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AstiVita $2 Basin Clearance (Sold Out) and More + Shipping ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ AstiVita Amazon AU


Our time of posting $2 basins is slowly coming to an end on Ozbargain, but it’s been a great ride. Once this stock is gone there will be no more basins from AstiVita! So I recommend you stock up now for those dream renovations in the years ahead!
Moving forward we will be focussing solely on Health and Beauty products, with the arrival of our “Wrist wand massagers” next month hopefully kicking off a new wave of iconic ozbargain deals the whole family can enjoy.
Our website has also been renewed as an Amazon Affiliate site, with our new product selection showcased there. (Please be aware we may earn a small commission on each sale through one of our links).

Thank you Ozbargain for buying, storing and gifting our basins over the last 2 years! Remember, nothing says I’m sorry I forgot about Valentines day like a 500mm Ceramic Vessel Basin.

Starting off with iconic $2 Deals

$2 Ricki Oval S/Rec Basin 3TH WH

$2 Tina Wall Basin 1TH WH

$2 Anna Round Vessel Basin~

All $2 basins are now sold out

$2.99 AstiVita Pop Up Sink Waste Overflow 32mm

Moving up to $8

$8 Ashton Square Inset Basin

$8 Vanity Basin 510

$8 Tina Wall Mount Basin Vessel 530mm

$8 Lido S/Rec Basin 550

$8 AstiVita Milan Rectangular Inset Vessel Basin

$8 Viva Sq S/Rec Basin

$8 Opera Semi Rec Basin

$8 Santo Round Basin

Now for the ózbargain basin connoisseur some of our classy pieces. You could call them the Royal Flush of basins.

$22 $375 Roma Vessel Basin Round 500mm

$31 $499 Le Muse Wall Basin

$17 $165 Victoria Vessel Basin

And for the encore of down the drain prices - $12 items (Less than fulfillment costs)

$12 Verona Round Vessel Basin Ceramic

$12 Metro Wall Basin

$12 Arno Corner Basin

$12 Lido Oval S/Rec Basin

$12 Jade Round U/Mount Basin

$12 Pacco Rectangular Vessel Basin

$12 Opera Semi Rec Basin

$12 Aria Round Circle Wall Mount Basin

Some basins will break in transit, if that happens to you please contact us for a full refund. (pls do not return a box of small ceramic pieces – to that customer well played)
Note: If you personally know of someone who has had their home damaged in the recent bushfire and needs a new basin please send us a message and we will try to get one out to them. Also please message us if you would be interested in buying a basin for a bushfire effected home owner.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +8

    Not even sure how you can get a bathroom sink delivered for $2…

    • +14

      By the magic of Prime…. ✨

    • Amazon warehouse storage fees.

  • +16

    Kris kringle sorted for this year

    • +3

      Can confirm they work well as a take home bonus!

  • +20

    If you really didn't like someone… 20 of these delivered to their front door would be a PITA to deal with.

    • If I really didn't like someone, I wouldn't even spend $2 on them. Buying them 20 of these is basically allowing them to profit.

      • Too much effort to sell. Even disposing of 20 sinks is a lot of work

    • +2

      Don't tempt me.

      I just started a new job and someone is already on my shitlist.

      I only know his suburb though.

      • No need to know his suburb. You know where he works. Get it delivered to his desk.

  • +15

    oh my…so many basins i need this to sink in for a moment :)

    • +2

      Dad, is that you?

  • +4

    the anna round vessel basin looks like a good fit as a salad bowl, or noodle soup

    • +2

      …im thinking could i turn one into a birdbath for the backyard?

  • +2

    Now I really need some tap mixers

  • +5

    Astivita :)
    Do you have any small 1/2 size basins for sale please? Just need a small basin to wash hands in a separate toilet.
    Thank you.

    • +10

      You wash your hands in a toilet?

      • ha ha ha ha - Smarta** :)

      • +1

        Leave lid off cistern. Job done. ✅

  • +4

    I’m not sure who’s gonna be home to let this sink in.

  • +3

    Cant believe i paid only $2!

    My mind is blown and need time for it to sink in

  • +2

    "You purchased this item on 20 Aug 2019."

    Thank you Amazon for stopping me buying more $2 basins.

  • I wonder if the Anna one would make a good planter in the garden….

  • +2

    You are a legend on OZB

  • +1

    Hey, do you reckon I could transform this into a cheap baby cradle?

  • How hard of a job is replacing a vanity and sink?

    • +4

      Replacing your own vanity is a lot harder..

      • +2

        Not as hard as replacing wife

    • Not hard.
      a lot easier than re-tiling.

  • Got one for some reason - the Anna Round one is sold out, which is disappointing - I was going to caulk the plug hole and use it as a water bowl for my dogs. If there was a few, I would have use them as planters…

  • +1

    This will make good mixing bowls. Soup, pavlova, pasta… the lot. Just need to add a plug.

  • +1

    Best customer service I've seen from Amazon sellers!

  • +1

    Do these include a sink plug of some sort (or is that what the $2.99 "pop up sink waste overflow" is for?

    • A: that is what the $2.99 "pop up sink waste overflow" is for. I paid $14 @Bunnings for same to fit a $2 basin last year!

      • Thanks!
        From the photos it looks like some of them have this included?
        I have bought a couple (to see which works best for us) - can I take one out of one & put it into another that doesn't have one?

        Will the $2.99 "pop up sink waste overflow" fit into ALL of the basins listed?

