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[QLD] Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Tickets $29 during February and March 2020


Explore MORE for LESS at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary during February and March.

πŸ’¦ Cool off at Wild Island Adventure Splash Zone
🐍 Discover unique and exotic species in Lost Valley
🐨 Get up close to our native animals
πŸ₯ Visit our wildlife hospital!

Enjoy all this and so much more for only $29 per person or $99 for a family pass!
*terms and conditions apply - see link for details.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a Not for Profit organisation that supports conservation efforts, research and the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation. The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital treats over 11,000 sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife per year. This includes over 500 koalas.

There are some ticket sellers offering a further small discount on this special such as Optus Perks. If you purchase the tickets directly from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary then you are going to further help fund important projects like the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation. Given this season's bush fires, that small difference in ticket price can really help.

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    Looks like my coming weekend is sorted


    Good deal I'm guessing tickets for adults are normally $50?


      $49 but there's always some discount for adults at kids prices around.

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        Not in the peak season.

  • -1 vote

    $55.10 for 2 people here with code GOLDCOAST.

    OP, if you're worried about people booking through 3rd parties. Why not match the discounted price and avoid paying commissions.

    Most of the cash would still be going to you anyway.

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    • +2 votes

      $22 SGN for an adult ticket here which is roughly $47 AUD.
      I used this site when I was in the GC last year. Ticket came basically instantly according to my email chain but when I ordered some for Skypoint they took a few hours. Just plan ahead and book a day or two before.

      The website often has promo codes to bring down the cost a bit as well.

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      I have no role in the marketing or pricing. I am a park volunteer. As in one of the people that helps people around the sanctuary such as in the kangaroo paddock. CWS has around 450 volunteers.

    • +12 votes

      You're negging a deal because you can get it $1.45pp cheaper somewhere else, but the OP has clearly stated tickets directly purchased from the sanctuary help fund the not-for-profit organisation. Just sayin.

      • -10 votes

        Yes, because, this is a bargain website not a charitable donations forum. The deal is not the cheapest available, hence the neg.

        It sets a dangerous precedent by upvoting more expensive deals based on the organisation's charitable activities. Even by booking through a third party, you're still giving over $25 to the Sanctuary, why should I have to 'donate more' by paying a higher price? That should be the choice of the buyer regardless of whether it's just $1.45 pp.

        Using your argument, you may as well just post the deal at the original price of $49 and upvote it, because they're a worthy cause.

        • +3 votes

          I am not sure what you are expecting and yet still meeting the rules of Ozbargain.

          I indicated that there were other providers that are offering the tickets at a further discount in the post and from the start. I even provided one example. I looked at a couple of other ticket sellers, but they didn't seem to be doing any further discount. I knew others Ozbargainers would find more examples.

          If I had only provided one example then it becomes a problem under Ozbargain rules as I am associated with CWS, but not the ticket seller. I can't therefore mark that I am associated, yet I am associated with CWS.

          Then there is the other problem of linking to only one ticket seller, there would potentially need to be listing for all the other ticket sellers. This is particularly the case given that some ticket sellers are discounting the single ticket, while others are only discounting a pair of tickets.

          • -3 votes

            @whats up skip: You're confusing the situation. You posted a deal, it's not the cheapest, I negged the deal according to the rules and to let others know there are cheaper options.

            You should know this, you're voting history seems to comprise of around 70% negative voting.

            • +2 votes

              @gooddealmate: You haven't solved the problem of the Ozbargain rules and declaring an association.

              If you actually looked at my voting pattern and why I have negged deals, you would see that many of them are because of false or misleading conduct by the poster. In this post I have tried to be as transparent as possible. I have brought to the attention of the Ozbargain community a great offer and provided people with the option to purchase the tickets at a range of different providers.

  • +1 vote

    Funny I've just moved up to QLD and live very close to Currumbin and I was talking to my friend who said the tickets were like $69, i said I can't afford it. Now this is great!


      Don't think they've ever been $69 a ticket.


      This sounds more like an annual membership. These are very popular with families with children.

    • +1 vote

      The annual is now $85. Just renewed mine, well worth it.

  • +4 votes

    This place is great - definitely worth a visit.


    Keep in mind that parking is not free. Parking gate fee collected by the National Trust. I think it was $10 per car but I paid $5 as it was late in the day.

    Also the most popular attraction (Lorikeet feeding) is actually free (you can donate a small amount to obtain a feeding plate) as it is outside the sanctuary gate.

    • +2 votes

      There is on street parking, but as it is right next to the beach it is in high demand. For on street parking you would need to be very early, lucky or prepared to walk a fair distance. There are several bus routes that service CWS.


    I was always wondering why zoo sockets are so expensive and how much actually is spent on the wellbeing of the animals.

    • +9 votes

      Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a Not for Profit, so the well being of the animals is of highest priority. The revenue raised by the sanctuary is used to fund the extremely busy Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, breeding programs for endangered species and research.

      Welfare of the animals is taken very seriously. You may have noticed that the kangaroos have rest areas where people are excluded, so if they don't want to be patted or fed by people they can go in there are any time. This is really important to ensure kangaroos are happy.

      To keep operating costs down many of the roles within CWS are performed by one of the 450 volunteers, this includes cleaning enclosures, maintaining the gardens and general park guides.


    Thank you for sharing. Do we see less overseas tourists nowadays?

    • +5 votes

      The Gold Coast and Queensland tourism in general is down about 40% not just because of the virus, but the bush fire news coverage overseas. International visitors were already cancelling their trips to Australia because the impression they were obtaining from the news overseas. The media was giving the impression that whole continent was burning and that there would be no bush left.

      The drop in visitor numbers from China is having a major impact on Australian tourism. China is the number one country of origin for international tourist visiting Australia.

      These combined factors mean it is really important for people to travel within Australia and support local tourism operator. In the case of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, the recent bush fires have placed an even higher demand on the Wildlife Hospital. Many animals have come in with burns and other effects of the fires. Many of these animals will require long and extensive treatment before they can be released back into the wild.

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    Further 10% discount for RACQ members, so down to $89 for a family of 4.


    Is there much for a 2-year-old to do here?

    • +3 votes

      Yes. We just literally came back from there. A 3.5 yrs old and a 1.5yrs old and they both loved it. We didn't even really see much animals. Did the train ride, Gruffalo trail (must read the books before you go!), splash and play park. Lunch saw a few roos and that was 5hrs gone!
      Free for kids under 4 which is also awesome.

      Bring mozzie repellent!!


        I think just about anywhere on the Gold Coast needs mozzie repellent at the moment.

        Many of the young children like to pat the kangaroos, some with direct assistance from their parents. As above, the train is very popular and the Wild Island splash and play area.


    $26.10 per ticket through RACQ

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    We went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday. So easy to move around as there are far fewer tourists. There is plenty of shade, but you may want to bring some mozzie repellent as there were a few mosquitos in the parrot avairy.

    Lunch is around $18 but I just had a large soy mocca from their outside cafe (right in front of the entrance) which cost $6.80 and was pretty good.