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$20 AUD (after Registration via Referral & $1 AUD Deposit) @ Coinspot


Offer good from
9:00am AEDT 14/02/20 until Sunday 10:00pm AEDT 16/02/20

Extended Valentines !

Coinspot have increased their bonus again for Valentines day, enter a code from the referral wheel and do the following

  1. Register, make sure the promotion code is entered on the registration page.
  2. Verify (Licence or Passport)
  3. Do a AUD Deposit, $1 or more.
    Reward is instant after deposit is received

Mod: When adding a code to the referral system, make sure it's a referral code and not an affiliate code. Your referral code is here.

AUD Withdrawals
Simply submit your request before to 2pm and you will have the funds in your bank account in less than 24 hours!*

Referral Links

Referral: random (1038)

$10 AUD worth of Bitcoin for referrer and referee.

This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2020.

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    I think you forgot to add the promotion code, or did you mean referral code?

    • +2

      Referal code. you enter it during registration . It will autofil with the Referral wheel link/

      • I have similar codes if you want, check it out on Twitter pinned tweet @Lichking78

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  • can you withdraw the bonus…

    • +1

      Yes. As AUD or Crypto. Your better off exchanging the BTC for something that has a lower mining fee if you want Crypto.

      • I signed up. It says available balance is $1.00AUD and portfolio balance is $20.81. I tried to buy $20 worth of BTC and it says I don’t have enough and need to deposit more?

        • The $20 credit was given in BTC already.

  • Remember this forum post from yesterday?

    I think this 'deal' qualifies.

    • use the cash to buy her a rose.

  • how do you get referal, whats the code, whats a referal click wheel

    • +1

      see where it says

      you can click on the random link.

  • +1

    ahhh if only I didn't already have an account :(

    • yeah i signed up yesterday….. i feel your pain.

  • +5

    Coinbase earn is still going: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/460972 approx $30 or so? plus $40 of referral credit for each person.

    • Hi. So this is a 2nd free cash offer coin base and the post is coin spot?

      I’ve not had either of these but free money sounds good.

      Just a bit confused so would appreciate confirmation.
      So using a “referral link” the $10 bitcoin mentioned is increases to $20 for signups til 16/2 and $1 deposit.

      What is “affiliate code” please that is mentioned below .
      Apologies brain 🧠 not computing this morning!

      • coinbase is a multinational company. very large company.
        Coinspot Australia is a local exchange.

        Don't use an affiliate code use a link from the Referral links above. make sure the Referal code has been filled in when registering.

      • Coinbase is a different company. You have to sign up to each of them with photo id. Both have referrals, so if you sign up to coinspot by clicking the referral link, and fund your account, each person gets some money. Coinbase is similar but you need to trade US$100 btc for a referral bonus. You can always sell it back to AUD but there some fees. It does have Coinbase Earn which is where most people are getting the money from as it is up to $40 or so. This is the newest link: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518862

    • Sorry that was the old deal link. Please use : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518862 thanks

  • hi OP… I like the deals you post on Crypto. Keep it up.


    • +1

      Thanks. Can't post them all though :(

      • Can you message me those that you do not post? Btw just transferred the Gemini BTC to my wallet

  • I selected a random referral link above - registered - verified myself - but don't see any mention of $20.
    I have just started a deposit so maybe it will show up after the deposit is received.
    There is a section on the dashboard that says "Referral Code: You are eligible to receive $10 worth of Bitcoin for free! Please complete your first AUD deposit to claim."

    Am I missing a step?

    • you will get $20BTC when deposit clears. you can trade for AUD or just keep the BTC

      • sweet - thanks

        • $20BTC showed up immediately when my $1 deposit came through.
          Brilliant deal - thanks

  • +1

    Careful guys some idiot has entered the wrong code (54QCL) which is not a valid code which I just realized after registering, Now I miss out. Damn it.

    • I've expired (removed) that code from the system now.

      • I used a similar different one that didn't have REF in the front. I didn't get the bonus credit.

        • Looking at the referral entries added today, quite a few don't have REF in front of them.

          Maybe someone who has a referral code without REF in front of it can comment and confirm it's the same referral code as shows here.

          Or if anyone else knows the difference or has more info?

          • @hamza23: Upon further investigation, I think some users are putting their affiliate code in, which doesn't start with ref.

            I've gone through the whole list and removed those codes one by one. If any user received a notification that their code is expired that is why. Please double check it's a referral code before re-entering.

            Ensure when you re-enter your code that it's a referral code from here and not from the affiliate section. I'll try and get a verification rule added to the system that it has to be 9 characters.

            • +1

              @hamza23: Used https://www.coinspot.com.au/my/referral and mine doesn't have the REF in front:


              edit looks like I received one referral credit tonight

              • @nvox: Okay thank you, hopefully the message about ensuring you enter a referral code and not an affiliate code will do the trick then. I won't add any verification to the code field.

            • @hamza23: good work. next time ill do a small check. something similar happened on another post.

            • @hamza23: Mine doesn't have REF in front of it too.. One way to differentiate I think is - referral code has 6 letters/numbers, and affiliate link has 5? Can anyone else double confirm?

    • I'm sorry that happened to you.

    • Now that is bloody annoying.

  • signed up, the referral code I used looked different format to mine.

