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[PC] Free - Thor Premium Home (Computer Anti-Malware) 3 Years License for 10 Devices (Was $139.95) @ Heimdal


Next-gen Threat Prevention based on machine learning meets a powerful Antivirus with Market-leading detection, so your online security is flawless -

  • Unique threat prevention and next-gen antivirus in a complete and all-in-one
    security suite
  • Stops even the most sophisticated malware, ransomware and online scams
  • Lightweight installation and smooth performance.

Steps -
1) Enter your details
2) Apply the promo code in the "Voucher" field.
3) Select 3 years and 10 devices
4) Copy and save the activation code on your computer.
5) Download and Activate.

Confirmation of three year license.

Credit to Slickdeals

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  • +3 votes

    Has anyone's been using it? Reviews?

      • Not checked by independent testing labs
      • Vulnerable to malware attack
      • Reliable Avira antivirus engine

      I wouldn't count the last point as a "For" argument either because have had an (almost major) incident on my PC with Avira Antivirus. Never used Avira ever again.


        Nothing is perfect though.

        I work in IT security; Avira has had many years in a row worth of av100% test awards.
        You just happened to find a nasty that was polymorphed enough to slip by.

        People do it tons with tools like nanocore. Watch some "destroying a scammer" videos on youtube.

        With that said, bitdefender free has an even better record these days, and is the lightest possible av also.

        I also like kaspersky.

        Eset is number 1 though in my experience.



    Heimdall is the brother of the warrior Sif. He is the all-seeing and all-hearing guardian sentry of Asgard who stands on the rainbow bridge Bifröst to watch for any attacks to Asgard. … Heimdall accidentally freed him when Loki caused one of the leaves of the tree to poke him in the eye.

    Is my computer worthy of Thor’s protection?

  • +1 vote

    It's only giving me a 70% discount.


    Same as above ..

    Thor Premium Home
    3 - Years Subscription
    10 - Devices
    Continuous protection Plus Sign Image
    Full Price

    AUD 676.95Discount 70%:- AUD 473.86

    Final Price:AUD 203.09
    Includes VAT 0%:AUD 0.00
    Subtotal:AUD 203.09

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