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1-Year Free GoStudent & $20 off First Booking for Students @ GoGet


First Deal mercy, please. Come across this in Uni. Use the code with a student email to get a free year and 2 $10 vouchers.
Just signed up, $1 charged as test payment and got the year free. Used student email but didn't need to verify the email address during the sign-up.

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GoGet CarShare



    Interesting, kinda surprised they're ok with P platers without paying a premium.


      they have a $2500 excess and it takes $1.35 to reduce it to $300, I bet they recover the money from the excess reduce

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    Just checking out the website and this code popped up for free membership before 29 Feb: 2020FEB


    Thank OP for sharing?
    I'm a student at QLD. Can I get a car if I travel to Melbourne?


    what does this mean? Got a least car for full year free if you're student???


      Just free membership plus 2 x $10 vouchers for bookings



        Why it gives me a feeling that no birds remain cheaper than goget?


          Not sure about your area but go get is everywhere in stdney hence more convinent


          North lakes Yaris rates = $6.70/hr $76.00/day plus extra for reduced excess.

          I did read that they pay for the fuel. Not heard of No birds but then again I don't lease cars very often.

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            @mariaB: No birds was my first choice since the good old days as poor fresh graduate. But been a decade has not leasing any car except ute when moving around if needed.

            Checked and still charge around $25/day plus insure for unlimited kms drive. Fill up petrol used prior returning. It seems recently got hybrid model for $31/day (unlimited), can save some petrol cost too.

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