  • Isn’t uploading your passport to some random website a little bit sketchy?

    • wait till you need to make the deposit.

    • Is it mandatory? can someone confirm how safe it is?

    • it isn't "random" at all.

      i transferred my (Free $5US in Bitcoins from Circle)[https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/196172] to be cashed out to AUD and had to go through the KYC process. uploaded my driver's licence and was validated immediately.

      they also have great customer support. had a brain fart and forgot to add a public memo when transferring XLM into my coinspot account. lodged a support ticket and after verifying some transaction details, they tracked down my funds and it was in my account in 20 minutes.

      withdrawals are also very quick and if you cash out in the morning, it'll be in your bank account same day.

  • -1

    Thanks very much @shadowangel
    All done and added my referral code to OzB too. Would love to be randomly used as a referral and pick up another $20 'bonus'.
    This will make a big difference to me next week as currently on the bones of my arse.

    • +2

      Look at Skrill it's on ozbargin, its 40AUD if you have 60 spare for 20mins. It's not without risk though.

      • +1

        Someone really needs to polish up that post and make the referral clearer, also whats the easiest international bank to signup for without monthly/currency transfer fees to open and transfer easily back and forth from?

        • Transferwise use a GBP account. Takes 10mins.
          Skrill added ID checks since when it was first posted..

          Your right, it's not a good post and it's very easy $40AUD

  • I just deposited $1.01 into coinbase but there’s no $20 bonus money?

    • Check your "wallet".
      Mine has $19.77 in BTC.
      Separate to the $1.01 deposit.

    • +5

      you deposited to coinbase when this promo is coinspot…haha

  • Buy xrp

    • Buy ETH on the short term and flip to BTC

      • Buy verge hodl

  • +2

    thanks OP….referred my wife lol

  • +2

    appreciate this. I used someones random code for my sign up and got 2 friends to sign up.
    Needed $60 for electricity bill so appreciate it

    • good job, few more helps pays next month

  • +1

    I spy an identity-theft disaster waiting to happen. I can understand the traditional banks needing individuals to manually upload ID - but this boggles the mind. If they don't want to spend the $0.50 to undertake 100 point checks through secure third-party providers, consider what their expenditure on cyber security is like. Cryptocurrency exchanges aren't exactly known for their great attitude towards security either…

    • -1

      I was literally writing the similar thing. Not a good idea to upload ID

      • +5

        They're legally required to get ID for this stuff.
        Every major exchange does it.
        Coinbase included.

    • +3

      its an exchange. hence it needs to follow KYC laws, thus your identity needs to be confirmed.

      • +3

        Identity could easily be confirm through APO eKYc portal or other electronic means. They just don't want to spend extra 30 to 50c. If you provide ID copy, there is more risk of privacy breach.

        • +1

          they are regulated and are required to collect this information. they are not required to use a 3rd party.

  • Easy to make money with crypto or is there like brokerage fees associated with each trade?

    Feel like I'm trading my ID details on exchange for cheap cash…

    • yes there is a fee and they do use a broker, the fees are pretty straight forward on there site though. higher then normal but many people still use them as they support more coins directly then most.

  • I deposited $1 and got $19.80 BTC but when I go to the Withdraw AUD section how do i get $20 AUD becuase my account funds is only saying $1. Do i just enter $1 to withdraw

    • +1

      click markets, then find the BTC - AUD pair and sell

      • Cheers op that worked! Easy $20

  • Thanks op. All in all took about 10min, still waiting for my 20.45 aud to hit my account. Not bad, 19.45 profit for 10min work👍

    • if you don't withdraw before 3pm it will be next working day for AUD

  • +1

    guys…let me introduce you to https://www.livingroomofsatoshi.com/

    I've paid my bills there before.

    • +2

      yeah just don't use BTC transfer fees will be high from the exchange.

  • +1

    I've sold the btc $20, how do I withdraw to my bank account?

    • You go to Withdraw. you just add your bank account details. Make sure they are correct.
      Withdrawals before 3pm are same day. so it won't process until Monday using AUD.

  • accidently used an affiliate code instead of refferal code, pretty stupid to have them be seperate, would i still get the $20 or nah?

    • you should get it immediately.

    • affiliate code from where ? if it's the links above your fine.

      • No he created an Coinspot account then instead of using his referral code to refer his wife, he’s used his Coinspot Affiliate ID, which doesn’t give you the credit.

  • used my partners account and went into affiliates instead of the wheel thing, deposited $1 and didnt get anything, contacting support atm

  • Sweet! Thanks OP

  • Dammit my new license is in the mail, thanks for the post OP, maybe next time

    • +1

      that's horrible. I had a 20usd post last week as well. hope that makes you feel better :)

    • use the old one and see

      • Tried that, it is too smart and told me it had expired, smarter than me id forgotten i had a new one on the way 🙄

        • man that interface to check must be pretty good

    • Happy dance, it was sitting on the side, i have my bitcoin and i now have my license, so double thanks op!

  • I've done it. Nothing deposited.

    • you did $1aud or more deposit. they deposit in Bitcoin. you need to go to your dashboard and view your (My Portfolio) amount

    • Did you use a referral code?

      • yes, you need to use a code from the Referral Links

    • Yes, used referral, deposited $100.

      No BTC in my account.