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Samsung Galaxy Buds: Black $138; Yellow $148; White $140; Silver $139 +$15 Del (HK) @ TecoBuy (P/B Blk $145.35; Wh $147.25 @ OW)


UPDATE 4: Black $138 ↑$2; Yellow $148 ↑$7; White $140 ↓$4; Silver $139 ↑$3
UPDATE 3: The White have dropped in price to $137. Back up to $144.
UPDATE 2: The Silver have dropped in price to $136. The black have risen to $136.
UPDATE 1: The Black have dropped in price to $134.

Looks like the delivered price is the cheapest ever, even compared to C&C /in-store prices at local stores.

EDIT: You can get the White cheaper at Amazon for $148.99 delivered, no Prime required. (Thank Rumbaar.) Note that this is not publishable as a deal since the store only has a 75% feedback score from 4 ratings, has no website, and isn't fulfilled by Amazon. (Sold Out)

TecoBuy Avail. Price Delivery Total Officeworks Price Price Beat
Black 68pcs $138 $15 $153 Black $199 $145.35
Yellow $148 $15 $163 N/A
White $140 $15 $155 White $199 $147.25
Silver $139 $15 $154 N/A

The only issues with TecoBuy are that they only accept payment via PayPal, and you must pay to send items back to their Hong Kong Return Center for any warranty repairs.

Looks like a Price Beat at Officeworks is the way to go. If you're lucky, they'll forget to add delivery costs. If you're unlucky, they might refuse to Price Beat. If so, call their Customer Service Team on 1300 633 423.

Past examples of attempts to Price Beat the $148 TecoBuy Black Buds deal at Officeworks:

Comment Price Beat Excl. Del % Off In-Store By Phone Customer Service
Lexan ? ? ? ? ?
glitchmstr $140.001 2 5.4%
omgilia $140.60 3 5%
DaddysBelt $137.75 6.9%4 ? ? ?
sean85 $142.00 4%5
simehome $141.50 4.4%6

  1. Most likely either the user or the store person rounded the $140.60 down to $140. Confirmed. 

  2. Store person: "Is there any postage?" User: "I don't think so." (Thanks glitchmstr.

  3. User lied: "Free delivery over $99 😉" 

  4. Most likely (incorrectly?) Price Beaten on $145. 

  5. Most likely incorrectly used 4% off instead of 5% off. Possibly misquoted as according to obit11 the register auto-calculates the 5% off. 

  6. Most likely incorrectly Price Beaten on $149 instead of $148 (similar thing happened to me once, except at a lower price). 

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  • +35 votes

    +1 for the awesome formatting!

  • +20 votes

    Don’t need these but +1 for effort and research, and then displaying it all in a concise yet informative deal post!

    • +3 votes

      Same here - don't need them.

      Couldn't resist an extensive post, though, after I came across the offer and realised how good it was, and the issues fellow OzBargainers might have getting Officeworks to do a Price Beat.

  • +6 votes

    These buds are exceptional,this is coming from someone who owns a Sennheiser momentum wireless over ears which don't get much use these days

  • -1 vote

    And you must pay to send items back to their Hong Kong Return Center for any warranty repairs.

    Wow clearly breaking ACL

    • +2 votes

      Aren't these a grey import from HK? If so then ACL is completely irrelevant.

      • +1 vote

        If so then ACL is completely irrelevant.

        Yes. And no.

        If the business is based in Hong Kong then you are the grey importer and ACL is irrelevant. (This seems to be the case for TecoBuy.)

        However, if the business is Australian based, then they are the grey importer, and ACL is very much relevant:

        From the ACCC's Selling Parallel Imports page:

        Parallel importing, also known as grey or direct importing, occurs if your business sells products directly to consumers or businesses in Australia outside of the formal manufacturer distribution channels.

        When you sell parallel imported products to Australian consumers, you will be responsible if something goes wrong with these products. For example, if a product develops a fault, you will be responsible for addressing the problem including providing a repair, replacement or refund within a reasonable time under the consumer guarantee provisions of the ACL.

        You will be responsible for providing an appropriate remedy, not only as a supplier of the product but also potentially as the deemed manufacturer/distributor, placing additional responsibilities on you. There is no obligation on the local manufacturer or authorised distributor as they will not be considered connected to the supply of the products in Australia.


      From the ACCC's Warranties and Refunds Guide for Consumers and Business

      If faulty goods have to be returned to the place where they were bought, it is reasonable for the seller to pay appropriate freight costs.

      As I explained above, only if TecoBuy is Australian based would ACL apply (as they would be the grey importer) requiring them to pay for delivery.

      If, as it seems, they are Hong Kong based, then you are the grey importer and ACL doesn't apply so they are allowed to get you to pay for the delivery. (They will pay the return delivery costs once the item has been fixed/replaced, though.)


    I guess we'll be seeing a lot of price drops with the new Buds+ out.

