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NordVPN - 90% Cashback (Was 30%) @ ShopBack


3 Year Plan for US $125.64 ($3.49/Month) - New NordVPN Customers Only.

Brings the price down to $12.56 USD (~$18.36 AUD) for the 3 Year Plan after cashback.

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  • +5 votes

    Again, just a reminder that I don't trust this VPN.

    Please refer to comment section in previous post:

    • +1 vote

      wouldn’t trust any VPN for important stuff.


        For anyone else not informed, Nord VPN knew of a breach 19 months ago and didn't tell anybody, thinking it wasn't a big deal. This is a very big deal for privacy, and for some, the life of activists in country's where they are persecuted.

        In the mean time, they pumped out massive ad campaigns everywhere online, knowing full well of this breach.

        They only bothered to tell people about it after they were caught by a third party who discovered there was a breach. Can you imagine if the third party never found it? Nord would never tell anyone.

        I wouldn't give them a cent. Any ethical company would immediately disclose to the public that there has been a breach. How can you trust Nord when their primary market is centered around privacy and encryption.

        The keys, however, could still have been used in active attacks, in which hackers use leaked keys on their own server to intercept and decrypt data.
    • -1 vote

      When I hack the CIA servers, I layer my VPNs. They'll have to trace me through 10 VPNs to get my real IP, which will be at a net cafe.

  • +2 votes

    When the company website says the following refer to their About Us page-

    The NordVPN name was inspired by Nordic ideals of confidence, trust, and innovation. It reflects how we value our customer freedom of choice, how we strive to be innovative with our technology and the way we work. In the spirit of transparency, we’ll do everything we can to keep you updated about all aspects of our service, from server status upgrades to occasional glitches. We aim to create a lasting relationship of mutual trust with you, the customers who share our deeply held values.

    What a load of crap and this is no different from when banks admitting a security breach and then turning around with PR statements saying 'here is free credit monitoring'.

    It all comes down to trust and Virtual PRIVATE Networks are suppose to do just that. Why didn't they acknowledge the breach and alert their users? They took the sweep it under the rug approach and were not transparent with the end user. Their excuse was it was 1 server in Finland but it doesn't take 12+ months to confirm a breach.

    While I agree that no username/passwords were breached it doesn't change the fact the company chose to sit and stay silent on this breach (no matter if this was low to medium) level breach. Why should their paying customer base have to find out this news from public news media?

    Well at least now you know why they were spending millions on ads and cheap VPN plans as they knew this information would come out.
    Stay clear of this company they certainly don't live up to their values.

  • +4 votes

    It doesn't bring the price down to USD$12.56. You still have to pay USD$125.64 straight away then wait two and a half months to get your money back.


    NORDVPN should banned on OzB. Nobody trust this anymore.


    Which is the go to VPN for Ozbargainers these days?
    My PIA is about to expire soon and I've read that their recent aquisition by Kape is not a good thing.

    • +1 vote

      It is always subjective (when recommending a VPN) and while I still hold a PIA VPN (due to cheap yearly auto-subscription) it just doesn't work when trying to access streaming services like US/UK/Canada Netflix, BBC, Amazon Prime US and other streaming services.

      However, ExpressVPN does and has great VPN speeds (at least for the servers I connect to). They seem to be the gold standard but are much more expensive than your PureVPN/NordVPN which usually run cheap 3 year deals, so choose a VPN provider that fits your budget and activities.

      Some of the providers offer trial runs so check them out before signing up.

    • +1 vote

      ProtonVPN is one you should take a look at, they’re run by the same people who run ProtonMail secured email.

      Based in Switzerland and highly security/transparency focused.

      It’s not cheap though and quite expensive but they have free servers if you don’t need extra features like unlimited speed servers, P2P downloading or foreign streaming. The free account is good for basic privacy browsing.

      I have a paid account and use their premium servers to watch US Netflix.

      • +2 votes

        +1 for Proton. Plus their app is a million times better than most other companies'.


    damn I got it without the cashback a month ago

  • +2 votes

    Mark Karpeles works for PIA so they're automatically blacklisted for employing someone who supports a technology to enable disgusting crimes against humanity.

    Nord digitally signed a marketing firms binary then denied it.

    Do either keep logs? What proof do we have?

    Who is the adversary we want protection from? The government or a marketing company?

    I don't know the answers but want to read commentary.

  • +2 votes

    shows 30% cashback


    Was gonna subscribe but guess I'll be sticking to PIA since this has expired…

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