Up to 15% off Entire Bisley Workwear Range @ Tradewear


Entire Bisley range, including the new 2020 drop is available on TradeWear at extremely competitive prices. They are offering a bundle and save option when buying:
2-3 units will save you 5%,
4-5 units will save you 10%
6-9 units will save you 12.5%
10+ units will save you 15%

The range is and quality is great, everything from casual to hi-vis. Flex and Move are the best sellers.

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Trade Wear



    Bisley have the most oddball sleeve cuffs on their lightweight shirt Ive ever seen (not sure about their other shirts)… reminds me of something from the 1700s. Id prefer Elevens summer cool (or whatever they call them) shirts to Bisley just for that alone.