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Philips Premium Airfryer XXL (Black) $479.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


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Suitable for anyone who love to upgrade their AirFryer or First AirFryer Buyer.

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    I expect it to be Made In Japan for that price. The bronze paintwork is not enough.

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    There is very little difference between this model and the previous model. Save yourself $120 and get the earlier model:
    https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/philips-airfryer-xxl-with... ($359.20)


    How many people can this cook for. Like chicken and chips?

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    Just bought the model under this for $359 today, have so far tried a 1kg bag of frozen chips, turned out perfect with a shake or 2 midway, A thickcut 350gr rump, done to medium rare perfection in 10 minutes, 12 buffalo wings done for 15 min, (tad overdone)and some calamari and prawns brought frozen from coles (homebrand I think)…
    this damn things gonna make me put on 10kgs over the next month, if i dont have a heart attack..
    get the cheaper one you wont regret it..


      How do you estimate the timing?


        depends how full you have the basket, if there is still plenty of room for the air to circulate you're looking at approx 3/4 the cooking time as what the packet says for a fan forced oven. But you can tell by eye with chips when they are cooked.


    whatever it says in the book and add 2 minutes, also this guy for heaps of info on cooking with this air fryer :


    I have the regular XXL. What is the difference with premium XXL? The colour?


      when you press the preset buttons (frozen chips, drumstick, etc) does it have a pre-set time and heat setting, or does it spend time calculating?

      My Premium spends time calculating, but sometimes it's calculations are very stupid. When you use the drumstick setting it is selecting times of 40+ mins which is going to burn your food.