[Unobtainable Deal] Holden Final Run Out Sale: Trax ~$13,000, Equinox ~$20,000 + More

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Important stuff from the link

The Holden Trax city SUV is almost half price, with discounts ranging from $10,000 to $11,000, bringing this $23,990 model to the bargain price of about $13,000

The mid-size Holden Equinox is also a flat rate $10,750 off, or about a third off the price of the base model, bringing it from a bit over $30,000 drive-away to close to $20,000 drive-away.

The Holden Acadia seven-seat family SUV is between $11,500 and $17,000 off, between a quarter and one-third off the price of the car.

The cheapest discount is on the Holden Commodore – $7500 off – while the Astra hatch and sedan that were also discontinued last year have a flat rate of $8500 off to about $12,000 drive-away for the base models.

Additional Info (Thanks Techie4066):

Discounts on driveaway costs. All stock in remaining dealerships is expected to be depleted well before the end of 2020, with some dealers expecting to close by the end of financial year (June 30). Expected discounts from the start of March according to dealer bulletin (subject to change):

Holden Colorado (ute) - $13,000 to $17,500 off
Holden Trax (small SUV) - $10,000 to $11,000 off (down to ~$13,000 driveaway)
Holden Acadia (large seven seat SUV) - $11,500 to $17,00 off
Holden Commodore (liftback/tourer/sportwagon) - $7,500 off
Holden Astra (hatch/sedan) - $8,500 off (down to ~$12,000 base model driveaway)
Holden Equinox (medium SUV) - $10,750 off (down to ~$20,000 base model driveaway)

Opinions vary on these vehicles, but do jump on them if you have been in the market and are happy with what's available. Holden will provide servicing and spare parts for the next ten years (through a national aftersales network), ongoing call centre support, will issue recalls where necessary, and will honour existing warranties, guarantees and free scheduled servicing offers.

Mod: Article/bulletin lists the prices as drive away, but the pricing is not final and may be subject to change. As always, the deal may be removed (unobtainable) in the future, if it does not go ahead as (or close to) advertised/listed. Minor changes will be updated.

Mod: The deal become largely unobtainable. See comments. Moved to forums.

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    • lol, maybe one day it'll be a prized car!

    • +1

      My father had a camira… might be the worst car my family ever owned in the past 30 years.

    • +1

      Don't forget the Starfire Backfire 4.

  • +1

    Bring them down another 10k and they will finally be what they are actually worth.

  • The Astra needs premium petrol plus Holden was notorious for selling unreliable cars along with hopeless after sales customer support. Imagine what their support will be like once they leave Aus. They might be good for 2 or 3 years and then offload to someone else before falling apart.

    • Partly correct

      The 1.4l Astra takes 91RON

      The 1.6l Astra needs min 95RON

      • What's the power/torque figures between the two engines? Holden site doesn't like showing figures.

        • +3

          from caradvice
          Engine Size 1.4L
          Cylinders TURBO 4
          Max. Torque
          240Nm @ 2400rpm
          Max. Power
          110kW @ 5000rpm

          Engine Size 1.6L
          Cylinders TURBO 4
          Max. Torque
          280Nm @ 1650rpm
          Max. Power
          147kW @ 5500rpm

        • +1

          When I was looking to buy years ago I tried the 1.4 and it was so lackluster its not funny. I never tried the 1.6, but i would imagine it would be heaps better. Wonder what the price difference will be. Even so, sub 15k would still beat any other manufacturer even if its not that great of an engine (1.4)

      • Here it says the 1.4 is premium petrol as well
        For some, people won’t care but for a lot of ozbargainers it’s something to consider when having to pay premium for a crappy car.

      • Does that include even older models, or just the newer ones? I have an old Astra TS 1.8L and it kinda struggles to start when I put 91 octane fuel in it, although the sricker says 91. Every now and then I have to put some 95 or 98 octane fuel when they're on sale just to clean the shite up.

      • Hello - Do you know of any dealer that currently sells the Astra Hatch R or R+ for $12K to $14K or thereabouts please? I need a car for my daughter. I could not find a dealer. Many thanks.

        • just keep waiting and hounding them

          also way better off getting the R+ purely since it has the extra safety kit and leather steering wheel

        • You wont find one because the article is wrong. They may give a $8500 discount but its off the full price, not the already discounted price which holden is already providing a discount for.

    • +3

      99% of the small Euro turbos need premium fuel and people are fine with it, not a big deal.

      • -1

        Most Euro cars are diesel

        • Not any more, after VW's dieselgate they've dropped off a lot.

