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58 Free Harvard Courses @ Edx


Here's some more free courses to make you smarter than Einstein!

Note: Course is free, but certificate is extra ($).

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    brb refilling Adderall bottle

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    That Lessons From Ebola course would've been handy last month…

  • Ooh, Michael Sandel's Justice lectures are quite good.

  • Other recommendations!?

    • Fat Chance: Probability from the Ground Up

      Ought to help next time at The Star or Crown ..

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    CS50 intro to computer science is basically the premier online computing course

    • Really? It’s a quality course then?

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        For sure, Comp sci grad here, I can still go back to some lectures of it on youtube to rehash some concepts. I'm sure other people can back me up on this. The thing is if you're self learning with 0 experience it might be really tough.

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        Can confirm. It's known as one of the best intro courses you can take. I'm nearly finished it and concur.

        • Did you start with zero experience?

          • @spiff: I didn't, I had done a little programming about 20 years ago. But it's intended for people who have no experience. Week 1 was a bit easy for me but it ramps up quickly.

            • @sevendollarsfifty: I’m looking at doing the CS50 course for lawyers - always wanted to get into comp sci. I think I tried to take the og CS50 course like 6 years ago when I was starting in uni, and found it difficulty to study CS without a project / other contexts to motivate me. The CS for lawyers course seems a little less intense - might set me up to do the standard course after (time permitting).
              You reckon the course is better than what’s available on udemy etc.?

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                @ts13: Not sure if the course has changed since then, but each week there are projects to work on in the CS50 course, so you might have better luck this time.

                If you're looking to get into web development and like it to be project-based I would recommend 'The Odin Project' and 'Javascript 30' by Wes Bos, both are free.

                There are probably good udemy courses but from what i understand the quality varies significantly with each course so its hard to know, and from what I have seen in udemy it is just video based. CS50 sets you up with an IDE with debugging, and walks you through how to use it which was a help.

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      i agree, up to week 3 on it now, and it is probably the best online course I've ever done. Quality is through the roof

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    'Ey Brandine! I'mma get me Harvard educated!

  • Are these courses always free, and you just pay to get a certificate if you wish?

    I'm doing a course through Coursera by simply clicking "Audit" and getting all the content for free - no payment required. Should I require/want the cert after the fact, I could sign up for a monthly subscription, then hand in all the assignments that I've already done before hand within a single billing month.

    • Where is the option for a monthly subscription?

      • From what I understand from their wording, Specialisations on Coursera are billed monthly (its not site-wide).

        CashRewards for 50% back on those Coursera Specialisations too (first month only???)

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    Isn't this the normal price?

  • does it come with certificate?

    • If you pay for it

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    It's always this price for these courses. Forum worthy, not a deal

    Friendly plug for MIT'S OCW (most of their courseware is free)

  • if i did all the courses, i still doubt i would get a email :/

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    FYI. These courses got expired dates to view for free. After that date you would have to pay.

    • Edx courses have always been free, you only pay if you want to receive a certificate.

      • so I don't have a deadline before they're removed/not free ?

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          Most of the popular courses like CS50 don't have a limit on free auditing. When the course resets (2-3 times per year) you can just enroll again for free in the next session and continue the course.

          For the courses that have a restricted auditing period: After the deadline you'll lose free audit access until they restart the course again. When the course restarts you can enroll again for another free audit period until the next deadline. So you never really need to pay for edx courses

    • Not only that, but you don't have access to all the assignments unless you pay. This has been my experience with the Data Science courses.

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    Ha! Those fat cats are paying tuition! Now look who's smarter

  • Thanks. Took the course on React.

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    Now I can finally wear a Harvard tshirt.

  • Thanks, signed up to a course.

  • Hey cool thanks, I have enrolled.

  • Just so people know, I signed up for a few free ones and noticed that there was a code "EDXWELCOME" to get a discount for the certificate version of the course.

  • Are these courses normally free?

  • Can't wait to drop the "Oh I did some study at Harvard earlier this year" on dates.

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