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Kogan 34" WQHD 21:9 Ultrawide 75Hz Monitor (3440x1440) $399 + Shipping ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Hey guys, I Randomly searched Dell monitors on google and got this amazing offer.
Seem to be a good specification except response time (6.9 ms) if you are not looking at a gaming monitor.
Flash sale ends at midnight.

Go and get it if you like!

Ultra-wide screen with immersive WQHD 3440 × 1440 resolution
Rapid 75Hz refresh rate with 6.9ms (OD) response time
VA Panel for superior contrast
Minimise eye fatigue
HDMI * 2, DP * 1, Auto out * 1
VESA mount compatible



Not sure if this works but seem we can get an extra $20 discount by using the ecode sent by Kogan.

See the links below for details:

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    Anyone have one of these who could comment on the quality?


      Not this one, but I looked into the curved 32" 3440x1440p and it was using a fantastic panel. Odds are these are a similar type of product where they pick up the panels from the manufacture because they fail the specs, say 144hz, but only make it to 100hz, or the batch has an issue. For QA/QC purposes they then dump the whole batch. Then along come Kogan or other similar companies and pickup the leftovers maybe down spec them or take more of a risk on the QA/QC and flog 'em off for cheap.

      I do strongly recommend looking into the specific panel but for the most part everything I've purchased from Kogan has been decent value — but I do my research and assume the name confers ZERO credibility, actually it's probably negative credibility because I'm going to research it knowing it's Kogan.

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    Better off waiting for the curved version that regularly goes on sale for $499


    From any review I've read a flat 34 ultrawide is not plesent to use

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      I've got a flat 34 and have no problem. Mine is one of the earlier AOC models - don't think it is a VA panel from memory.

      Easy to work and game on, though I hear curved has some benefits.

      Mine doubles as my TV / movie screen, and I sit a way back on the couch for that, so the flatness is a pro there.

      I will probably upgrade to a curved 120hz in the future, but for now I really think it's no issue.


      also it's 100hz


      I have the curved Kogan 34". The stand, buttons and OSD menu are all pretty rubbish, but the panel itself is great. It can be mounted to an arm, which is what I did straight away. It's 100hz and looks awesome once you dial in the settings.


    Here is another choice, 35 inches 2K curved display from Kogan but just 20 bucks cheaper. Sad.


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      1080p resolution on 35" would look horrible

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        Yes. Crosshair..


        The 35” at that width is probably equivalent to 27” at 16:9. So it’s not that bad.


          That's still [email protected]", it is that bad.


            @dotJaz: Not really. I have a 27 at 1080P and it’s great. Depends on the panel though. The 27 AOC with a VA panel wasn’t as good. The pixel pitch was worse. But the LG IPS is excellent.


    How about this one? Samsung 34" (LS34J550WQEXXY) 3440x1440 4ms WQHD LED DP HDMI VESA Monitor



    You really want the curved screen for a 34" VA panel, or you will see the colour distort across the width. A curve reduces this effect a lot.

    I have the 27" curved version of this screen and it's pretty nice, but the colour does change quite a bit depending on your viewing angle.


    What resolution would I need for music production? I don't think I'd ever game, basically just VSTs, Cubase etc

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    Anyone use curved at home and flat at work (or vice versa)? Does it get disorientating to switch between the two?

    Looking for a 34" UW to use at home, but I'm not 100% sold on curved screens. I use 2x24" at work, so while I assume I'll get used to the curved screen eventually, I'm worried I'll get annoyed using one or the other!

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      I use an X34 Predator at home and also 2x 24" at work. Definitely not disorienting - I don't even "notice" switching between the two, I guess I'm just used to it at this point.

      I much prefer the single 34" UW, not just because its higher res than the work screens (which are 1080p), but far easier on the eyes and more intuitive.

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        Can confirm, same experience here, I even work from home 1 day a week, and there is no issue with transitioning. To be fair though, the way my dual screen at work is set up, is almost simulating the curve anyway.

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      Same as @ozb1986, 2x 24" at work plus the Kogan 34" curved at home.

      The curve seems hugely noticeable for about a week, and then it kinda just disappears completely. Wasn't convinced either when I bought it, but it's grown on me… and I definitely prefer the UW for the increased pixel space. You WILL get annoyed with the two 24"s that shrink every time you use them!! lol

      THEN, you make the play for work/IT to upgrade monitors, and prove that a single $499 ultrawide is better $/pixel than two $250 42" 1080 monitors. Complain about colour saturation, or viewing angle, or intermittent flickering, and then offer to be a guinea pig for testing an ultrawide instead :D


      Cheers all! I reckon I'll jump on a curved 34" UW!


    Anyone buy one of these and care to comment if any good?