[Unobtainable Deal] Holden Final Run Out Sale: Trax ~$13,000, Equinox ~$20,000 + More

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The Holden Trax city SUV is almost half price, with discounts ranging from $10,000 to $11,000, bringing this $23,990 model to the bargain price of about $13,000

The mid-size Holden Equinox is also a flat rate $10,750 off, or about a third off the price of the base model, bringing it from a bit over $30,000 drive-away to close to $20,000 drive-away.

The Holden Acadia seven-seat family SUV is between $11,500 and $17,000 off, between a quarter and one-third off the price of the car.

The cheapest discount is on the Holden Commodore – $7500 off – while the Astra hatch and sedan that were also discontinued last year have a flat rate of $8500 off to about $12,000 drive-away for the base models.

Additional Info (Thanks Techie4066):

Discounts on driveaway costs. All stock in remaining dealerships is expected to be depleted well before the end of 2020, with some dealers expecting to close by the end of financial year (June 30). Expected discounts from the start of March according to dealer bulletin (subject to change):

Holden Colorado (ute) - $13,000 to $17,500 off
Holden Trax (small SUV) - $10,000 to $11,000 off (down to ~$13,000 driveaway)
Holden Acadia (large seven seat SUV) - $11,500 to $17,00 off
Holden Commodore (liftback/tourer/sportwagon) - $7,500 off
Holden Astra (hatch/sedan) - $8,500 off (down to ~$12,000 base model driveaway)
Holden Equinox (medium SUV) - $10,750 off (down to ~$20,000 base model driveaway)

Opinions vary on these vehicles, but do jump on them if you have been in the market and are happy with what's available. Holden will provide servicing and spare parts for the next ten years (through a national aftersales network), ongoing call centre support, will issue recalls where necessary, and will honour existing warranties, guarantees and free scheduled servicing offers.

Mod: Article/bulletin lists the prices as drive away, but the pricing is not final and may be subject to change. As always, the deal may be removed (unobtainable) in the future, if it does not go ahead as (or close to) advertised/listed. Minor changes will be updated.

Mod: The deal become largely unobtainable. See comments. Moved to forums.

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  • +123

    It's a trap!

    • +2

      Thankfully we have solid product and services laws

      • +73

        Think you'd be getting blood from a stone with warranty issues in 4 years time

        • +22

          They'll have staff in Australia to fulfil warranty issues for the next 10 years.

          • +71

            @ngengerous: Bold claim cotton, lets see if it pays off …

              • +113

                @ngengerous: Eh, watch that change at literally any moment with no repercussions.

                • +1

                  @pharcyde: Any precedent for these claims or just something you feel in your bones?

                • @pharcyde: On another note, great usersname….how good are The pharcyde?!

              • +23

                @ngengerous: have they written that into contracts of people who have purchased cars? pass legislation in parliament that they will do this? or was it a comment in a new article?

                would you trust Holden after recent announcements and focus on profits?

                lets continue to service cars at low prices. making massive losses keeping these workers on our books….

              • +9

                @ngengerous: Just like how Holden guaranteed that Australian manufacturing would continue to 2021 in exchange for a few hundred million of our taxpayer dollars?

              • +1

                @ngengerous: What happened if they ("the remaining workers") reach retirement age or die ????

              • +1

                @ngengerous: I can only imagine the quality of those left behind in a dead end job .

            • +10

              @cypher67: I beg to differ.
              Happy Gilmore made a warranty claim in 4 years time no more than an hour ago.

            • +2

              @cypher67: Meh, when you're paying used car prices for a new car

          • +2

            @ngengerous: Doesn't mean you won't have to wait 6 months for the next run of that part you need to be manufactured.

            • +1


              Doesn't mean you won't have to wait 6 months for the next run of that part you need to be manufactured.

              Are Holden parts unique? I always thought a large number of parts are shared amongst different brands of cars under the GM umbrella (or other brands, if they're just rebadged).

              RHD trim pieces on the other hand… :)

              • @eug: Who knows, the stuff we made for them wasn't unique to them. Given however GM are dropping all RHD globally there's bound to be parts that won't be in regular production.

            • @apsilon: Nonsense. I buy lot's of car parts on eBay and I can get pretty much anything I want straight away, either sourced locally or internationally. There's a huge, huge market for car parts and accessories with plenty of suppliers.

