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240L Wheelie Bin $59 @ Stratco


Large capacity, 240 litre wheelie waste bin. Made from recycled material. Includes quality wheels. Please note; the colour of this product may vary depending on stock, from light green, to dark green, and a variety of lid colours from green, yellow and red.

  • Large capacity, 240 litre wheelie waste bin.
  • Made from recycled material.
  • Includes quality wheels.
  • Product colour may vary.

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    a) Temporarily out of stock
    b) Original price?

  • For anyone who has been changed over to the 3 bin system, has anyone tried to replace their smaller red lid bin (general waste) with the old normal size bin?

    • My council will charge you roughly $400/yr more if you upgrade to the 240L bin rather than the default 120L

      • mine just charge a one off $150 payment for the new bin (according to my neighbour who did it)

      • How do they know it's yours and not a sneaky neighbour parking it in front of your place when you're not looking?

  • +8

    Anyone tried to turn one of these into a water tank?

    • +3

      Not a bad idea. Structurally, it will hold.

      Many small tanks work out to be $0.50/litre.

      This is $0.25/litre.

    • +2

      Yep, it's been done many times. IBCs are better bang for buck though.

    • +2

      Perfectly fine as a water trolley… if you stick to the smallest size. It'll be too heavy to move otherwise.

      I've got something similar to this (just a different tap fitting): https://www.netwerk24.com/tuis/Tuine/Tuindagboek/a-bright-id...

      If you're not planning on moving it, then any wheelie bin size will be ok (just drain it before moving).

      You can get all the irrigation parts at Bunnings, so you can make any tap fitting at the bottom that suits your needs.

      You can also link them in the same fashion for larger water capacity. (place connection between them down low, and water will level out between them the two).
      But then at those capacities it would probably be cheaper to just get a proper tank.

      • +1

        Yep, or get yourself a submersible pump to put in the bottom and you should be able to run it to a sprinkler.

    • +2

      Yes but you won't be able to wheel 240kg around

    • +3

      I used to use one as a water tank when back-flushing my pool filter. I drilled a hole a few cm above the bottom and stuck a tap in it. I filled the bin with the back-flush water, let it settle for a few hours then emptied it back into the pool from the tap, leaving the settled sediment undisturbed.

      • That's actually a really good idea! That water that is otherwise thrown away is perfectly balanced chemically, and provide the lid is on would still even have chlorine and buffer in it. Nicely done.

    • +4

      I unintentionally turned mine into a water tank last weekend by forgetting to close the lid. Works well.

  • Aren't these free for any house purchases or rental?

    • +6

      Correct (well, waste collection services are paid via rates), but we wanted a separate one for collecting cans and bottles (for 10c refund).

      • +1

        Not a bad idea, but it takes 590 cans and bottles to pay off the cost of the wheely bin…

        • About two bins full. :D

          And it's more about just having somewhere to store them.

        • -2

          The cost to the environment though…

          Wonderful this recycling.
          - First people buy storage containers (in this case made of plastic)
          - Then they fill them up and drive their pollution mobiles to a recycling collection point
          - There they are scanned and counted by industrial machinery which costs the environment to manufacture and run
          - In the case of the Blacktown center my experience about a year ago was that people would queue up at popular times with their car running
          - Then finally (out of sight) they are hopefully put through a recycling process that also requires manufactured equipment and energy.

          And if you point out this may not be a bargain for the environment you get ostracized and treated as if you're a monster.

          Words like "scam" and "rort" come to mind.

    • "Free" in the sense a form of bin is included with rates.

    • Free as in the first owner had to pay for them, and they stay with the house on subsequent owners.

  • +1

    Yeah Bunnies charge nearly double…. good deal.

    • But can you get a sausage in bread from stratco

      • With onions? (or too soon)

        • Too late. By months. The Bunnings onion situation is back to the usual free for all that it always had been.

      • You can, actually.

  • +4

    Instantly made me think of this


    • Lol!

  • Surprisingly managed to get Bunnnings to price match this. Local store said no due to different item codes so I contacted their support via email who obliged; cost me $53.10.

    • Nice work!

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