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Samsung Galaxy S20 $699 Upfront on 12 Month $65/Month 60GB Telstra Contract @ JB Hi-Fi


Min. cost for plan is $780 + $699 device cost.
Saw it at the North Sydney store. Not sure if other stores are doing it.
Store rep said you can get the pre-order bonus.

Plan includes 60GB/month data.

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      it is getting much much better now, i was a long time Sony user. Now i like One UI 2.0 more than Xperia UI haha.

      • My biggest gripe is with the menu and middle buttons - they're reversed or something weird on Samsung UI right?

        • Im quite sure I remember reading that Samsung either has or will introduce functionality to allow users to customise those navigation soft buttons.

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            @Trishool: It's already there, you can choose the order in which the navigation buttons appear. Coming from a Pixel, I actually prefer One UI and that's saying a lot!

            • @evolution-flip: Ok I wasn't sure if they had already implemented it. I personally have a Nexus 6P and my wife has a Samsung Galaxy S9+ which I never touch so generally wont know what the new functionality is unless I've read about it.

          • @Trishool: Yeah you can reorder the bottom buttons. Have been able to since nougat

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          You can customise the soft buttons in settings. Personally I'm using the gesture navigation on my phone atm.

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            @Meory: You typed this comment with gesture navigation? Impressive!

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          They can be easily reversed (which I have done)

          One UI is great. I don't even use a custom launcher anymore.

          Updates are quick and frequent, too. S10 Feb security patches just got released.

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          Because it's not Google, you can customise it to however you like it. You can even hide them and have gestures or custom gestures etc.

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          S20 doesnt have a middle button anymore. Its pretty much a new phone from when you used a samsung 7 or 8 years ago.

        • You can also load a theme from the Samsung Store to look the same as Pixel/Vanilla Android. (on top of swapping the order in settings as others have said)

        • Not only can they be reversed (as others have said), since One UI 2.0, you get the same gesture nav setup that you get on the Pixels, so basically any gripes we had with TouchWiz are now completely gone.

      • +2

        loving One UI 2.0 on my note 9.

      • +1

        I went from a Pixel to a Samsung and back to a Pixel

        The Samsung just feels more gimmicky than functional

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          And laggy too!

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      I just use Nova Launcher on my Samsung and it makes it feel just like my old pixel, had no issues with it.

      • +1

        Same but then after every upgrade I felt it was the same phone. So switch back and forth to make it feel diff 😄

  • Does it come with the free Galaxy buds too , I assume yes as you mentioned the bonus offers .

    • Did they change so S20 is included too?

      • Why am I getting negged for asking a valid question? The Plus and Ultra were the only 2 eligible initially. Weird people on this site.

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          You can't say "people" as your negative balance was just -1.
          I've clicked "+" so it's at zero now - you can rest in peace my friend.

          • -1

            @galileo77: 9 negs between 2 comments, 1 asking a question. I look forward to this one being negged too.

            Ive got proof it didn't include the S20 originally.

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      Only the S20+ and the S20 Ultra receive the free buds. None of the base models receive it.

    • Im having issues claiming my buds because jb messed up and didn't register my pre order properly. I've tried with jb and they say there's nothing they can do even though its their fault. Any ideas?

      • If you've got evidence that it was their error, make a complaint. They sell the buds so maybe they should supply these to you.

  • +1

    Is the 5G version available for an extra charge?

    • Better ask the provider direct! Going thru a 3rd party will never save you anything. I am on the fence ready to dive to 5G.

  • Hey does that mean this has free buds ????? Might be a better deal then EPP with shiri battery pack

    • Yes. S20 just joined the free buds promotion. Redeem after you got the phone & receipt.

  • +3

    I was just in the barkly square store and this wasn't advertised there… would've jumped if it was for s20+

  • Is this all JBs or only North Sydney ?

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      I called up my local store in QLD and they're doing the deal

      • After calling 4 JBs in Sydney CBD, pitt st confirmed that they are doing it. I will be signing up later :)

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    Can be $699 + $390 if you cancel the Telstra contract

    • +2

      And sell the galaxy buds

      • +2

        I like your thinking

    • How can you cancel the contract? Isn't the minimum spend $1479?

