This was posted 1 year 11 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Hoegaarden 24 Bottles $40.80 Delivered @ CUB eBay


Cheaper than the $57-15% I paid a couple of weeks ago

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    Nice one! Ordered!

  • …wow. so cheap…hmm maybe a couple @ that price? ;)

    now… watch this deal get half as many votes as that oetinger crap… :D

  • Anyone care to give me a quick rundown as to how these taste?

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      I would absolutely buy this again and I would highly recommend it. It is more on the smooth side of Belgian Witbiers rather than those that trend towards the fruity or tangy. I really enjoyed it.

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      Very refreshing on a hot summer day, but it can be a bit sweet for my taste, so I can't drink many in one go. I'm more a larger person, so it depends on your taste preference.

      I'm still going to buy a case.

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      Very refreshing on a hot summer day, but it can be a bit sweet for my taste, so I can't drink many in one go. I'm more a larger person, so it depends on your taste preference.

      I'm still going to buy a case.

      • larger you say, I prefer a good lager

    • +2

      It has a hint of coriander taste to it. Be warned.

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      It's a witbier, generally pale in colour flavoured with orange peel and coriander. Hoegaarden is fairly mild in this respect but if you're one of the people with the coriander hatred gene, this beer might not be for you.

  • Nice - I love it, although friends and family always turn their noses up when they see "coriander and lemon" on the bottle

  • So much beer lately that my full size beer fridge is full….cant …do…it….

  • +2

    Awesome deal for an awesome beer! Nice in summer with a little squeeze of orange

  • Lol got 4 cases and I already have a keg sitting idle.

    Hate you ozbargain!!

    • +2

      Sounds like time for a party :)

  • +1

    Cheaper than Catch ($57 delivered) even after $15 off $60 code CATCH9N3G (exp end of 16/2)

    Finished my last bottle last night from Catch for $28 ($10 code & $10 credit). Like it🍺

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      really don't think they brew hoegaarden under licence here in australia, not yet anyway.

      • -1

        I hope not, it's a great beer. I knew I would probably get negged for my comment, but that's how I feel generally about CUB brewing under licence in Australia, particularly when it tastes different and they charge about the same price. I remeber loving Heineken and regularly buying it until it became difficult to find imported slabs.

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          The bottle I drank last night (from case delivered from CUB) states brewed & bottled in Belgium!

          • @the INFIDEL: That's good to know.

          • +1

            @the INFIDEL: Yeah… then CUB do what they can to turn it crapola somehow.
            Hot trucks? Hot shipping?
            Who knows… All I do know is that I've drank hoeys for years and it's not worth buying anymore because it's nothing like what it used to be.

        • +1

          100% right on CUB brewing under license and ruining beers. Even if they do follow German purity laws etc.
          Anyone that says otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about and is welcome to come try my mediocre cooking and tell me how good it tastes.

          • +1

            @OneMoreTune: I feel your/our pain about the sad Becks news, as well as Heiniken/Asahi bottles etc etc. but the Hoegaarden I have been drinking that was delivered from CUB ebay last week is bottled in Belgium/ BB August/2020 and tasted great well chilled and pored nicely with a decent head into a proper beer glass,….mmmmmm.

            Been drinking it for years on and off, was good, now maybe slightly different brew, but still really nice. Of course if you can find it on tap, preferably in Belgium/Europe even better lol.

  • nice got one

  • Hi Guys, I get 48$ and the voucher is not accepted. Any ideas?

    • +1

      working for me, just bought 1.
      cheers op

  • -1

    Is it as good as XXXX Gold?

    • +3

      Only once you've passed it.

    • Maybe not that good, but definitely as good as Emu.

      • I don't know Emu is a good beer.

        • +1

          "I could do with an Emu, how about you?"

    • I think you mean "lemon squash"

  • got a case, this beer reminds me pineapple flavour

  • +2

    Cool! First post and on the front page. eBay description has changed to 'Limited quantity available' and over 200 sold in the last hour since I bought my 2 slabs this morning. Better be quick!

    • ..nice work. just bought a case before they were snapped up. delivery date now 20 feb on my order….no worries i already have beer ;)

      • Same here, I thought maybe it was because I'm outside of a metro area though.

  • Bought two. Thx OP.

  • Thanks mate got one, first time ordering alc from eBay!

  • Awesome.

    Got a case, thanks OP.

  • +3

    Thanks OP, one of my favourite drops!

    Just ordered. Can't believe how cheap. Cheaper than driving anywhere to buy it.


    • +1

      …i used to think that $55 for a case of this at DMs was a good price so this is a total win!

  • None left in stock :(

    • +1

      …i was right to buy this 10 minutes ago…
      sorry for your loss :(

  • Sold out. Please mark the deal expired

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      Done. Was fun while it lasted. About 400 slabs sold since my order this morning.

  • Shows in stock again. how to edit the post?

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      Shows $57 and 0 available for me

      • I think the second stock only lasted for few minutes

  • Yeah nah… I like beer to taste good.
    I'm always weary of getting beers delivered like this, especially this time of year in the heat. Winter or cooler months would be better and I guess it depends on beer variety but any variety in the heat is going to degrade the beer.

    I already think hoeys taste way different in the stubbies these days compared to years ago. They used to be way more expensive and ever since they came down in price years ago they started tasting way different to me. Wouldn't surprise me if it's to do with how they arrive in Aus. Longer shipping times? Cheaper prices? Who knows but definite taste change imo

  • found it too late damn was wanting to try this but was a little hesitant because i am alergic or whatever to cilantro/coriander it tastes like soap to me

    but i keep hearing good things about it, maybe i should just grab a single somewhere one time before i invest in a case hmm

  • Check back later, these guys restock their deals.

  • Great deal!

  • Used to be this price all the time at my local independent, now its usually about $44

    Good drop

  • Back in stock….just bought a case!! Thanks op

  • I just got 2 and it worked out even cheaper. I also activated shopback.

    Order total

    Subtotal AU $96.00
    Item discount -AU $4.80
    Postage Free
    Voucher, Voucher -AU $13.68
    Total AU $77.52

  • +2

    Also remember they do guaranteed delivery. So if it arrives after the guaranteed delivery date, put in a request and you'll get a voucher.

    one of the last cub deals turned up a day late for me, scored a $5 voucher for the trouble.

  • +1

    …damn these are going down good thanks again op…! i like these extra nicely chilled in the freezer for 15 minutes or so (from a fridge temp.) then theyre even better. on my third…so good after an arvo ride on the bike :)

    • +1

      I store mine in the coldest part of the fridge, & pour into a glass kept in the freezer. Great on a hot day!

  • Waited for a better Deal - $30 delivered with targeted $20 off $50 Kogan voucher in email

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