDD for your steam library. Get a 1TB SSD.

      • I have a lot of games like maybe 2 TB worth so SSD storage would be expensive

        • +3

          You don't need all 2TB installed. Theres no way you play them all each month. This is the common mistake many people make. You buy 200 games (i mean we all do in steam bundle sales right? :P) totaling 2TB but it doesnt mean you have to have them all installed at once.

          Pick and install the games you are currently playing or about to play, there's no way it goes over 500GB.

          Or have 2 steam library locations, one on your HDD for games you never play or light weight games. And one library on your SSD for your commonly played games. You can move them around easily from the steam interface and a bit of copy pasting.

        • +1

          just install your regularly played games on the ssd, and have the rest backed up on a slow hdd. SO when you decide to play a different game, move it from hdd to ssd, and you dont have to wait for it to download at the time.

    • +3

      A 7200RPM drive is a token improvement and doesn't make much difference in use, so don't let RPM be a buying decision.

      SSD is obviously the best for speed, but you are paying an order of magnitude more $ per Tb than this fantastic deal. Use this to store most games, and then cherry-pick some to move to your SSD when you play them.

      • Use this to store most games, and then cherry-pick some to move to your SSD when you play them.

        This ^^^

    • SSD only for games.

  • I shucked my 8TB one the other day and found its quite noisy just spinning. Disappointed in seagate!

    • +1

      It can be a little annoying, but noise alone doesn't indicate a bad drive (though it's still worth paying attention for clicking noises). I have a WD 6TB and Seagate 4TB that both do the same, but they've run for multiple years without any issues.

      • +1

        Yeah I am just used to silent drives that click a little bit when accessing. The motor hummmmmmmmmmmmm is new for me :|

    • My 4TB is pretty quiet, it's quieter than my 8TB WD Elements with white label helium drive (both in enclosure). I was expecting the opposite. Performance is obviously better with the WD though.

  • +4

    Bloody Bing Lee and their stupid shipping exclusions:

    Excludes: QLD Regional, SA Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

    • +2

      Doing you a favor really, read the negs for bing lee ebay. I bought somethjnf from bf salss and they took six weeks to deliver. Tracking number provided was registered but never showed up as picked up or anything so couldnt track it.

      When it eventually did arrived package had a different tracking number and the driver told me they only picked it up couple days previous!

      • I've currently got the same exact issue a bought an item from there eBay store and was supposed to be delivered "fast & free" by Jan 31st. They sent me a tracking number but nothing comes up with it.

        Still waiting for it to be delivered it would've been quicker to go in store.

  • +1

    Good price. But can't trust this. Waiting for good price for Ironwolf or WD red.

    • Apples, oranges

  • +1

    Thanks for this OP. Any suggestions from anyone for a $1 item?

    • I went with the SD card adapter that OP linked, couldn't find anything else.

  • +3

    Officeworks have them for $99 atm. Never seem to be instore but click and collect is available.

  • I just lost a 4TB in my NAS today and need a new drive. But I'll be leaving the NAS switched off rather than adding one of these to it.

    • +5

      Thanks for letting us know

  • SOLD, thanks for the solid bargain, OP!!

  • +5

    Strange reading all the reviews above. I shucked four of these many years ago and used them in a NAS 24/7 for 5-6 years without a problem at all. I then sold them onto others in DIY NAS boxes (2x HDDs per NAS) fully disclosing their operating hours and I've kept in touch with one of the buyers who says they're still going strong even now that they're 7+ years old! Maybe manufacturing quality has dropped since then but I wouldn't hesitate using them again and in fact I've done the same thing with the HDDs that replaced them (4x shucked 8TB WDs) without any problems for the last couple of years.

  • +1

    Have to pay $6 shipping for the extra $1 item to get over $100, even with eBay Plus?

    EDIT: Nevermind, didn't realise didn't have to be from same seller.

  • +1

    Shucked on to use for steam games in the desktop. Works well.

  • +1

    Officeworks are offering the same unit for the same price if you don't want to buy from BING Lee

    • How do you get it for $90 though.

  • For those confused about the quality of these drives I refer you to this link with the comment that Seagate drives do have some PMR available to stabilise the issues discussed. Go ahead with caution:

  • I bought one of these 2 years ago and shucked it, inside was a ST4000DM000.

    If I got another and it was say a ST4000DM004, would that present any issues when putting it in a RAID-1 mirrored array?

    • -1

      People still use Raid 1?

  • Won't accept the code for me. I have drive and SD card adaptor. Interestingly, C&C for drive suggests no stores in my area (Perth, WA). Could it be out of stock?

    • I thought Bing Lee is only in NSW.

      • You are correct no Bing Lee in WA.

  • To anybody that cares about their data: Don't Buy These! Lost one last week without any prior warning. Had a hardware failure despite being stationary on my desk the whole time it was alive.

    • News flash - all HDDs die at some point.

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