[PC] Steam - Humble VR Bundle -$1.50 AUD/$20.39 AUD (BTA)/$22 AUD - Humble Bundle


Another Humble Bundle os here, this time focused on VR. Three tiers as usual.

Tier 1: $1.50 AUD:

  • Cosmic Trip
  • Smashbox Arena

Tier 2: $20.39 AUD (BTA):

  • Gorn
  • Budget Cuts
  • Space Pirate Trainer

Tier 3: $22 AUD:

  • Superhot VR
  • Moss


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  • +7 votes

    Awesome pack here. Do not buy Tier 2. Spend the extra couple of bucks on Tier 3 for Superhot VR. It is kickass.

  • +2 votes

    Moss isn’t too bad either, very cute and a pretty good puzzle game. It has never been this cheap. This is a fantastic bundle

    Historical lowest price US$
    Cosmic trip - $8
    Smashbox Arena - $5
    GORN - $10
    Budget Cuts -$7.50
    Space Pirate Trainer - $7.50
    SUPERHOT VR - $10
    Moss - $15

  • +4 votes

    So I already had tier 2, and Superhot from tier 3.. But it's still a great deal and I wanted Moss. Bought it. I'll try trade Superhot and tier 2!!
    I also want to support VR bundles. We never have good ones.

  • +1 vote

    Excellent deal, VR games seem to hold a high price longer than regular ones.

  • +1 vote

    What's a good way to get into VR these days? I've been tempted to grab one of those mixed reality headsets (they come up pretty cheap second hand every now and then) and seeing how it all works before doing a more expensive dive in. Also slightly off topic, but it's worth noting that they've added aussie dollar support in humble now.


      It depends entirely on your budget.


        Hmm. Then I guess I'm wondering at what point do you get diminishing returns? I'd rather not put well over a thousand into something like the valve index if something like a vive or a mixed reality set gets you most of the way there.


          I don't think that logic really works. Does diminishing returns even exist? Wouldn't that be a subjective issue with the user? All of the main kits will "get you most of the way there", it has nothing to do with diminishing returns.

          A $40 mobile phone "gets you most of the way there", as does a $2000 S20, each phone fulfills its user's taste.


            @Kozhutki: I would argue that a phone doesn't get you anywhere. In fact it sours the VR experience and reduces your interest.

            6 motions of freedom and fully tracked controllers would be the minimum worth targeting and in that regard the best option would be the Oculus Quest.

            Otherwise just wait till something meeting those specs is affordable enough.


          I'm waiting for the valve as well. What is the rest of your gear like? What are you looking at getting into? Normally I would look at the sweet spot and diminishing returns and all that, but I'm probably going to go all in. I've pretty much been given the green light by my boss. :P


            @ozbs25: Most of my PC budget went to the Core i7 9700KF | RTX 2080 SUPER deal, so I don't think my boss will be interested in me going all in on VR also!


              @scottysunday: Hahha, show them some beat saber or something. I showed her some clips of some girl playing it at a super high level and she thought it looked really cool.

        • +7 votes

          The Vive vs Vive Pro is about resolution only.
          They track the same. SteamVR lighthouses use sub-mm level tracking on controllers and the headset.
          The Vive pro is WAY expensive and looks much better. But the Vive is an amazing experience. Just think of Vive Pro as amazing amazing.

          The Valve Index is around the same level as a Vive Pro, there's not THAT much difference.
          What it does have is the knuckles controllers.
          In supported games they are a WHOLE other level of interaction and immersion. But not all games support them, and people's hands aren't that much of an immersion point.

          The Rift S is around the tier of the Vive. With some benefits like inside out tracking, it's a little lighter etc.
          Friends asking to get into VR now I suggested the Rift S and several LOVE it. It's light, easy to use, setup moves room to room in a snap as there's no lighthouses etc.

          The Vive is an amazing piece of kit for the price. It's a better experience overall than the Rift S, but costs more. And you NEED the DAS (deluxe audio strap) to beat the Rift S in experience. That makes it pricey in Australia. Not Index pricey, but still.

          The Index is top tier. It's intended to be the best of the best for people who want that.

          So in order of cheapest to most expensive, and no platform fanboy crap.

          Second Hand WMR headset (Samsung Odyssey is best)
          Rift S
          HTC Vive with DAS
          Vive Pro
          Valve Index

          I really wouldn't suggest a Pimax headset, they make a lot of wild claims about resolution etc and just use Valve lighthouses and controllers.

          • +2 votes

            @timps: Do not get a Samsung Oddysee, it's a garbage product.

            They used great screens … with shitty lenses that make the great screens a pointless waste. You have a small circle of focused vision surrounded by a blurred mess.

            And all Windows MR have compromises because they cannot interact with Open VR or Oculus properly. Just avoid Windows Mixed Reality, it's poorly designed.

