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$150 off Any Koala Mattress @ Koala


$150 off any Koala mattress

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  • Are these like Tempur mattresses?

    • All foam apparently. Unsure what the tempur mattress is.

      From what I have gathered, the mattress is hit and miss (mostly miss) loses shape after a few months.

      but their ugly bed frames are awesome. I've never tried either.

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      Tempur is a far superior memory foam than koala.
      tempur foam density is rated at 90kgs vs koala etc which is max 50kgs density (Max manufactured in Australia) but more likely 30-40
      Tempur being a higher density means it’s a much longer lasting product and manages heat a lot better. I

      Tempur also comes in three types. Firm, medium and soft like a regular mattress so you can get a type more suited than the one size fits all versions the bed a box foam ones give you. Tempur also comes in a range of thicknesses.

      Tempur is priced the way it is for a legitimate reason. I guess it’s also why they give you a 10 year warranty (new for old at any time of the foam looses more than 2cm of its height)

      Side note: sleeping duck, eco and koala are all made by sleepmaker under contract (including sleepmakers bed in a box which is also the same thing) or more specifically Dunlop Foams. So it’s comparing oranges with oranges when people say one is better than the other.

      (Just literally started learning about this stuff this past week)

      • Side note: sleeping duck, eco and koala are all made by sleepmaker under contract (including sleepmakers bed in a box which is also the same thing) or more specifically Dunlop Foams.

        Is this for real. Where did you read this?

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          As I said been learning this this past week.
          Sleepmaker makes a bed in a box, its made by Dunlop Foams, in their training material it shows they also manufacture Koala, Eco and Sleeping Duck

          • @jimbobaus: Very interesting!

            • @maruko: Further to this, Koala (not sure about the others) get their foam manufactured via Sleepmaker/Dunlop but the cover on the mattress and their other accessories such as the toppers that offer you if you want to send the bed back within the 120 days are from China

      • +1

        Amazing info. Thankyou.

        I had a Tempur and ended up going with another one.

        FWIW, I love my dunlopillow!

      • nice! will go straight to the source

      • Thanks for all your effort mate.

        It's too rare to get good info out of people these days rather than just meme shit or farming for votes.

    • yep as others said, nothing like tempur. Koala is not memory foam, just regular dunlop? foam

  • I've tried multiple different types of beds in a box including this one they're all pretty bad. The koala is super hard I guess it's personal preference at the end of the day so you may like it but it's not close to a tempur at all.

    • Have you tried Sleeping Duck?

  • Code was posted on this deal last year:

  • Koala products are a bit too expensive I think and the quality is not the best. I used the mattress at my friends place and it was ok. I bought the couch and its not the best built. I saw online before purchase that they used to be made with metal frame but now switched to Ikea like material. I think the company is cost cutting and providing subpar products for hi price. Just my opinion from personal experience. 120 day return is good for someone to try I guess.

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    I have these Koala mattress and I do not recommend it. It's sinking in after 2 years.

    • -2

      Depends on how fat you are.

      • Also how much you have sex in the one spot

  • If you don't mind guys, anyone will prefer me the good mattress for back please. I will be very thankful. I am reading reviews and comments everywhere and all have their own opinion.

    I just need affordable mattress but good for back.


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    Quite a shame when the focus of the GOV is promoting Manufacturing back to Australia after some realization (and fallout) from this pandemic and realization of Chinas aggression!

    Now Koala worth $500M are shifting manufacturing to CHINA ….Good luck. Hope you end up like that independent electric car maker who had his established manufacturing and operations all of a sudden taken over by the CCP with the disguise of a false charge of corruption that could put him behind bars.. He had to quickly fly back to the US for his own safety (just like the ABC reporters). Only this time all his Intellectual property and mega manuf had been stolen from him.

    effen wOw!!!!!

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