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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB $59 + Delivery @ Core Electronics


This is the new ongoing price of the 2GB model, they’ve dropped it to the old price of the 1GB model. Core-electronics were quick on changing to the new price though.

I’d been undecided about buying a 1GB for a while now, attractive price but wasn’t sure if enough memory. Dilemma no more.

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    Oh damn, I just ordered the 1GB RAM model last week. Oh well, my mate's RetroPie system is already working so good! Very easy to set up!

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      If you ordered it from us, you would have had a free upgrade to a 2GB model ;)

      • Just checked the RAM now and can confirm I got the 2GB RAM model, thank you! :)

  • Anyone here clever enough to get on board the HardKernel MC1 sale?

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    Can this run N64 emulation smoothly?

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      Youtube search and on retropi forums. Runs better than 3, but emulation is rarely perfect

      • Cool i'll check that - my mate built me one ages ago (using Pi2) but just Super Nintendo emulation.

        I think i'll have a crack at it this time around.

    • Retropie will run it on a Pi3 ok if you tweak the settings however as the emulator reverse-engineered each game some run better than others. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12JtPecqKpCaU-3MawcVz...

      • it runs perfectly fine on a retro pi2 as well.

      • Cheers, this is handy

  • So has the 4GB got a new PCB to overcome the USB-C resistor issue, or just the 2GB version ?

    • Its not a issue if you use the official charger.

    • Aren't 2GB/4GB models the same PCB so it just depends on stock levels? There would be more work in producing two versions.

    • v1.2 fixed this, and that's all we sell.

  • Got my pi4 last Aug. Run as a NAS which attached 2 4TB WD Red in Seagate USB box. Very happy with it. But the wifi is not stable. In the first month when I set it up, wifi droped every 3-4days. I had to disable wifi and use wired ethernet and then it's solid like a rock.

  • I want to get a retropie setup going
    Is there a starter kit or pack etc I can do all in one?

  • Case, power supply (via USB cable) and micro SD card are enough to get it running, right?

    • Power supply isn't your average and HDMI is micro. Check your power supply rating.

      • So, the one from the same website should be good for power? I thought it could be powered via USB.

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          It is USB powered. This time, they switched to USB-C port. There is a slight twist however. USB-PD is not used, it only uses the standard 5V pins but on USB-C, it can go up to 3A.

          Some proper USB-C/USB-C PD cables won't work so funny enough the el cheapo ones have higher chance of working. You could still use USB-A to USB-C cable but you will probably be limited to 2.4A / 5V. It is enough to power it, but if you intend to use all ports and both HDMI ports, it may not be enough.

          Official charger is less fuss, but most people can get away with USB-A to USB-C cable and a cheap 2.4A 5V charger. There is no chance the USB-A to USB-C runs into cable compatibility issue because USB PD is not possible on such cable.

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    I hate you! I already have 2 Pi3’s and a Zero collecting dust and feel compelled to get me one of these as well……

  • All I’m looking to do with mine is run 2 home assistant add ons that allow home control functions 24/7. (Ie one is a wifi controlled catflap. Awesome product, incredibly frustrating support since they won’t integrate with google home or release API. But solution through HA).

    Would this model allow for that without overheating issues? And would a power supply straight off a USB port on my 240v powerboard & USB combo be enough?

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      The heating issue was fixed a while back through firmware upgrade. How much is the USB port on your power-board? 1A wont work but anything higher than (or may be even equal to) 2.1A would be OK IMHO.

      • Yep, it’s 2.1A. So I should be sweet? Got a generic cable, what else do I need other than the pie for this basic setup?

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          Nothing really if you are OK with setting it up without display/ over ssh. Otherwise you will need an hdmi adapter and a monitor of course. Also, I am guessing the cable is USB-A to USB-C.

          • @Sfh1975: Yep got the needed cable (generic one), have the hdmi mini adaptor, tv etc. so won’t need a case or cooling? It will live in the open tv cabinet.

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              @Tuttle: It won't. Even if it does, the CPU scales back till it gets to the optimal temp. You can set the temp before it scales back. But if you are really worried about it, get a cheap case with a fan. Actually a fan and a way to mount it. Or you can use a mini usb fan (if you have already one lying around) and blow air directly at the chip :) That's what I was doing when I first got it ;)

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    I want a deal on the 4GB model, surely with the margin on that one they can do a little better?

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      Just get 2

      • Yep I'll just glue them together :D

  • So does this mean that the 4GB version will fall by twice the amount?

  • cheaper at RS, $58.16 delivered
    except they're out of stock

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