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AstiVita $2 Basin Clearance (Sold Out) and More + Shipping ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ AstiVita Amazon AU


Our time of posting $2 basins is slowly coming to an end on Ozbargain, but it’s been a great ride. Once this stock is gone there will be no more basins from AstiVita! So I recommend you stock up now for those dream renovations in the years ahead!
Moving forward we will be focussing solely on Health and Beauty products, with the arrival of our “Wrist wand massagers” next month hopefully kicking off a new wave of iconic ozbargain deals the whole family can enjoy.
Our website has also been renewed as an Amazon Affiliate site, with our new product selection showcased there. (Please be aware we may earn a small commission on each sale through one of our links).

Thank you Ozbargain for buying, storing and gifting our basins over the last 2 years! Remember, nothing says I’m sorry I forgot about Valentines day like a 500mm Ceramic Vessel Basin.

Starting off with iconic $2 Deals

$2 Ricki Oval S/Rec Basin 3TH WH

$2 Tina Wall Basin 1TH WH

$2 Anna Round Vessel Basin~

All $2 basins are now sold out

$2.99 AstiVita Pop Up Sink Waste Overflow 32mm

Moving up to $8

$8 Ashton Square Inset Basin

$8 Vanity Basin 510

$8 Tina Wall Mount Basin Vessel 530mm

$8 Lido S/Rec Basin 550

$8 AstiVita Milan Rectangular Inset Vessel Basin

$8 Viva Sq S/Rec Basin

$8 Opera Semi Rec Basin

$8 Santo Round Basin

Now for the ózbargain basin connoisseur some of our classy pieces. You could call them the Royal Flush of basins.

$22 $375 Roma Vessel Basin Round 500mm

$31 $499 Le Muse Wall Basin

$17 $165 Victoria Vessel Basin

And for the encore of down the drain prices - $12 items (Less than fulfillment costs)

$12 Verona Round Vessel Basin Ceramic

$12 Metro Wall Basin

$12 Arno Corner Basin

$12 Lido Oval S/Rec Basin

$12 Jade Round U/Mount Basin

$12 Pacco Rectangular Vessel Basin

$12 Opera Semi Rec Basin

$12 Aria Round Circle Wall Mount Basin

Some basins will break in transit, if that happens to you please contact us for a full refund. (pls do not return a box of small ceramic pieces – to that customer well played)
Note: If you personally know of someone who has had their home damaged in the recent bushfire and needs a new basin please send us a message and we will try to get one out to them. Also please message us if you would be interested in buying a basin for a bushfire effected home owner.

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