BRIVIS BUFFALO BX320 Ducted Gas Heater 20kw + Digital Manual Control, $1280 Shipped (Melbourne) / Pickup @ Gas Masters eBay


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We are the premier supplier and installer for Brivis for over 15 years, it is recommended to speak to one of our HVAC experts for choosing the best system that you need.

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    With the way gas prices are going in Vic, I think it's far better to install Reverse Cycle A/C, much more efficient.

    Even better if you can combine with solar panels. Added bonus is you have cooling in summer too.

    I'm even thinking of getting rid of the gas stove if I re-do the kitchen and going induction.


      Currently looking at this also as I have solar panels and gas prices are getting sillier. May go to ducted reverse cycle ASAP and then work on kitchen so I can disconnect from mains gas (either bottled or full electric).


      Hi placard, we do also supply Reverse Cycle A/C.
      Besides, if you got a faulty gas heater, it is still the most economical and efficient way to have it replaced and using ur existing air ducts.

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    Cost to install? Direct changeover.

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    If the ducts go under your house make sure you maintain the integrity of the ducts. IMPORTANT!

    I had a mice/rat problem and found out that the critters love making their houses in the deteriorating ducts.

    It was getting so bad that I started laying baits under the house (DON'T DO THIS!!!!)

    The rats took the bait. One died under the house and one in the ducts.

    The decomposing dead rat in the duct generated a smell that I was beginning to get concerned my neighbours might call the cops on me for burying a dead body under my house.

    I had to take action and initiated project "Toxic Waste Disposal".

    Because we didn't have a use for the system AND because I didn't know where the rat died, the project would involve removing all (most) of the ducts under the house.

    This involved a trip to Bunnings to get the following:

    • Half face respirator
    • Safety glasses
    • Painters overalls
    • Disposable + General Purpose gloves
    • Knee pads
    • V Large bin liners (to dispose the ducts)

    Took me two weekends to clear it out and also plug the air exhaust ducts that go into the rooms. Could have probably done it quicker but the safety glasses kept on fogging up and not much room to move under the house, kept on having to come out for defogging and air.

    Anyway, I don't want to dissuade anyone to buy this. Just make sure the ducts, especially if they go under the house are well installed and maintained.


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