            Have any of these people actually owned an Oddysee because I keep seeing people saying it's a great product when it's a shit product.

            You really only have a choice of Rift or Rift S at the low end.

            • +1 vote

              @Diji1: I'm not getting anything. I have a Vive with a DAS, that I love.
              And a lot of people love the Odyssey, the sweet spot on the lenses is nowhere near as bad as you're making it out to be.

              I know plenty of people who have windows MR headsets and love them. Don't over dramatise things.
              It is a lower end experience, but it's exponentially more than a gear VR or Google cardboard was.


            @timps: I've got a Pimax 5k+ and im very happy with it. I'll happily lean towards their 8KX model in the future but thats once i can get a hold of a next gen graphics card. The 2080ti easily gets bottle-necked with 2nd gen headsets. The Pimax headset originally started off as an upgrade to people who already had lighthouses from 1st gen headsets. id recommend it to anyone thats a bit more 'techy' and can handle tinkering with settings and the frustration of dealing with such a small VR company. otherwise id say go the Index


            @timps: Good summary.

            You left off there is the HP Reverb with it's ultra high resolution - I've seen them in a few Aussie shops online. Think these are fixed IPD though (like the Rift S - see below).

            You also left off the Vive Cosmos - for now I would say to avoid this headset due to the tracking performance reported online. MRTV has a couple of good youtube videos demonstrating the issues (particularly if you like shooters).

            Rift S does not have a hardware-adjustable IPD. So it's a good idea to measure your IPD (distance between your pupils) before buying one (unless you can sell it if it doesn't suit).

            I also wouldn't recommend a Pimax to a newbie (you need to know what you're getting into - and afaik not everything on their website is actually available) but the resolution claims are legit from what I've read/seen. It's more that people have varying experiences with them (both product and support) and I've heard the headsets can involve a large amount of fiddling.

            Still, there's nothing else out there with the kind of FOV that they offer.

            I'll also add that the Vive Pro + Wireless is a really fantastic experience but OOF! that price.

        • +1 vote

          You do have the right idea. If you can find a Samsung Odyssey that's about that value point where it's good enough to give you a good experience without spending up for an Index etc. Right now it's about A$420 new off of Amazon, it's been discounted a fair bit since release and IMO it's a pretty good buy at that price if you want a headset worth keeping. Some of the other WMR sets might be fine too for their pricepoints if less than that, there should be a lot of comparisons out there.

          I think buying something like WMR is fine for now if you're interested. Index being not readily available here and also a 1st gen product - I'm perfectly happy with my Odyssey while the tech continues to improve and the price comes down.

          • +3 votes

            @ethan961: The Occulus Quest is a good starter. Totally mobile/portable, doesn't need a computer (it'll play Beat Saber and a lot of VR games) but one of the more recent updates allows connection to a PC as well, so you can then play things like Elite Dangerous etc.


          I've been using VR since the original Rift developers kit.
          The best value right now, by far is the Oculus Quest. It does both standalone VR and the games are great, as well as 'tethered' VR with you connected via a USB3 cable to your PC for higher end VR.

          If you are wanting to get into VR, buy the Quest on Amazon, if you don't like it after a month, then sell it. They go second hand for almost full retail price, so it isn't much of a risk.

          Even though the graphics aren't as good in standalone mode, it is a much better VR experience overall having no cables and being free to walk around the room.

          The phone based systems are a very poor experience, and not indicative of VR at all these days, I'd give them a total miss.

          The Rift S also has little value over the Quest, the refresh rate is a little higher on the Rift S, but you lose being able to run standalone (no PC, no cables) and in gaming I haven't noticed the difference in refresh rate.

          I currently own a Rift S and the Quest, and the Rift S has gone back in the box (anyone want to buy it?).

    • +3 votes

      To be entirely honest, now is not a good time. I'd hold off, and I do regret buying a Rift. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed it, but the price is still pretty steep. Some games have been real standouts, particularly Elite Dangerous, Beat Saber and Pavlov VR. If you do get VR, this pack at tier 3 is a no brainer though.


      I've got a WMR headset I picked up for cheap, and it does the job pretty well :) its not as good with the tracking as your top tier headsets, but for a starting point i'd recommend one of them

    • +5 votes

      If you have a PS4, then PSVR is actually pretty decent and pops up super cheap (< $200 with games) every now and then. If not, the Quest is probably a good pick. It is a bit expensive, but you don't have to worry about PC hardware to start with, though you still have that option if you want to go down that path. If you find that it's not for you, you could probably resell it and get most of your money back as demand is pretty high for them.

    • +4 votes

      Oculus Quest as first VR hands down.

      I've used the Original Rift, Vive, a Windows Mixed, Daydream, and the Quest is the most versitle and user friendly of the bunch.