              • @R4: So do I and some parts are simply unavailable even used and/or fetch a fortune the rare times they do come up. Once something is out of production and as time passes that's the way it goes. Add in something that wasn't a popular model to begin with and your timeframe becomes shorter.

                On the plus side a failure is far more likely to be electrical in nature these days so can often be worked around.

                It's also unrealistic to expect a non car person, ie the average driver, to want to be sourcing their own parts from somewhere in the world even if they knew what they wanted.

                • @apsilon: Sure, but all the cars I buy stuff for are maximum 10-12 years old and I've never had a problem. I get most of it internationally as Australia has limited availability and stupid prices.

          • +2

            @ngengerous: Hahaha, sure. Like how china agreed not to enslave hong kong for 50 years after handover.

          • -1

            @ngengerous: They will never fulfill it. They took the 400 million+ the government gave them to keep manufacturing in Australia and never returned it.

        • Plenty of stones in Australia, just not a Holden one.

    • With the Korean made models, are GM going to continue importing them under the Chevrolet name when the Holden branded products are all sold?

    • +1

      Can someone "broden" this deal ? Disclaimer: I don't work for any bank.

      • +2

        It isn't a BMW therefore not a high yield investment…(note: only relevant if you are a 21 year old graduate analyst)

  • +61

    You'd be dirty as if you'd just paid full price last week.

    • +98

      Just buy another and return the expensive one!

      • +31

        Ozbargainer big brain time

      • -2

        Can you return a car???

        • +13

          As long as you haven't worn them and have all the receipt and the original tags in tack. :o)

    • +9

      I bought an Astra Sedan LT for $19300 2 years ago and I thought I got a bargain.

      Well played GM, well played.

      • +1

        The Astra has really taken a bath on resale .

    • +15

      Surely noone was paying full price for Holden junk??

    • +5

      Credit Card Price Protection?

    • +23

      No-one bought anything last week. That's the problem :)

      • I really don't think this reply has had enough up votes, well played and Sir! 👍

  • +31

    I just brought 20 Trax as an investment 2 months ago..

    • +19

      Well that fits your username.

    • +45

      Where did you bring them?

    • +18

      what is it with aussies and mixing the word brought and bought?!

      • +4

        New game…Words Aussies mix up

        There Their

        Your turn now

        • +23

          You're turn know


        • +2

          and they're….

          • +8

            @8anddrank: ooh i like this game

            “I could care less” vs ”I couldn’t care less”

            Intergrated vs Integrated

        • +9

          This is a great game.

          Of and have.

          As in…"I could of pashed Shazza but Dave was right there".

          • +3

            @burndoggy: Break and brake.

            My breaks are broken. Give me a brake!

            • +3

              @lomie: Well played.

              A classic Aussie error comes from you and youse.

              As in…."Youse blokes are grouse…I love youse all."

            • @lomie: Bold vs bald

          • -1

            @burndoggy: and you knew Dave would of probably bashed her for pashin' ya too, just to finish the story the way Aussie blokes are sposed to bee-ave, roy't?

            And this way, none of youse can accuse the rest of being too PC either, yea nah…

        • -5

          That's racist and bigoted and discriminatory.

          • -1

            @brendanm: as are a large percentage of the Australian population, especially the older set.

        • irregardless

        • All of a sudden instead of suddenly. Why just use one word when you could use four…

        • For all intensive purposes instead of for all intents and purposes.

        • +1

          Should we class "expresso" as a word?

        • His instead of he's -

          "His a champion bloke"

          It sends me insane, I think it's becoming far more common too.

        • quiet instead of quite

        • +2

          Arks/Ask (pronunciation)

        • those hoons were driving so wrecklessly

        • Then

        • I’m literally dying right now,
          This is literally the best thing i’ve read!
          Like, this is literally the best think yoos have ever wrote on this sight.

      • It's creeping in, slow and steady.

        • No it's been around as long as I can remember so more than 30 years.

      • +7

        It's like people who say 'pacific' instead of 'specific'. Round them up and educate them by force.

      • +3

        They should of payed more attention at school.

        • +3

          That's unpossible

      • This is rediculous.

      • They are idiots and don't have attention to detail and our education system is quite poor. I've met teachers who don't know the past tense of buy….
        I've heard poms getting it wrong too though…

      • It’s a stable of ozbargain comments

    • It's a low yield investment compared to a BMW

  • +11

    These discounts are gigantic. $12,000 for a city SUV is immense.

    • +14

      Yeah 12k for a brand new Astra that's supposed to be quite a nice small car is hard to beat

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