Dell Inspiron 7000 15.6" Laptop (i5-9300H, 512GB, 8GB, GTX 1650) - $1195.09 (i7-9750H, 512GB, 8GB, GTX 1650) - $1374.48 @ Dell


Seems like a reasonably nice deal on some Work/Gaming laptops with GTX 1650's. Currently 35% Off + Extra 8% Off with Code FABULOUS8.

They also come with Thunderbolt 3, which at the price is a nice inclusion.

Just mind the atrocious shipping times of 22–25 business days.

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    Same specs different prices?

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    Curious as to whether anybody owns one of these and can give us some opinions on how chintzy it is and whether they experience throttling.


      Yep this would be the key question as to whether it's worthy of the specs. No point having these awesome specs, tiny lightweight chassis if it can only sustain the performance it for 5 mins. On paper it looks great. EDIT: Huge battery in this - could be a poor man's XPS and the RAM is upgradable too from what I can gather. Wonder what the cheaper screen is like?

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      I have the Inspiron 7000 I7-10510U the performance is good however there is a constant buzzing sound coming from the laptop near the input power plug. I had it replaced twice but the sound is still there other than that I am happy. one thing I noticed is that the quality control for some of these laptops are very minimal when I received my second laptop the corner of the screens had visible glue marks and the power Botton was not working which is a big disappointment considering the cost of $3000 for these laptops.
      below is the link to the laptop I'm referring to:


      Don't own it, but read a few reviews that mention it throttles like mad. Kinda what you expect for a budget laptop from dell that small with that much horsepower packed into it. Even the XPS15 throttles like mad.

      Definitely a laptop you want to undervolt/ disable turbo. Once you do that it's ok.


    Links not working.!


    If anyone looking for review, like someone said, this is poor man's XPS. I have the first version( they first started this model in 2015) which I bought in 2016. It still works perfectly fine performance wise. But had to change screen twice( once in warranty period) and now Battery lasts just 30 mins. May be they improved quality control now.

    But performance wise, very decent for the price.

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    laptop media review says:


    • Premium price tag
    • No RJ-45 connectivity
    • Insufficient cooling resulting in high temperatures on both inside and out


    • Thin and light magnesium alloy body
    • Backlit spill-resistant keyboard
    • Thunderbolt 3 and RAID 0 support
    • MicroSD card reader on board
    • Lacks PWM for brightness adjustment (AUO B156HAN02.4 (AUO24ED))
    • Covers 91% of sRGB (AUO B156HAN02.4 (AUO24ED))
    • Astonishing battery life
    • Good at both work and gaming

    Was there a recent deal (now expired) that had the rtx 2060 included, down to 1395?

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    It seems overpriced compared to past deal with DELL G3 3950 with gtx1650 $899 🤔. You are paying more for a lighter weight “gaming” laptop that thermal throttles as the chassis is simply wrong for gaming. No amount of undervolting or repasting will help you get the max performance out of this laptop - pointless product.

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      If you were buying it with the intention of using it primarily for a gaming laptop… yes. 100% not the best gaming laptop you could get for the money.

      But it's also not advertised as a gaming laptop. That's like criticising a cow for being a crap horse.

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        It’s neither a cow or a horse. Something in between that nobody in their right mind would buy. Something you failed to understand with my original comment.

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      i kinda agree with this bongo guy. if it does both it usually falls flat in both


    I have the Vostro equivalent.
    Only really gets a workout with AutoCAD (if you could call it that).

    Battery lasts all day (97Whr) with emails, word, internet.
    Does chew it with AutoCAD though.

    Also quiet with BIOS updates.

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