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Coffee Sample Pack – 2 x 250g, $20 Delivered @ The Beanery Coffee House


Limited Stock OzBargain Special

Sample Pack includes:
- 250g Beanery Special Blend
- 250g Guatemala Antigua Single Origin

All of our beans are locally small batch roasted in South Melbourne. We strive to bring you the freshest and highest quality coffee we can get our hands on and have been doing so for the past 35+ years.

Use the code OZBARGAIN at checkout for free shipping Australia wide.

Beanery Special
Medium roast with a full flavour profile and fragrant aromatics. A true all-rounder, fantastic in all methods of brewing. It has been one of our best selling blends over the 35+ years we have been in business and we're sure you'll love it too.

Guatemala Antigua Single Origin
Our best selling single origin. An amazingly rich coffee which has extremely low levels of acidity. Notes of sweet honey complimented by dark cocoa and stone fruit. Perfect for a filter brew or espresso based drinks.

Region: Antigua
Altitude: 1500 – 1700 masl
Notes: Honey, Dark Cocoa, Stonefruit, Rich strong body complimented by a smooth low acidity finish.

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    Orderred. hopefully I can get some nice coffee with v60. It would be nice if I can choose local pick up though.

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      Thanks for the order, I'm sure you'll enjoy our beans! You're always welcome to pop in to our Brighton or Emporium Melbourne store and get a personalised recommendation of coffee from one of our staff.

      We might look into making that option available in future promotions, appreciate the feedback :)

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    Just to give you an idea of what market you are competing against here. I had shipped from the Queensland 3 varieties of coffee beans totalling 750g. Delivered for $24 to Melbourne. You have to value add. Sure there is the convenience factor for an online order, but there are also alot of price competition. Understand there are price difference for different blends as well.


    Got some, I’m new to the bean game and currently think the Coles urban culture stuff is decent. Expecting this stuff to trump that. Slightly excited.

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      You'll find it alot better than the supermarket version as the beans will be fresher for a start.

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    and have been doing so for the past 35+ years…

    It has been one of our best selling blends over the 25+ years we have been in business…

    Hmmm, I smell a rat


    What origins are in the blend? I've never heard of a coffee company selling a blend and not disclosing the origins.

    For instance Code Black 3056 is:
    Ethiopia West Arsi
    Guatemala Rio Azul
    Brazil Blue Diamond

    Profile is:
    Stewed plum & citrus, peanut butter with vanilla malt & milk chocolate.

    Padre Daddy's Girl blend is:
    Colombian, Indian and Ethiopian

    Notes: Rich silky Milk Chocolate

    I highly doubt you're anywhere near this calibre but at least be honest when trading coffee.

    Users also want to know your recipe too,


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      Hi Combo, our Beanery Special is a combination of 4 different single origins from Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Colombia and Kenya.

      All of our coffee comes labelled with tasting notes to guide our customers and our Single Origin range also has information on their altitude of growth and region where the beans were sourced. I think you might be surprised at the quality of our coffee if you gave us a go!


    Just bought, cheers.

    Also, do you include roast dates on the bags?

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      Hi Settings, cheers for giving our coffee a try! Unfortunately we don't currently have roast dates on our bags, however this is something that we are looking at implementing.

      We can guarantee that our coffee is always fresh though as we're only doing small batch roasting and rotating our hoppers all the time!


    ordered one, not much bargain but i ran out of beans. thanks.


    How long does shipping take normally?
    I need my beans (:


      Hi Dylan, looks like your beans were delivered on Wednesday, feel free to let us know if you've had any issues at all. Hope you've been enjoying them!


    Has anyone received their beans yet? I'm in Tassie and they haven't arrived yet.

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      Hi Tulip, more than happy to look into it! What name was the order placed under?


        Australia Post has just sent me an email (Fri morning) saying I have 2 parcels to pick up, so hopefully one is your coffee :-)


    UPDATE: Well, I'm STILL WAITING for my coffee to arrive. It's now been 15 days since Couriers Please picked it up from Melbourne according to the tracking advice The Beanery have given me. It shouldn't take more than 5 days from Melbourne to Tasmania, IMO. I've ordered coffee for the last year from different states and the longest wait time has been 11 days from QLD.

    I received a letter today from Sydney postmarked 3/3. Today is 6/3 and it had a normal stamp on it, not a priority stamp.


    ANOTHER UPDATE: The coffee finally arrived in my letterbox!!!!


      Hi Tulip, glad to hear your coffee arrived! Apologies about the delay in getting it to you, seems like it was an issue with our Courier which was out of our hands unfortunately. If you could PM me, I'll send you a discount code which you can use for your next coffee order to make up for the delay.

      Once again, so sorry that your coffee was delayed!

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