[TAS] Face Mask $3 Pack of 10 @ Shiploads, Sandy Bay


Basic face masks that protect you. It has no visible prints saying its BFE VFE ratings, but to an extend that should provide certain level of protection from the recent outbreak of the 2019-nCoV virus and related outbreaks.

Please read comments before purchasing

(Mod Note: These are not N95 / P2 masks, and the deal description written above are personal opinions of the deal poster and are not a product description provided by Shiploads or it's manufacturer.

Visit the World Health Organisation website and Health.gov.au for up-to-date advice on preventative measures)

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    where is this store?

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    These will give U psychological protection and that's about it

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    You wear these to help protect others from you


    No rating = unknown usefulness against airborne infectious diseases = gambling


    Isn't that just fabric? How could the virus just not pass through?

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    You need p2 or n95 even surgical masks are not as good.

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    "Basic face masks that protect you"

    From what, the sun?


    COVID-19 is the official term.

    These will probably ward off anyone therefore everything since people are scared of those wearing masks.

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    There's no reason to wear masks here. Wash hands better. Be alert not afraid.

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    Selling cheap as it provides only basic protection being a level 1 mask. Level 3 is national standard and should only be warn when you are sick to stop spreading

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      But the virus has an incubation period during which it is infectious but no symptoms are apparent and you don’t feel sick.
      The virus isn’t prevalent in this country, and probably it won’t become prevalent, but if it did then it would be prudent to wear a mask as a prophylactic in my opinion.

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        there is no proper evidence to prove that it is infectious during the incubation period. please do not spread false information


          May not be proper evidence, however if you trust the "officials", then it is infectious during incubation period.

          Ma Xiaowei, the minister in charge of China’s National Health Commission (NHC), mentioned during a press conference that it could be transmitted even during incubation period, which did not happen with Sars.

          There won't be any proper evidence yet, as it is a new virus and they have yet to ascertain the full effects of this virus

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    One way one can catch a virus is via transfer from hand to face. A face mask reminds you not to touch your face so these will be of benefit regardless.


      And that's about the only protection these will give you from this virus (A face touching deterrent).

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      100% correct and very effective.

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      One of the reasons why masks are not being recommended for public use in this country (and others) is that authorities believe it promotes complacency and people won't take as much care with washing their hands before eating, blowing noses and removing masks etc.


      It has no visible prints saying its BFE VFE ratings, but to an extend that should provide certain level of protection from the recent outbreak of the 2019-nCoV virus and related outbreaks.

      is irresponsible hogwash.


    It's misleading, if it's not surgical or N95/P2 mask then it cannot protect you from coronavirus virus.

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    n95 all sold out, i bought from amazon, sent from the us, $199 for 40 packs. this is not better than putting coles shopping bag on your head.

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    Negging not for the item or the price but for the wrong, misleading and just wrong description.

    The description would be better to state that these masks provide an ideal breeding ground right next to your mouth and nose for ANY virus or bacteria. Warm, moist and continually refreshed with outside germs unless you manage an airtight seal (never going to happen without serious modifications).

    The idiots in China forcing everyone to wear a mask regardless as to the masks rating are perpetuating the problem.


    I was excited for a while even though I am not in TAS.
    But this brand, are sold in bargain shops in Sydney.
    No one is buying the hand sanitiser of this brand where all other known brand are sold out everywhere

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    I'm against selling this as a protection from COVID19.

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    Unless you're in China there is hardly a need to worry. Literally about 99% of cases are confined to one country so if you're in Australia you can safely pass on this and not worry about the Corona virus unless it starts spreading across the world more seriously. As I write this 48548 confirmed in China and 505 outside of China. Last I heard this is OZbargain not Chinabargain: https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/situati...

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      I saw a great comment on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He showed a world map indicating which country has reported cases and there were none in Africa. Trevor said that the reason why this has occurred is because of the Ebola virus. Not because they are better prepared but because they have Ebola:
      "…Maybe the Corona virus is just scared. It knows that if it shows up in Africa, Ebola will be waiting at the airport like (imagine Trevor punching his hand in a threatening way) 'Oh, Corona! Look at me Corona, I'm the virus now.'…"


      Amazing how much things can change in 2 weeks…..


    FWIW I think the OP posted as a Troll - ISO 9002 is all about quality assurance standards combined with the recent OzB registration and the ISO logo … lol


    Are people in Tassie really bothering with face masks?

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      Mates wife works at Shiploads Cambridge Centre
      about a week and a half ago- One chinese woman came in and purchased the entire floor stock of masks and almost immediately after a more aggressive chinese woman came in and demanded all the stock out back


    This post is completely inaccurate and down right dangerous with miss information and should be removed immediately.

    Some information for those that are not aware:
    Any mask marketed as surgical or theatre mask will provide zero protection against any viral outbreak, they are only used for fluid resistance so spit and blood etc does not enter you mouth or nose.
    The virus can penetrate the material surgical masks are made from.

    The only mask that will provide a level of protection is a N95 or P2 mask.
    But what everyone needs to made aware of is that a N95 mask will not provide full protection unless you are also wearing eye protection.
    If an infected person coughs of sneezes in your general direction the virus can be contracted by their spray getting in your eyes, as well as cuts and open wounds


    It does not work the way it should - personal opinion of OP is flawed.


    I'm very surprise of these comments. Too polite too rational. Is it too early for FX, HX & TX to wake up to give comments?

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