      • +2

        Thank god I own an ozbargain helicopter!

      • It's not really that they need "premium" fuel.

        They don't sell sub-95 octane in Europe so there's no reason to design cars that use anything worse.

    • +1

      95 petrol prices is a non issue. If you're using the 7-11 app "correctly"( cough cough), you can get it for around $1.35/L anytime.

      • How does one use 7 eleven app for the fuel correctly?

        • +1

          Check automotive forum.

        • -1

          Cough cough = fraudulently

      • you mean, not everyone owns an ozbargain helicopter?!

  • +4

    Trax still too expensive at $13k.

    • +2

      And may be at least $16k as article says “ Since this story was published earlier today, there has been confusion in the Holden dealer network about whether the discounts are off the current drive-away offer prices, or from the full RRP.

      If the discount was applied to the Holden Trax city SUV’s current drive-away price, the savings of $10,000 to $11,000 would bring the $23,990 model to about $13,000 – cheaper than a Hyundai hatchback cost 20 years ago.

      However, some Holden dealers claim the discount applies to the full retail price of the car, and so the drive-away offer on this model would be closer to $16,000 to $17,000 drive-away – still a significant saving.”

  • +13

    I'll buy it on my Coles Mastercard and use price protect for when the crazy sales happen. Save myself $2K I reckon

  • -

  • -2

    Whats the chances if GM knows everything about coronavirus in china and how it will wipe out everything soon and spread around world? Whats the chances of them then selling these cars in future? None! Do they know something? Am I a big conspiracist? :)

    • +3

      Hope the virus wipes out half of the population, humans need a good Thano's style reset.

    • +1

      they prolly investing in building rockets to Mars and sell cars to aliens, bigger market there

  • +4

    They'll ended up like those Daewoo Nubira, Lanos and etc. No spart parts, no aftersales, no service centres and resale value are shit. FYI, lots of the common spare parts for VE commodores are already obselete, if you can't find any from the wreckers then you are finished. Don't buy, it's a trap.

    • +4

      not really, these vehicles are still being made in Europe, Thailand and the Americas, so plenty of parts.

      Now potential COSTS of parts is a different conversation

      • Once the dealers are closed, good luck with finding and ordering genuine spare parts

        • +7

          I see you've never heard of the Internet?

          • @SupeNintendoChalmers: Cars are made differently for different country, if you think you can order something specially made for Australian market after those dealers are closed, you're welcome to try.

            • +1

              @Juniormin: Most parts are identical, and available somewhere else in the world.

              • @brendanm: Every country has different emmission rules and safety rules, engines are tuned differently and safety features are equipped differently. Air filters and brake pads maybe the sames, but when you need some electronic control module, there'll will be many many differences to choose from. Even you are luck enough to find one overseas, the car still need to be off the road until the parts arrive. That's just an example, real life situation can be much worse, since those Holden cars are so unreliable.

                • @Juniormin: The ECUs are all the same. They have different programming inside. You just flash it.

          • @SupeNintendoChalmers: We used to import used Daewoo transmissions from Korea, and ended up none of them fit Austrlian market Daewoo models, don't talk like a smart arse

        • It says right there in the original post Holden will provide servicing and parts for the next 10 years

  • +1

    About to drop 15k on a second hand 2014 CRV - any compelling reason (other than perhaps resell) I should not just get a TRAX instead?

    • CRV is a much roomier car, so hard to compare.

      2014 would be out of warranty though, and Hondas are pricey to service and repair after warranty has lapsed.

      • +3

        Hondas are renowned as being bullet proof and easy to maintain. This can vary model to model, but overall you're looking at a much more reliable option by going for a Honda over a Holden,especially given the uncertain future of buying spare Holden parts

    • I would stay clear of Honda. Ever since they moved production to Thailand around 2011, the quality of the cars has never been same!

    • The Trax is shit, and the CRV isn't. CRV won't be worth $3.50 in a years time.

  • Any idea when I can get one of these astras?
    Literally got a ford focus for the wifey yesterday, but the finance papers haven't been submitted just yet, might be able to cancel and get an astra instead.

    • just call your dealerships, surely must be heaps unsold.

  • -1

    Eh.. friend bought an Astra R+ brand new 2 years ago for $14.5K Drive Away so these discounts are meh, especially with GM axing the brand.

    Now a Commodore/Insignia VXR for $25K and we are talking hahaha

    • are you sure you're not my friend? ;)

      • haha… I guess it was isolated to him then.

