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20% off iTunes Cards at Woolworths (& Further 5% off at Officeworks with Pricematch Guarantee)


20% Off iTunes Cards at Woolworths (& further 5% off at Officeworks with Pricematch Guarantee).

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  • The last time OW did not want to price match saying it is not a product.

    • Go to OW in Elizabeth St Melb. No issue at all. If they complain, ask for the manager.

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      saying it is not a product.

      Ask them what is it? then…

    • If management refuses, call 1800 OFFICE. I've had to deal with HQ a few times because my officeworks (west ryde, nsw) will do anything to worm out of a deal.

      • If management refuses, call 1800 OFFICE.

        i did that once because they didn't price match because when they rang the other store, the guy was out to lunch…

        emailed head office… next day, store manager replies, apologises and gives me the item for FREE.. :) saved around $30

      • Hmm west ryde been pretty good for me (tech stuff, not iTunes). Wentworthville is a rude cow though! Guess it all depends who you get on the day.

      • when was the last time you tried?

        It maybe just an inexperienced person, either rise to management (as others have said) or find someone else who is experienced. Once when i did the Pricematching of iTunes card, the person had to call… try suggesting that!

        • You mean me? Well, I've had trouble with them on 3/4 occassions now, and nearly each time it was with the supervisor or the shift manager (not store manager). The trick with West Ryde is to spot out that white kid lol, he's a good sport and actually abides by their pricematching policy. Some of the other guys act as if me price matching is screwing them out of their own money :S

  • But it takes at least 30 minutes for OW to work out how to put an iTunes price match through the register.

    • ughhh, tell me about it ! -_-

    • haha so true! Their staff are deadset dropkicks. I was using a $5 gift card the other day and the girl took (no exaggerations, 5/6 minutes to figure out how to use the gift card). And that's with 5 irritated people behind me in the line wondering looking at me as if I was the reason everyone was being held up.

      I would of given her a $5 to spare everytime the time but hey, there's a reason why I'm on OzBargain.