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TaoTronics BH060 ANC Headphones $67.49, BH077 TWS Wireless Earbuds $44.99, EP008 Wired ANC Earphones $34.99 w Free Post @ Amazon


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TaoTronics TT-BH060 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth 5.0 Fast Charge Headphones was $89.99 Now $67.49 with Code: HYY2W7KE

Music On, World Off: Improved Active Noise Cancellation will fully immerse you in your favourite tunes
Hi-Fi Sound & Captivating Bass: 40mm large-aperture drivers deliver riveting sound and thumping bass
New Hyper Speed Charge: Just 5 minutes of charging give you 2 hours of full sound
Listen for longer:30 hours playtime on a full charge
Bluetooth 5.0: Steady Bluetooth 5.0 connection streams music uninterrupted
Built-in cVc 6.0 microphone: Ensures crisp, clear calls without ambient noise
First Class Comfort: 90° rotatable ear cups, and pillow-soft protein cushions. Includes carrying case
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TaoTronics TT-BH077 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds Was $59.99 Now $44.99 with Code: RHV4PHT7

TWS Plus: With Role Switching Techniques, the master earbud can be switched freely on right or left earbud without any extra pairing
High Fidelity Sound: 6mm PEEK + PU high fidelity dynamic driver offers a truly natural, authentic high fidelity sound clearer than CD quality.
IPX7 Waterproof: High-level water-resistant makes the wireless earbuds resistant to sweat, water and rain.
Enough Charge to go: Last for over 5 hours’ playtime from a single charge with latest lower power consumption chip.
Plus Charge on-the-go: The compact charging case provides extra 15 hours playtime
Bluetooth 5. 0 Version: Bluetooth 5.0 provides fast and stable transmission within up to 15m/50ft without signal loss
You can check out the reviews on Amazon US & Amazon UK

TaoTronics TT-EP008 Wired Earphones with Active Noise Cancelling Was $45.99 Now $34.49 with Code: LYEPG3J3

Active Noise Cancelling: Reduce background sounds by up to 30dB
15 Hours of Continuous Audio: Enhanced and boosted with a 140mAh battery
In-ear comfort: With interchangeable ear-buds and hooks for convenience and comfort
Metal Construction: Crafted with machined aluminium alloy that reduces battery consumption;
Full Control: In-line control for volume adjustment, track selection, and play/pause functionality.
Check out 270+ reviews on Amazon US & 1,300+ Reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics stands behind their products with a bonus Free Extended Warranty which you activate by registering your product at www.TaoTronics.com

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    Can anyone who owns the bluetooth headphones tell me how decent they are?


      I rate the 60's for sound quality, but don't expect magic ANC, I don't think the 77's are much to write home about.


      I have the BH060 headphones and I love them. But take my opinion with a grain of salt because I'm no expert when it comes to audio gear, and I've never owned a pair of much more expensive headphones like Sony. Like the person before me says, the ANC isn't mind-blowing but it does cut down a little bit of noise from traffic etc.

      I don't regret buying the BH060 headphones at all. I've got so much value out of them.

    • +2 votes

      One of kids has the BH060s. He loves them. Generally he trashes tech, but these have lasted over 6mths. They aren't as good as my Bose QC 35IIs, but they're about a fifth of the price, so no surprises there. If you want a decent pair of bluetooth headphones these offer good value.

      This reviewed convinced me before I bought a pair https://youtu.be/FjcxdyDMh_k


      I have bought the BH-022, and own a Bose QC25, Otium NC1, and tried the Sony.
      This is my personal valutation oc cancellation for recurring noise like aircraft, oven, microwave fan, cat water bubbler
      Sony's NC is 95%
      Bose QC 80%
      HB-022 55%
      Otium NC1 30%


      I've tried the 60s and 46s and I find them both a little muddy in the lower mids. The battery life on them is great though.

      I haven't tried the Sony or Bose to compare against but I've since grabbed a pair of the Definitive Tech Symphony 1's and the sound quality between them at the TTs is night and day. I also like the fit better, as the cups are a bit bigger and sit over my ears more comfortably. The TT's (mainly the 60s) became quite uncomfortable after a little while.

      If you can find stock near you I think the extra spend is worthwhile in the end. (So far my only complaints are that the S1s don't report battery level over bluetooth like the TT's and they didn't do the switchover between phone and my android box seamlessly like the TT's (previous comment on this for context, though only tried once, have to try again). Nothing that's a dealbreaker.

      Check out JimsReviewRoom comparison of the 60s against the Sonys and Bose and have a flick through the comments on the previous posts of these headphones too.

  • +1 vote

    Looking for a cheap pair of NC headphones. How do the 60's compare to these headphones below ?


    • +1 vote

      I haven't tried those other ones, but I really don't think you'd be disappointed with the BH060, at least in terms of sound quality. I certainly wasn't. Unless you are after very good ANC, in which case I think you'll need to pay a lot more.


    Missed out from last deal. Bought this time. Hopefully it will help me sleep on my night flight to Japan coming up!

  • +1 vote

    Any deal on the BH07?


    Can we get a deal on the TT-BH046 ?


    46s please!!


      I did request a deal for the BH046s for this post but was told that they are low on stock.

      I will get a deal as soon as new stock arrives!

      • +1 vote

        Just noticed there will be a flash deal for BH046 on Amazon AU around 11AM today (26Feb) but not sure what the price will be. Would be great if OP can persuade them again for further discount. Thanks heaps!

  • +3 votes

    @op anything special for the bluetooth trasmitter/receiver?


    Whats better the 46's or the 60's? Mainly looking for comfort and sound quality (not too bothered by ANC.


    Just bought the BH060 for $89.99 a few days ago, they in transit now, anyone know if i can claim the diff back? And if so how?


    Can we expect any deals on the TT-BH079?


    anyone got the wired earbuds in the post and are they decent? i had some aliexpress spec $10 ones and they broke within 2 months.


    Coupon code for TT-BH060 not working. Any other coupon?

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