  • +1 vote

    As a former Officeworks staffer, tecobuy "shouldn't" match tecobuy so mileage will vary. The register does all the math on the price beat so it'll be 5% off whatever was put on there.


      Surely Officeworks won't match this as it's an overseas company?

      I'm all for a bargain and getting goods immediately but how inconsistent can Officeworks be? If a pricematch gets refused in-store, someone just rings the 1300 number and it seems to be approved?


        I meant Officeworks shouldn't match Tecobuy, can't seem to edit my comment.


        Surely Officeworks won't match this as it's an overseas company?

        As per the discussion below, whether or not it's a overseas company is irrelevant. The only thing that matters if it's an "identical, in stock product".

        how inconsistent can Officeworks be?

        Well, I've had an Officeworks team member try to add delivery costs when Price Beating a product from JB Hi-Fi! This is evidence of a lack of proper training (or learning).

        As far as online stores are concerned it can be hard to determine where the the store is based (which is irrelevant anyways) and can be even harder to determine if the product is identical. This is why some OzBargainers claim have had Price Beats declined because of a missing MPC (Manufacturers Product Code) or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number, aka barcode number).

        I personally have had an argument with a manager over Price Beating a product as they claimed the fact that Officeworks' warranty being one year less that the competitors' meant it wasn't identical! (I ended up winning and getting the Price Beat.)

        Another time, it took them over a quarter of an hour before they finally agreed that, nevermind having an identical GTIN, the competitors' Philips Hue globe having an outdated stock image of the old packaging which didn't have the size "A60" in the description, didn't actually mean it wasn't identical.


          Well, I've had an Officeworks team member try to add delivery costs when Price Beating a product from JB Hi-Fi! This is evidence of a lack of proper training (or learning)

          They add the delivery fee if the local JB HI-Fi does not have stock in hand. Nothing new, its in their T&C. Still not a fan of their PM thingy.



            if the local JB HI-Fi does not have stock in hand

            You made me re-read the Price Beat Guarantee policy :P

            So, it's seems some Team Members/Managers are very loose with their interpretation of "In stock at our competitors". Since there is no mention of "local" or a specific distance (unlike First Choice Liquor which specifically states "at a competitor premises within 10km and in the same state"!) it would seem reasonable that if any "nearby" stores have stock, that should suffice. (And I would interpret "nearby" very loosely, i.e. in the same state 😉)

            In any case, in my situation, there was stock available everywhere. The young Team Member tried to add delivery costs without even checking stock availability period. I told them "That's only if there's no stock available or for online-only stores. I can just walk across the road and buy it at JB Hi-Fi!" That sorted them out quick smart.


      tecobuy Officeworks "shouldn't" match tecobuy

      Why not?

      According to Officeworks' Price Beat Guarantee page:

      What about online stores?

      Our Price Beat Guarantee includes products you find online - as long as the item is identical and in stock. When assessing the PBG from online stores we also take into account the added cost of delivery to your location (if any). If the identical, in stock product can be purchased and delivered to your location via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by 5%.

      There is no exclusion of online stores based on location, nor is there a requirement for them to have ABN's.

      • +1 vote

        Identical stocked item. It isn't identical, it's HK stock. It is a Grey area, hence varying mileage with the matching.


          Ahh! Got it.

          It's not actually necessarily HK stock, as they source from around the world. But that's your point, right? It might be identical, but it might not be.


          It is a Grey area

          I (belatedly) see what you did there 😉


      As a former Officeworks staffer

      Don't you mean "team member" 😉

      The register does all the math (sic) on the price beat so it'll be 5% off whatever was put on there.

      Then sean85 must have misquoted the $142 as otherwise $149.50 would have had to have been entered, and that seems unlikely.


      I price matched these this morning at Officeworks with Kogan and they specifically said they would not price match if it's not Australian stock.

  • +3 votes

    Currently you get get the White via Amazon AU for cheaper, via Prime, but from a 3rd party.

    SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds White $148.99


      Bought these two days ago, will let you know if I get the shipped notification tomorrow or not!


      These are possibly Grey stock too. My post for this bargain was taken down since the seller is third party.

      • +1 vote

        Actually, your deal was unpublished not because the seller is third party, but because it didn't abide by the Posting Guidelines for Amazon Australia (3rd Party Stores):

        • The seller must have a minimum of 90% feedback, based on at least 10 ratings (exceptions below).

        It only has 75% positive lifetime feedback with 4 total ratings

        • In the absence of sufficient feedback, an exception will be made if the seller has a website (e.g. Kitchen Warehouse on Amazon, Kitchenwarehouse.com.au)

        It doesn't have a website, so no exception.

        • An exception will also be made for items that are fulfilled by Amazon

        It's not fulfilled by Amazon, so no exception.


      The galaxy buds they sell are fake, convincing fakes, but fake all the same. Do not buy from them, mine would not connect to the app, where very light, and had the text printed oddly. They are absolutely fake, don't buy!

