Coles Mobile $180 365-Day SIM Starter Kit (48GB Data) for $130 @ Coles


Just coming off This deal
Looking for another set and forget 12 month sim
Noticed the $180 sim was on special in store for $130.
Looks like same optus product with coles branding - downside only 48gb data
Wanting to keep the same number so cant take up This One

Thought it might be of interest to those that prefer to pick up the sim.

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    Boost $150 sim is way better than this deal and is regularly available for $135.

    Just for starters, almost double the data (80gb), free intl. calls to most countries (if not still free minutes), full Telstra network.

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    Looks tempting, good deal.

    I'm currently on 80gb which is way too much, my boost year deal expires in a few months. Cant remember what I paid for this, it would of been a decent price though..

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      Yep, like you say good deal for people not needing so much data.

      Also good for the people that get better Optus reception than Telstra/Boost,….spoiler alert:

      Yes, there are these people, and more than they want you to believe lol.


    Belong Mobile is better than this using Option 2, even if you don't buy the $40 starter pack on special. It would be $130 for 91GB.

    Also any unused data never expires and you don't have to pay a large amount upfront, so you can port out anytime if you run out of data or a better deal comes along.

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      Depends how much you value the convenience of 12 months phone service.
      Could easily alternate between catch/kogan/other for 3 month sim swaps with 240GB for $60
      Data is not really an issue, I've got circles of life on the other sim with 100GB ,monthly for $20p/m

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        Exactly, that's why I mentioned Belong and not cheaper alternatives where porting is required over 12 months.

        Belong take your credit card details so the money is taken out automatically every month. Also if you manage to get one referral then it will knock $20 off ($110 for 91GB)


        Well played lol. You are a real Ozbargainer, I hesitated on that circles of life deal.

        Is that $20 per month for 100gb? Can only find the expired deals for $28/100gb for 12months.

        Have read that COL counts/charges data almost double as quick as other telco's, but not sure if that's correct.

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          Yeah it's the $28/100gb with a bunch of referral credits so $18(rounded to $20) per month
          Metered usage on COL app matches usage records on devices.. so fairly accurate so far..

          *and boost would be a better deal for me if I could get decent Telstra coverage


            @randomusername2017: Thanks for clarifying. Looked through 7 pages of history to find and gave up lol.

            Great deal then, and the data counting might be blown out of proportion then.

            100gb per month is epic, especially for that price and low Telstra reception for you.

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    Rip off. When will these be 1/2 price special. That be just ok


    Why not just port out and then back to get this one, which you said you couldn't get but could by doing this.

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