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Samsung CLP-325W Wireless Colour Laser Printer $149 + $10 Delivery


Link to Deal - http://www.estore.com.au/BLANK_SKU_BUN1004.aspx

This printer was availble at the start of the year via this post:


But the same printer is now back, and at a price of $149 + $10 Delivery - So a little bit cheaper, but if you are in Melbourne you can pickup and save yourself the $10.

I have a Brother Mono printer, its lasted 2 years on the included Cartrdiges, so why by a new Cart, when i can buy a new printer.

You should get 1,000 pages from Black, and 700 for each of the colour with the included Cartridges - When you buy replacements, they are about $80 Each (you need 4 in total) and you should get double the capacity of the samples.

I have heard refils are not hard on this.

I think a great deal for colour, and its wireless to boot - I hope the posting was submitted fine, happy with Constructive Critisim on that one. Sorry but i dont know how to show a pic, as i had a link to the store, i didnt use media uploader

Assume this is valid till stocks run out, they say they have 144 in stock

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    Hm, looks like a decent deal.. a quick staticice and I found this too:
    http://www.citysoftware.com.au/BLANK_SKU_BUN1004.aspx - same price, dunno about delivery though

    Does anyone know if wireless colour laser printers with duplex functionality exist? I imagine it would be quite expensive though.

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      I couldn't find a cheap colour duplex wireless laser when I was looking. I ended up with a FujiXerox CP205w for about $230 (http://www.ht.com.au/part/Y7543-Fuji-Xerox-Docuprint-CP205-w...) which has a manual duplex feature which is ok for a small amount of printing (happy with it at home but would probably be annoying for a busy office). Basically it works out the order to print stuff on both sides and the printer will print the first side and then tell you to put the printed pages back in and press a button on the printer to print the reverse side.

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    "why by a new Cart, when i can buy a new printer?" Because it more environmentally friendly to replace cartridges than generate more e-waste by buying yet another printer!


      Yes I agree with your comments - maybe now I have purchased this and will have a colour printer, i will stick with replacing the consumables rather than buying a new one each time. Im sure a family member woudl benefit from my older waste, so all good :)


      I just paid more than this for OEM cartidges for my HP colour laser Printer (yes, the spent cartridges have been sent for recycling).
      1 original HP cartridge costs only slightly less than this printer. Just shows that the manufacturers are setting these up as throw away items.


    I have a Samsung CLP-350N and have had no issues at all, nice neat small printer, not the fastest but for the price quite good

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    Here is the spec

    360MHz Processor
    32 MB Memory / Storage
    OS Compatibility Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/ Windows 7/2008 R2/ Mac OS X 10.3-10.6/ Various Linux OS
    Interface High speed USB 2.0/ Ethernet 10/100 base TX/ IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wireless Network interfaces
    Noise Level Less than 45 dBA (Color Printing)/ Less than 47 dBA (Mono Printing)
    388 x 313 x 243 (15.3 x 12.3 x 9.6")mm (except paper tray) Dimension
    11kg (24.3 lbs) Weiight
    Duty cycle (monthly) up to 20000 images


    First print out time (Mono) Less than 14 seconds (From Ready Mode)
    Resolution Up to 2400 x 600 dpi effective output
    First print out time (color) Less than 26 seconds (From Ready Mode)
    Manual Duplex Print
    PCL5c/ PCL6/ SPL-C (Samsung Printer Language Color) Print Emulation
    Up to 16 ppm in A4 (17 ppm in Letter) Speed (Mono)
    Up to 4 ppm in A4 (4 ppm in Letter) Speed (Color)


    Average Continuous Black Cartridge Yield: 1500* standard pages (ships with 1000 pages Starter Toner Cartridge) * Declared yield value in accordance with ISO/IEC 19798
    Imaging Unit Approx. 24000 Pages (Mono)/ 6000 Pages (Color)
    Waste Toner Cartridge: Approx. 10000 pages (Mono)/ 2500 pages (Color)
    CMYK Average Continuous Yellow/Magenta/Cyan Cartridge Yield: 1000 standard pages (ships with 700 pages Starter Toner Cartridge). Declared yield value in accordance with ISO/IEC 19798

    Paper Handling

    130-sheet Cassette Input Capacity
    80-sheet Face Down Output Capacity
    Paper Size: 76 x 152.4mm (3 x 6") - 216 x 355.6mm (8.5 x 14")
    Paper Type: A4/ A5/A6/ Letter/ Legal/ Executive/ Folio/ ISO B5/ JIS B5/transparency(Mono Print Only)/ glossy photo220 g/m2/ Envelope/ labels/ cardstock/ recycled

    Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.


      Thanks Goofy - I will remember to add these types of details next time.

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    This one from Harris is also pretty good - http://www.ht.com.au/cart/1/part/Y8272-Fuji-Xerox-DocuPrint-...


      thanks. but this one has no WIFI


    Hey guys, can the wireless work without a wireless router? I have a laptop with wifi and bluetooth so will I be able to connect to the printer wirelessly?



      set up an ad-hoc wireless connection.
      print out the network configuration report
      this shows the printer's IP address and other information you need to put in the SyncThru Web Service


        Cheers fastdude. Does setting up an ad-hoc work only for specified printers or for all wireless printers?


    installed a Samsung ML-1865W couple months ago and had so much headache. I have installed many printers before and think Samsung driver/software really sucks. Tried all different things the manual and other people suggested no go, tried Sync-thru. You can enter the IP address, subnet and all the details but it won't authenicate. I tried Ad-hoc, WEP, WPA/PSK and WPA/PSK2 and ended up replaced the wireless router, it was a Netgear 614AU so not a bad router but about 4 years old. So make sure your wireless router either is quite new or support WPS.


    Bought it just yesterday from City Software Melbourne for $149. A breeze to setup and prints beautifully. However, it is quite slow to warm up and quite loud. For this price, I can live with it.

    I'm still having problems to get it to print wirelessly. From the PC, it works fine via wireless but I'm hving problems printing from other devices (ie. laptops, iPhone, etc). It cannot detect the printer at all. I'm connecting it through the iinet's BOB router. :(

    The manual and the Samsung website are not very helpful.


      give the printer a static IP and enter the MAC add. in the reserved devices list. If one PC can pick it up all others on the network should.


        Its on static and I entered the MAC into the router. But when I wanted to print from the iPhone, it was unable to pickup any printers.

        Will have to try it again on the laptop…


      The iPhone's wireless printing feature (AirPrint) only works with a handful of HP printers (no surprise Apple would do this..)


    Damm $36 to be delivered to me. :-(


    From experience, an ethernet networked samsung color laser works quite well. =)