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Telstra $40 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit for $15 @ Woolworths


Includes $40 recharge on Telstra Pre-Paid Max
3 in 1 SIM fits all phones
Transfer your number from another provider or get a new number
Recharge any amount in future

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    Anyone else had a hell of time activating these lately?

    A recent Telstra Prepaid activation took me three tries. First tried online. Didn't activate after 24 hours.

    Second tried phoning 1258887. Operator didn't know why it failed but cancelled it and initiated again. Didn't activate over a weekend.

    Third tried phoning 1258887. Operator escalated the request and eventually activated it on the spot.

    All up, over 1.5 hours of my time with the queries.


      They were having technical issues porting in existing numbers from other providers late last year. Many people were affected and they had to wait more than one month. I waited 2 months and my port-in request expired but my number was stuck in transfer and no matter how many times I attempted to submit a new request, it went nowhere. A case manager was hopeless, chat reps and even a specialist in porting in numbers had no clues, a Telstra shop staff told me to cancel all existing port-in orders and then resubmit a new request.
      In the end, a chat rep switched me over to postpaid in order to port in the number and then once the post paid account was activated, I had to switch back to prepaid. But a sim starter kit credit didn’t get transferred so they manually had to apply the credit. It was a long and painful process. A case manager promised to send $100 for this ordeal, but it was never credited in my bank account and she went silent, and only when I contacted the CEO’s office, someone processed that payment.
      Hopefully the problem has been addressed and I won’t have the same issue in the future.


      I just ported, with minor difficulty, took about 25mins total.

      1st try couldn’t verify my phone number, reloaded page and got further with the 2nd try but couldn’t verify my I.D. with the gov database, reloaded page again and the 3rd try was back to unable to verify phone number.

      I then went to live chat. It took the rep about 15mins to get the port to go through.