      • -1

        Max cancellation is $390

        • +1

          You have to pay 1 month charges, so if you cancel, the deal will cost you $690 + $65 + $390 = $1,145

          • -2

            @usmanhafeez2000: Incorrect. You won’t have to pay the $65.
            $390 is the maximum you’ll pay. For breaking the plan on day 1.

            • -1

              @ilostnemo: Ahhhh ok. I thought 1 month is the minimum contract you have to pay as it is called month to month :)

          • @usmanhafeez2000: Whether u r correct or not I will let you know. I just signed up on Sunday to telstra jbhifi going to cancel tomorrow if I get the new sim from another provider.

            • @mooreshady: I did the same thing for the Pixel deal and only got charged $2 cause I have managed to cancel for free. They are not going to charge you for a month. They will only charge you for the amount you have used.

      • +4

        Cancellation is half of the contract, so the 12 months is $780/2 = $390

        • +1

          Ah I see!

    • would it be possible to drop down to 45 per month contract ?

      • +1

        If you ask nicely on Telstra chat you get all sorts of things… Sometimes nothing….

    • +5

      Thanks to this fella, we know that 6 sign-ups+cancellations gets you blacklisted :)

    • Is this legit? I remember something along the phrases of the discount being a "promotional cost Telstra covers" and if the contract is terminated, you've got $390 ETC + "the promotional amount including the value of included accessories Telstra was going to cover".

      Unsure if this still applies, but great deal if it doesn't.

      • I think that's more so if the phone is "free" with the contract.

        But you're paying upfront for the phone so you should be good to go.

  • Seems like this is further discounted from their normal deal:

  • -1

    Pay money to agree to pay more money.

    What a deal.

    • +10

      I'd love your plan where you get paid to receive a new phone and then regularly paid use it. Have you been smoking the zippyzappycracky?

  • +3

    Is this available for existing Telstra customers?

  • +5

    Deal is available at all JB stores. Saving of $650 applies to 128gb 4g S20 only. Buds are included. It's an outright variant, not telstra stock.

    If you want any other S20 variant, the regular $400 gift card applies if you join on the $65 Telstra sim plan.

    New Telstra customers/port ins only.

    • +2

      was looking for this

      New Telstra customers/port ins only.

      • Also, in case anyone is wondering, port ins excludes Boost/belong.


        Offer expiry is 5/3.

        • +1

          Any idea on how long you have to be on a non-telstra provider? I think i've heard in the past that it's 30 days.

          • @Captain-Danke: Yeah 30 days.
            Used to be only a day or not even but was changed.

        • What are the options at JB for existing Telstra customers? TBH I am not 100% wanting to stay with Telstra, I'm happy to change to Vodafone because their data roaming is actually functional compared to Telstra's 200mb/day limit. But either way, as an existing Telstra customer - and a network-agnostic one - can JB do this deal or something like it?

          • @barrybarrybarry: Defo no go if you're a Telstra customer.

          • @barrybarrybarry: My Telstra contract runs out on the 3rd so i'm going to port over to a cheap amaysim card and then try and get the plan. Probably won't be able to get it, but hey, worth a shot.

    • +1

      I'm almost certain there is no 4G variant for any of the S20 models, the ultra models have high band 5G multimeter wave capability, whereas the other models don't. All are 5G though

  • What kind of invoice would you get with this?

    Would full GST be shown for TRS Refund?

    • +2

      Based on the recent iPhone 7 deal, it will show you paid $699 however you do (cash, cc, gc) and the remainder is classified as a JB Gift card at time of purchase.
      So YES!

  • If I sign up as new customer, can I use this sim in a modem (nighthawk m1)?

  • +1

    Sadly only 4g model. Bit short sighted to buy a flagship that is only 4g considering the phone could easily last 3+ years of use.

    • +1

      4g isnt gonna be obselete…. 5gs real benefits would be for smart cars and the low latency, for basic mobile usage you can still function perfectly fine on a good 4g connection with Telstra (I often get 2-300mpbs)

    • Given the $65 plan only has free 5G until June 30 and then a $15 p/m charge for it, I don't think so.

      • That's so bizarre - isn't it free with Optus?

  • Are they still doing a giftcard deal for new port-ins?

    • Yes. $400 on the $65 Telstra sim plan.

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