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Groupon: 15% Cashback @ ShopBack/Cashrewards (Stack with up to 30% off Sitewide @ Groupon)


A rare event - 15% cashback for both Shopback and Cashrewards.

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Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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    Code not on shopback yet

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    Are you really not a bot?

  • +8 votes

    Up to 30% is crap….5% on most accommodation

  • +3 votes

    The restaurants I've looked at are all 5% off too.

    Better off to hit the 10% off Sitewide coupons (+15% cashback), there was one earliet in the week.

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      Be careful. The terms say "Cashback may not be eligible if a coupon code is used that is not listed on this site."

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    Shopback: tracking speed: 2 days, claim time: 75 days. Has TRY10 (10%) + BRANDNEW listed in the promo codes
    Cashrewards: notification 1-7 days, estimated approval: 95 days. Does not have the TRY10 or BRANDNEW promo codes


    Correct me if I'm wrong ..

    But to get cashback via Shopback you can only use the offer provided by Shopback and not additional coupon codes on the retailers site.


    In 75 days - once the retailer (Groupon) has checked to see that the product purchased has not been returned - it then determines that the discount code you applied within Groupon now overrides the Shopback code - and rejects your Shopback cash back.

    It clearly states on Shopback that you can't double up on codes.

    It also says that the retailer has the final decision to accept or reject your Shopback claim.

    You also need to ensure cookies are on.

    Read the detail on Shopback or potentially risk having the claim rejected down the track.

    Welcome other views - thanks to all.


    I made a few purchase last night after midnight and made a table booking for today's evening dinner on groupon. Woke up this morning found an email said my booking has been "successfully cancelled" and my groupon account had been deleted and some purchase had been refund to my credit card…….


    I did 3 purchases, first one tracked. Other two didn’t even though they were all he same session in the app.


      Hope you made the other 2 purchases after going through the app each time. Cashrewards/Shopback only tracks one purchase at a time. You need to open a new session with them after each purchase.


      It appears to take sometime to track purchases other than 1st one.

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      Be sure to return to ShopBack and click through again after every purchase to ensure that all your cashback is tracked

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    I've read the T&Cs regarding 15% cash back on travel deals but there is no mention if they do I don't. I doubt you'd get 15% cash back for a travel deal, does anybody know ?

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    Yep 15% back from cashrewards on travel. TRY10 not working on groupon but offer 12% up to $20 as an alternative $20 was better than the 5% on groupon so averages about 23% back on my accommodation.

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    I am surprised 'Groupon' promotions are allowed here after they blatantly SPAM bomb email accounts and change users account settings so they can try and justify such poor conduct and activities.

    They have been warned numerous times in the past by ACMA and other Federal Govt. agencies about unsubscribing processes and bombardment and yet they bombarded me since the 04/02/2020 whilst also making unauthorized changes to my personal account settings and sent more than 38 emails within a 2 week period which only stopped after I sent a complaint demanding they desist.

    Their track record is utterly appalling:

    They have not changed and in fact they are worse as they "blatantly" changed my personal settings so they could try to deceive that I had somehow consented to having my email account bombarded with SPAM!

    UTTERLY disgraceful pack of idiots!


    I got 15% discount for a restaurant using UPTO30 so pretty happy with that.