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Mirabella Genio Led ES/BC RGBW Bulbs, $21 Each at Woolworths


Appears smart bulbs are on special this week, a bit cheaper than the deal from Coles a couple of weeks ago.

(I assume it's part of their weekly specials, hence I put the end date for Tuesday next week)

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    $14 at my local woolies


    I got the tune able white one from kmart and they overall are more reliable than xiaomi lamps however like the xiaomi i have to reset them (in companion app as well as Google home) and resync them everytime i lose power.


      Oh my Yeelight/Xiaomi one doesn’t need resetting after losing power.


        Could be my crappy stock telstra modem router. When router loses power I need to remove from Xiaomi app and re add. 50% of the time or more I couldn’t even re- add it !


      As I understand, these are RGBW and not RGBW + Colour temperature. The Yeelight are the latter, at least the version 2 onwards. Also my Yeelight doesn't lose connection.

      It could be your router can't handle many IoT devices? One reason why I'm running AX88U and AC68U in AiMesh now.


    I saw these type of globes at ALDI (set of 3) $19.99, was $39.


    These work well, I managed to find 3 at the $1 price point when there was some form of price error.
    Interestingly once all that stock was gone and new stock was brought into the stores, the price went back to normal.

    I have also found that where you do not use the 'smart' features for a while, i.e. leave the light switch in the on state,
    they eventually lose their connection and you have to delete it and sync them again to the app etc.
    our hallway light did this and I synced it again last night, we usually just use the light switch to turn it on/off.
    Our entry light we use smart features and also sometimes the light switch, but occasionally when you use the light switch instead, it will go into sync state even though you have only turned it on, so have to turn it off then on to get out if that state.

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