      If you missed it there's Oculus Link, use a compatible USB 3.0 cable and unlock full PC VR on the standalone headset. I gave a breakdown on my YouTube vid this week, but it's easily become my fav headset.

      Being standalone you don't need a powerful PC and games where you move quick I prefer the graphics hit for the freedom of no cables. Many times I've kicked or tangled in the cable and ripped out the headset in the heat of the moment. Also no lighthouses required, even with PC VR over link, so perfect for renters or people that just want less cables and stuff around in general.

      Also can be taken to friends houses, and chromecasted to a TV so you can do pictionary with Google Tilt brush or just play games like Pupper Fever & keep talking and nobody explodes without a PC.

      Aaaaand, they're building support for hand tracking fast, latest update will automatically switch to it, so you can just use your hands to navigate the menu, and load 360 VR video content without needing to use controllers.

      For $650 AUD it's insane…

      • +1 vote

        I reckon the cable is redundant, www.vrdesktop.net can stream SteamVR with better visual fidelity and almost the same amount of lag.

        Untethered desktop-based VR is excellent.


        Rift S during Amazon Cyber Monday was the best. $492 after cashback.

        Rift S has a better image than the Quest.

        Quest games are kids games. Get into VR racing or flight sims. That's where it's at. Landing a F/A18 onto an aircraft carrier for the first time the other night!


          I have the S and the Quest, when running in tethered mode, I don't really notice the difference in quality, but the advantage of being able to run games untethered is a huge advantage which has left my Rift S unused.

          There are plenty of Quest games that are not 'kids games' and I can play any VR game from my PC if I want to be tethered like I am with the Rift S.


        I also recommend the Quest after getting one in December.

        Wireless VR is a completely different and superior experience than wired VR. Even if you are running cables from the elasticised hangers on the ceiling for the wired experience.

        You can take the Quest to a mate's place and do VR as you can game without a having to rely on a powerful PC being there. You can do VR in any room.

        You can still do PC games on the Quest via the Link cable.

        Visual difference between a RIFT S and Quest isn't huge. e.g. https://youtu.be/lojfqSb6Dec?t=385


      I'd get the Samsung Odyssey+ https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/505141 (at $383.42 for now). It's one of the highest resolution headsets available and very compatible with SteamVR. I have about 50 SteamVR games that all work fine with it. I play Beat Saber, No Mans Sky, SkyrimVR, and all the games in this deal with no issues at all.

      The headset uses inside-out tracking (cameras in the headset) to track the controller positions instead of cameras mounted in the room. It means there can be a little jankiness if you have to reach behind your head for instance to pull a gun out or something, but it still works 95% of the time so I don't consider it a deal-breaker. I would only recommend spending more than this to get either Valve Index (for finger tracking, although not really needed… until Half-Life Alyx…) or Oculus Quest (lower-end hardware, but it's completely standalone which might be nice).

    • +1 vote

      I would seriously look at getting the Oculus Quest. Cable free with some great games specifically made for it and it can now also be used with a PC via virtual desktop or similar for a tetherless experience or by Oculus Link for a cabled experience. The best of both worlds in my opinion.


      The Oculus Quest is by far the easiest and probably best way to get into VR. Portable and doesn't require a PC, though it has the ability to connect to your PC as well if you want to play SteamVR games.

  • +3 votes

    So surprisingly I have VR and own exactly none of these games. Great deal for me today!

    • +1 vote

      Lucky! I only have Superhot VR. For the extra ~$2 going to get Tier 3 and gift it to a friend.

  • +1 vote

    I’m hoping 3rd gen VR isn’t too far away. Still eying off valve’s Index. No Australia sellers though… guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

    • +1 vote

      I would be on the valve index in 2 seconds if there was an Australian channel, but they are even sold out in the US at the moment, so HTC Vive will do until the next gen. Inside out tracking is way behind the external trackers but people want that convenience, so there is some work to be done.


    I have been very disappointed in my VIVE Cosmos, hope these games work with it. But no high hopes.


    Man I wish bundle 3 was available for PSVR


    I have EVERYTHING on this list except Budget Cuts dammit.
    Anyone who's got Budget Cuts and wants to buy the bundle I'll give you 10 bucks for it.

  • +3 votes

    Free Superhot VR for whoever grabs it first! https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=3ZSFqDUHTdCRwz5C

  • +1 vote

    Gorn, space pirate and Superhot are fantastic. Look forward to trying the rest.
    Plays well with an Odyssey+


    Since when did HB do AUD?


    Great, is this what it's come to now Ozbargain? Me, sitting here buying VR games and i don't even own a headest…


    They're doing a VR sale as well, and ending in tomorrow.
    Some of their prices are quite close to the one are did in the Steam sale in Christmas last year.


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