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10% off or Free Delivery via Menulog App (Before 5PM)


Another option if you plan on ordering food today.

App only and 1 redemption / person.

UNWIND - Free Delivery thanks to imissbeans
METIME - $5 off thanks to bazingaa

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    Code UNWIND for free delivery today

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    I tried to order from three different restaurants. The first two timed out so I called the third restaurant after ordering. They said they shouldn't be on Menulog and have been wanting to be removed for a month. They said I could order from them on Uber Eats.

    Menulog sent out a $5 off but what's the point when it's such a waste of time ordering from restaurants that either shouldn't be on there or don't accept the order?

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      I've had 5-6 orders cancelled this week. Took 30 mins yesterday before order was cancelled - big waste of time. Uber eats far more reliable. Only tried menulog this week because of vouchers they had sent me


        I've had a similar experience and told them I would use Uber Eats instead. They ended up giving me a $10 "goodwill" voucher, but only after three or four live chat disconnects and two phone calls. During these free promo code events, I've figured out a few restaurants that never cancel the orders and just stick with them.

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    METIME = $5 off before 5pm

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    MYTIME for 15%


    thanks OP.used code METIME.


    Upvoted because free delivery works for kfc

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