  • Good deal

  • -1

    If you buy these cars, remember that the ownership is for the long haul as resale will be nothing in 3 years.

    • +3

      Theres lots of bumpkins out there with memberberries for holden.

      Plus so long as you have a well-serviced vehicle to sell I'd imagine you would get resale of something commensurate with at least the lower-market where these are priced .

      • maybe its all a guessing game. nostalgia will only work for local made models. insignia is already bargain prices on the used market.

        I am confident it is a smarter financial decision than most other new/used cars of the same age.

    • These, as would other cars, depreciate greater than their expected discount price. So purchasing one of these and keeping it for a few year would see you come out ahead.

  • Very tempted, considering looking for 7 seater

  • +3

    They got nothing to lose, if they won't honor the warranty. No brand image. No potential future customers to lose. No reputation to loose. I agree its a trap. Even if we tempt and buy one of them, think about the future resale values.

  • +3

    Dont buy, all holden dealerships are set to close and will see how much more they will drop the price for the piece of sh*t cars. Dont even think about these holding resale value so you are the first and last owner if silly enough to buy.

    • +2

      Exactly, once the warranty expired, there'll will be no aftersales support, you'll be having trouble finding a Holden dealership, and later there'll be no spart parts. It's a trap

      • +2

        Wouldn't they still be making the same car for the overseas market? Just not RHD.
        They'll be parts floating around for some time after the warranty period. Hell you can still find new old parts for classic cars

        • Yeah, but most people now don't know how to operate a screwdriver, and proud of it. You are right, there will be parts everywhere.

        • RHD makes a lot of differences, door trims, floor harness, central locking set up, BCM, switches, steering, brake booster/master cylinder, electronic control models etc. Also, each brand works individually in different country, every market's car features/engine spec are different, so does body shape and interior trim colors/patterns. Again, classic cars is another story, you don't need any electronic parts for them. Plus every country has different emmission and safety rules, engines are tuned differently and safety feature are equipped differently.

  • Hmm!

  • if i could pick up a brand new colorado for 10 to 15k id get it straight away. forget resale value, keep it for as long as possible. service departments will die off after a few years but meh who cares (even know they say 10 years minimum) still they will become scarce, nothing ya average mechanic cant do really.

    • +1

      the current Colorado is basically a Isuzu d-Max, so most parts won't be too hard to find in the future.

      • 30K immediate write off rule, offset that against your 47c tax bracket and your winning!

      • +2

        Who told you the current Colorado and D-MAX are the same? Do your research, Colorado has 2.8L diesel engine, D-MAX has 3.0 Litre. Different exterior looking, completely different interior, I'm wondering what D-MAX parts you can use on the Colorado?

        • -1

          Learn to read better mate, i said most. They roll out of the same factory for goodness sake!

          • +3

            @SupeNintendoChalmers: Give some examples maybe? Since you are so sure about this, what parts are the same? Same factory desn't mean the cars are the same isn't it?

          • @SupeNintendoChalmers: Nah mate, they have the same chassis (more or less) but are built in different plants - GM's plant is in Rayong, Isuzu's is in Chachoengsao. As said above, engine, tranny, interior etc are different too, so really, most parts are completely different.

      • +3

        Apart from the engine, transmission, interior and exterior panels.

    • +1

      They would never drop to 10-15k. At best I would say 25k for the base model

  • +5

    You’d be absolutely devastated if you bought in the last 6 months - 1 year.
    The amount of value these second hand cars are about to lose lol…

    If I had an agreed value policy on comp, might be worthwhile putting it into a tree haha

    • +7

      Use your 28 degrees card to claim the difference :p

    • Called it a few days ago. Feel sorry for those that purchased recently.

    • I wonder what happens to [https://www.holden.com.au/buying/holden-guaranteed-value](Holden Guaranteed Value] now…

      If you intend to buy cheap and HODL for 10 years sure, but eeek if you bought recently.

  • how do I make sure to get one of them when they do the sales in March? Will there be individual ozbargain posts per dealer or city? Thanks.

    • I'd contact your local dealer and say you've heard about the sale - they're likely to keep you in the loop.

          • +4

            @abuch47: I have driven plenty of Holdens. They've been trailing behind even the Koreans in quality for 20 years now.

            • @freakatronic: holden sells rebadged from all over the globe like all other car brands

              • +1

                @abuch47: Everything they rebadged is of similar garbage quality. Holden should never have had taxpayers propping it up. They were rubbish, to which I say good riddance.

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