        • +2

          Basins don't (usually) include plumbing fittings - like the waste or taps. Illustrations may show them.

          You might see the waste in photos (eg Lido Oval S/Rec Basin), but also states in Features & details: ^Overflow Insert Not Included - by which they mean the overflow style waste!

          Wastes with overflow are dearer than normal wastes, so the $2.99 price is a bargain.

          Check specs for waste size.

          What I've learnt from buying & installing a $2 AstiVita basin!

          • @the INFIDEL: Great - thanks!

            • +1

              @Gaz1: Unless you've done the job before & know - it's a valid question.

              Having to pay more for the waste ($14) than I paid for the basin ($2) + black Chrome mixer tap ($10) was a surprise for me.

              • @the INFIDEL: Yep - newbie to all this (only changed taps before).
                Where did you get the $10 chrome mixer?

  • Thanks OP I bought two. Brother is about to build his house so should come in handy!

  • +1

    with the arrival of our “Wrist wand massagers” next month.

    The power of quotation marks. #unnecessaryquotationmarks

    • It could be a euphemism for an “Adult Product” 👀

  • +8

    Note: If you personally know of someone who has had their home damaged in the recent bushfire and needs a new basin please send us a message and we will try to get one out to them. Also please message us if you would be interested in buying a basin for a bushfire effected home owner.

    Upvoted exclusively for this.

  • I wish I could think of a single use for a loose basin.

    • +9

      Paper clip holder at the office?

    • +3

      Trendy hat?

    • +1

      Best to become friends with a basin with morals than a loose basin.

  • why did i just buy 5 basins… sorry delivery driver

  • +1

    Any deals on sink mixers?

  • +3

    Omfg. No more taps and sinks from you guys? :'(

    • Sinking feeling?

  • Lucky I snapped up about 3 sinks and 3 taps last year. Hell yeah! Any more home improvement? How about shower taps?

  • Thanks OP for this (especially for bushfire affected people), along with all the great basin offers in the past (sad to hear this might be the last deal).
    Any deals on sink mixers?
    Any chance of more stock on the 1st & 3rd $2 option (the second option is a bit strange with 2 holes)?

    • +2

      We have put all the stock on sale, so once they are sold out they will not be coming back in sorry!

      • +1

        No problem - really appreciate the fantastic deal!

  • +6

    any bathtubs for $2?

    • Agree!

  • +2

    This has also just been dropped to $8 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07JB1784J

    • Are any other sink mixers and taps going to go on sale?

  • The $12 Verona Round Vessel Basin Ceramic is coming up at full price.

    • +1

      Thank you, should be fixed now!

      • … and out of stock now.

  • +4

    Disgustingly good value. You've done it again Astivita. P.S. My $8 manual coffee grinder is still putting in hard yards no worries for a couple months now. I'm impressed.

  • Basins S o l d out!

    • +2

      Just $2 ones!

  • +5

    Great deal AstiVita! Hope you guys go well with your new endeavors.

  • +5

    sounds like time to publish some plumber deals

    comes in handy when all weekend diyers fail to put their old basin back after they failed to install the $2 basin


  • Hi do you have kitchen Taps that can swivel side to side please

  • In my sink. You wash your face in my sink.

  • It’s really sad to see how much money they are losing……

    • +2

      They’d lose more if they kept warehousing these sinks.

    • +1

      You reckon its money down the drain?

  • Stocked up 10. Will be handy as gigantic salad bowls or for a buffet party!

    • Try washing them in your kitchen sinks afterwards ;-)

      • Lol that’s what bathtubs are for. We haven’t used the bathtub for over a year as the shower is in a separate area.

    • +1

      I was thinking I could get a bucket, put it on the floor in my room, then put the sink on top of it. Ta da, bedroom urinal.

      • Just wait for a clearance sale on a water purifier. You could connect it to the bucket. ;D

  • +4

    @rep if you find someone who needs a basin for the bushfire appeal ide be happy to purchase one for them

  • Do you ever have deals on stainless steel ones?

  • Hi there, are there any laundry tubs on sale?

  • +3

    astalavista baby on the sinks

  • I've just been waiting for another LAPTOP STAND DEAL from AstiVita :(

  • Got my Ricki oval today. It was a box of ceramic shards :( quite a journey for a $2 basin. It's got 1cm thick low-med density foam on all 4 sides, looked like it had been dropped on the flat side. Have contacted Amazon for my, uh, $2 refund. What a waste, sigh.

    • My second one arrived today, shattered too :(

  • No more 3 th 510 basins @ 8 bux went too buy 2 more for my renovations as the one I ordered was excellent but back up 2 $18 each ? 8-(

  • Both mine arrived in really good condition.

  • Mine was smashed too, oh well

  • These look nice but how's the quality. Has anyone installed these previously. Partner is being cautious given the throwaway prices.

    • +1

      Installed a $2 basin last year. Very happy with the quality. No one would believe it cost $2!

  • +1

    Terrible. The basin arrived today but it's shattered into 11 pieces. No foam or protection whatsoever. How could they reasonably expect it to arrive in one piece?

  • lol, mine also arrived broken.
    No cushioning/foam/packaging at all within the box.

  • Is this intentional ?
    Mine arrived broken into pieces

    Where do I dispose this ?

    • …yes. you actually bought a 3D jigsaw puzzle

  • Also one smashed >_<

    • …time to take up mosaics?

    • You'll have to return it to get your refund right? It's probably Asitavista's way of making $2 off us, on the bet that some of us won't bother returning them.