  • +1 vote

    I had a pair but replaced them with a pair of Jabra Active 65t because I wanted wireless buds for phone calls. These are rubbish for phone calls, although I did find them comfortable to wear.

    • +1 vote

      The Jabras sound great, don't they. I found the call quality to be excellent too (others hearing me well, and vice versa). They are on the chunky side for area where they sit in the cup of ear

  • +3 votes

    Buds+ has way better call quality. Better to wait for a deal on that one.

  • +1 vote

    These rate really well on rtings. Most technical or audiophile reviews them highly in fact, better sound than airpods , even the pro airpods which cost far more.


    Hi guys. I bought some bnib buds off ebay. Recommended them. I Fell in love, use them for talking on the phone and listening to audiobooks. I think they are great…. however, after two weeks, one bud will not connect (not a deal breaker for what i use them for) but not ideal. I believe this is a known issue, samsung has suggested i send them in, but i don't have original proof of purchase (they were brand new in box and were from the free buds promo) does anyone have the letter they got from the promo (does that suffice as proof of purchase? Pm me please…) i Will stick with them and hopefully will get them replaced.

  • +1 vote

    I got Officeworks to price match TecoBuy on these less than 6 months ago. Very happy with the purchase!

  • +1 vote

    Very nice formatting! And since you went through the trouble yes you are right, just checked the office works receipt I paid 140.60 for them, just rounded it down when I made the post.
    The store lady asked if there was any postage I just told her I didn't think so, so she just put in the sale price.


    I have these buds, very happy. Normally not a fan of in-ear, as every pair I ever tried kept falling out. Not these bad boys.

    Tip: if you are a Telstra customer, check your points balance in Telstra Plus. They often have these buds on offer for not too many points. Got mine for free thanks to OZB.

  • +1 vote

    Just went to Officeworks to price beat, they forgot the shipping and i got them for $133


    Waiting for plus for largely improved call quality


    Called for Price Match, they wouldn't do it as soon as i said 'Tecobuy', and for reason being overseas stock : (


    Can you get the popup animation for the buds to work on non Samsung phones?

  • +2 votes

    Brought these this morning from my local OW. They priced matched TecoBuy but added $15 delivery on. When I got home I realised they had given me the new Buds+ by mistake. All in cost $147.00👍


    The price for the Black has dropped to $134, if anybody hasn't bought theirs yet.


    I bought a pair of the white galaxy buds from Amazon and they just arrived today, was eager to put them to use but had a closer look at the packaging and found they were fake. Probably should've seen the red flags from the fake reviews


    Any chance anyone able to upload the receipt?

    Going to try my luck in store


      I don't think you really need a receipt (and not sure if Officeworks will even do a Price Beat/Match against a receipt from one of their own stores).

      All you need is a bit of luck. You could try ringing up the local stores. Or even trying Customer Service again - you might get a different person with a different result. If that fails, your last resort would be to go to your nearby stores.

      Suppose I can't hurt to have a receipt just in case, though.

      • +1 vote

        I've used receipts uploaded to get a price match before, I think it was my Logitech Speakers,

        Doesn't hurt to have it if I can show it

    • +1 vote

      My price store price matched it easssy,

      I approached the guy, he browsed tecobuy website and he was like it's fine just need to add delivery,

      Then he said I just need to check the warranty, went away asked the manager and came back saying deal!

      At the Til no delivery applied so purchase price $143.45

      • +1 vote

        👍 Great! Actually, $143.45 is the Price Beat price inclusive of delivery. (Looks like you bought the Black 😉)

        Yeah, that warranty thing can be an issue. I sort of understand it if their warranty period is longer than their competitors', but, once, they tried to deny me a Price Beat just because theirs was shorter !! I stuck to my guns, though, and ended up getting it.

        To me the whole "warranty period is different" smacks of playing fast and loose with the rules. So, does that mean different packaging means a different product? What about a different date of manufacturing/batch code?

        Besides with the new ACL on warranties, it seems like you would have a good case to argue "different warranty periods, still identical product" if you were inclined to proceed via legal channels,

        • +1 vote

          Yep spot on the black pair indeed.

          I was going in thinking the warranty would be an issue, when he mentioned the warranty I had thought that's it no deal, but it was a pretty quick all clear from the manager so that was cool.

          I wouldn't of been that inclined to put up an argument though I'm not really that well versed in the technicalities, but I see you'd be able to put up a fair fight though lol

          • +1 vote

            @Godric: Thanks.

            Yeah. TecoBuy's "up to 12 months" versus Officeworks' "2 years manufacturers'" makes it a bit more difficult to argue the identical product case. Luckily, you had a reasonable/well versed manager.

  • +1 vote

    Price matched in store and received the buds+ for $143.
    You could possibly replicate this by going to a store without buds stock and asking if they do, hoping they think buds+ is the same thing. Good luck.

  • +1 vote

    After receiving the fakes from the amazon order I price matched at Officeworks over the phone and got some black ones for $129.20.

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