$2 Medium Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate @ Hungry Jack's


Just got a notification about this.

$2 Medium Coffee is back at Hungry Jack's!
Cheapest drive through coffee you can get on the go.
Like last time, should also apply to tea and hot chocolate.

Personal recommendation: get a mocha or a hot chocolate. The rest can be a bit iffy.

"Get it while it's hot"

Not sure when expiry is, as notification didn't say.

Or can try and get a free one on the shake and win app.

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Hungry Jack's
Hungry Jack's



    Is it barista Made coffee or 7/11 style?

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      They do now have barista coffee in ACT, but it appears that you can't get the two dollar coffee with it :(. It is machine coffee unfortunately, so on the same level as 7-11


    Totally agree on the Mocha! ☺


    The coffee at hungry jack's is hot and zippy, yet the coffee at 7-11 is $2 forever and is mild hot(pour extra milk in til it fills the top and slapp a lid on, or get away from me and never talk to me again)and creamy well the way I make it anyways.

    (Oh and if you are that person in the corner stirring their cup til it looks like black coffee with cheap milk poured in get away from me)


      This may come as a surprise to you, but some people (like me) find their local HJ more convenient than 7/11.
      What may come as an even bigger surprise is that I actually prefer hot coffee rather than lukewarm.
      Also, ummm the machine at 7/11 fills up to the top without extra milk, presuming you are paying the correct size.


        It may come of a suprise to, that I only live only 500 metres from hungry jack's yet you live closer to 7-11, and my coffees always cheaper either way what store I choose, but if you make your coffee near me as suggested don't talk to me.


          yet you live closer to 7-11

          What makes you think you know where I live? That's incredibly creepy.

          It may come as a surprise to you there are more people on Ozbargain than you. If this deal isn't for you, move along.

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