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NordVPN 3 Years (70% off) US $125.64 (US $90.46 after CB) + Gift of Extended Sub (1 Month, 1, 2 or 3 Years)


Nord seems to be having a flash sale that only lasts for another 9 hours on a countdown.

This is a bit of a weird deal (spotted on TechRadar) to celebrate Nord's 8th Birthday, their 3 Year Subscription is 70% off down to US$125.64 and upon signup you are gifted additional subscription ontop.

"Depending on luck, you'll be gifted a 1-month, 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year plan on top of the 3-year plan you've bought."

So potentially 6 Years for $125.64 or 3 years 1 month for $125.64. Either way it's still 70% off.

Expires Today!!!! - 18/02/2020
10.30am AWST
1.00pm ACDT
1.30pm EDST

Don't Forget CR for 28% Cashback

EDIT: Apparently Nord is using tracking to determine the timer and opening the page in another client or incognito resets the timer. As such this deal probably doesn't expire today but I cannot confirm when it does; however due to overwhelmingly negative feedback about Nord in general as posted below and this new development, I would not suggest that you sign up to Nord regardless and look into other more reputable alternatives

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    too expensive.

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    Again, just a reminder that I don't trust this VPN.

    Please refer to comment section in previous post:

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    Meh they're a good vpn (quick, plenty if servers), but considering they were compromised, and didn't tell their customers until someone else threatened too, they're not worth $us30/yr.

    Wait for the 80-90% cashback.


    Wait for a cashback deal before jumping on to Nord. The 90% cashback deal comes around quite often.




    I am posting the link as a public service announcement. My email and password is one of the many in this link. They did not disclose to any of the users. It was when my accounts for other sites such as eBay PayPal Spotify Apple were being targeted that I did a search on google for my password and email that I found it was my NordVPN account details got revealed. Luckily I use different passwords everywhere.

    I am posting the link above here now that I realize NordVPN is not making this known. All NordVPN users need to search this list to see if their account is hacked.


      Wow, that's breaking news. I was thinking about joining them since the last few deals

      Definitely not going to now

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        No what happened was @meatball uses the same email & password combo on multiple site, one of those sites (not NordVPN) was hacked.

        So the hackers release/dump the login details.
        Them kiddies run a script testing those credentials on various common websites like Nordvpn ( it also Gmail, Facebook, banks etc) collate the info & dump it online pretending they've hack <insert website/service>.

        Its called credential stuffing. Quite common.
        Whack your email address in have i been pwned



          I agree that does seem to be the case

          Re-reading @meatball's post, he made a couple of confusing contradictory statements about having multiple accounts hacked, and then going on to say he uses different passwords everywhere

          Anyway after doing a bit of googling on Nord their business practices seem a bit dodgy. They lacked transparency after finding out about their security beach, and the lawsuit against them after trying to blackmail Torguard

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      Of course it was that you were silly and used the same email & same password for different sites. One of the sites got pwnd they got your login details which happened to be the same for NordVPN???

      Whack your email address in here, I bet you find it.



    Does Nord work for Netflix Japan?


    sk3iron 6 hours 47 min ago
    Nord seems to be having a flash sale that only lasts for another 9 hours on a countdown.

    Almost 7 hours later, the countdown timer still has 9 hours and something remaining.


      Mine shows less than 2 hours remaining?


        Weird. It seems to be tracking the session/IP. Mine says 8 hours and 35 minutes now.

        However if I open up a new browser window in incognito it says 9 hours and 39 minutes remaining again.

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          I just confirmed this my opening an incognito window myself, this is some dodgy business practices and should further tell people not to do business with Nord, can I neg my own deal? I have updated the deal to reflect this and everyone's sentiments.


    Sign up to cashrewards for 90% cashback on this deal. Tempting enough?


    i don't think I got any bonus months gift. It says I got 3 years, no mention of anything further. Email says nothing.

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