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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 i5 8GB/128GB - Platinum (US Keyboard) - $1,399 Shipped @ TobyDeals (HK)


Looks like a great deal for the Surface laptop 3.

Has anyone ordered from "Tobydealsau" before? Just wondering about the estimated delivery time and whether this is a reliable place to make purchases.

Also not sure if the "US KEYBOARD" is the same as the usual keyboard we use in Australia

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    TobyDeals used to be known as eGlobal Digital, Hong Kong based business that's been around for a while. They underwent a change in branding and registered two new domains, TobyDeals and TecoBuy.

    My mobile phone order took 2 weeks to arrive, going by experience they tend to sell items not in their inventory so you're often left waiting for their supplier to supply goods before they even give you a working tracking number. So don't buy if you're in a hurry to receive your stuff.

    JB HIFI stocks this laptop for $100 more. mistook it for the Surface which is different.

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    Kinda sick of copy and pasting my old comments about TobyDeals but here goes

    Purchased twice with these guys and i've cancelled both orders after 10 business days and no responses or tracking.

    Dont fall it either…


    Whats the difference between US keyboard and what we have? Aren't we also using US keyboard?

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    Its a flip of a coin about getting with any speed and you would have problems if you ever needed warranty work.

    Have you used your Student discount on the Microsoft store? I think its 15%?
    I got this for 15' 20% off on Black Friday & a Sleeve thrown in (HN offered 20% so MS matched) and a discounted accidental damage


    Paid AU$1,453.64 but also got $110.87 from Shopback (currently 5.5% I think) $100 from AMEX and Tourist Tax Refund so actually paid $1,200.62


    Seems not really worth the chance of the seller probably being dodgy for just a smallish saving.
    You can get a better specced actual laptop all the time from say Lenovo for closer to $1k or even under.

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    Pretty sure this has been at $1297 a couple of times recently directly with Microsoft. I paid $1297 with my amex at the end of last year to get another $100 back at the time. I'm not sure this is considered a good deal


    I've bought a few things from them (a couple of cameras) and haven't had any problems. :-)


    Yeah I saw it cheaper from Microsoft directly a month or so ago, and next gen Ryzen laptops about to release should drop the laptop prices for all this older stuff .. these surface laptops are lovely though, I might get one if they release it with fast next gen Ryzen processors.

    I think it's hard to upgrade also, check if you can upgrade the SSD, the RAM you certainly won't be able to.


    purchased of tobydeals before. its a hk based grey seller. So your goods won't be protected in local warranty, so any issues will be shipped back to seller or international warranty. That said, if you're buying something you know won't break and you can wait around, go ahead. Personally i prefer Australian based sellers (when on sale) and target claim TRS if possible to bring its price as close to grey goods.


    How did you go?

    Did you see this sale from M/S - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/store/collections/MicrosoftS...

    I start at Western Sydney Monday and got myself an ASUS Duo

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