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Apple AirPods 2 $188 + Delivery ($0 C&C*) @ The School Locker ($178.60 w/ Officeworks PB)


*C&C at selected universities in ACT, NSW, QLD, & VIC.

The School Locker seems to have the current lowest price for Apple AirPods 2 at $188, with free click and collect available in many areas ($7.98 delivery otherwise).

Numerous people have successfully price beat at Officeworks for $178.60.

Thank you to Ksavshs for their comment which alerted me to this deal.

Edit: Out of stock for online orders, but still showing availability at The School Locker Cambridge Park, ACU North Sydney Campus, La Trobe University City Campus and University of Wollongong Campus stores. See "Check store availability" on the product listing for up-to-date info. The "Out Of Stock" tag on the listing will probably make Price Beats difficult at Officeworks, despite the in-store availability.

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  • Perth CBD Officeworks did a price beat. Thanks!

  • Need deals for AirPods pro


    No option for delivery at checkout, only C&C?

    • Shows up for me at the third step of the checkout as the last Shipping Method option:


      🔘 Standard $7.98

      Note that there's a note at the bottom:

      Please note, only shipping methods applicable/with stock for your entire order are shown

      Maybe that's your issue?

      EDIT: As explained below, if you mistype either the suburb or postcode, or if they don't match up (including the state), then the effect is the same. Worse still, it's possible that the suburb/postcode/state combo you are entering isn't in their system, so delivery to your address becomes impossible!

    • When I gave a valid address in Melbourne as my billing address, I was able to see the delivery option, but not when I gave an address in "Testville". Interesting!

      • Not really that interesting. If the software can't determine the suburb to deliver to, it just omits the delivery option at the next step.

        To determine the suburb it is required that the Suburb, Postal Code, and State all match, and contain no typos!! (The street address is irrelevant.)

        There's no excuse for allowing free-form address entry and not immediately alerting that there's an issue before proceeding to the next step. (For that matter, there's no excuse for requiring free-form entry, period!)

        • There's no excuse for allowing free-form address entry and not immediately alerting that there's an issue before proceeding to the next step

          That's the interesting part to me. Unusual for something like that to fail so silently.

  • Just bought from Melbourne Elizabeth St store price beat guarantee applied

    • Same! They saw the website and mentioned someone had already shown that website before and it had already been given the OK! Must have you to thank

  • Bought 2, worked out fine. :)

  • Price matched but they calculate somehow to $179

    • ($188+$7.98)×.95=$186.18

      So the price beat excluded delivery.

      If you meant $179.00, then that is weird as it means that for some reason they entered $188.42 into the registers as well as excluding delivery.

      • Yeh werid i told the girl its 178.60 and she say they have a system where they enter the price and it gives them the discount shows $179.. didnt bother 40cents difference lol

  • price matched online $178.60. thanks. now I have 30 days to decide whether to keep it or return it

  • Already owning the pro but still grabbed one from Melbourne CBD for more comfortable use at home. Nice catch!

    • For those who’re in Melbourne try the OW QV store, they’ve done several price matches already.

      PS Why the thumbs down though…??

  • I have tried Officeworks south yarra they said that The School Locker dose not have same policy about the warranty, then i went to office works in South Melbourne they said that School Locker offers are only for students. Such a waste of time!

  • Officeworks in Frankston will not not price match as they state because ‘the website doesn’t easily display warranty it does not qualify for price match
    However Cranbourne was very easy and price matched straight away

    • I did pricematch over the phone u keep calling back if they dont and talk to another person, one person will match it n picup from store lol

  • i got this price matched last week, was very happy. a mate tried at a different officeworks store and was rejected. think its a bit of pot luck with officeworks.

  • These things are objectively poor for the price, just about everything else in the <>$200 price range is better.

    • What metric are you using to say they are objectively poor?

    • As an owner of Sony 1000xm2, a couple of sennhiesers, a few pioneer and Sony in ears, I have my fair share of varied and wonderful assortment of music makers. I still pull out airpods whenever I’m on the move. Few reasons for that.
      Convenience : pull out the pods and it just connects. Not repairing or mode switching.
      Call quality: airpods are the best amongst the lot. The Sony picks everyone except my voice when I’m outside for some reason.
      Range: airpods are class 1 bluetooth device ( 100m range) as opposed to class 3 on Sony (10m). Airpods can pull some range.

      A lot of reviews miss out these facts. I too poo pooed these till I got one of them. SQ is decent, but portability and convenience more than make up for it.

  • price matched at an officeworks in Brisbane this morning

  • Just got mine this morning at officeworks … $178.60

  • Price beat at Officeworks Maroochydore $178.60 no problems, cheers op

  • Thanks OP. Price beat at Officeworks Werribee $178.60

  • Thanks heaps OP. Got a pair as a gift! Price beat at Officeworks Liverpool $178.60

  • Thanks guy!

  • Cheers Lads. Went there at 7am and no dramas at Keysborough