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Hisense 65R8 65" R8 4K UHD SMART ULED TV $1258 + Shipping @ Appliance Central eBay


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Lowest price at the moment for this model.

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    its been under 1200 multiple times. 65R8 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518484

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      Yeah it has been. But this is the current best deal.

      • I also quickly read it as lowest price… then clicked.

    • Which one is “better”?

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        This Hisense 65R8 is of QLED panel and come with 3 years warranty. I bought this 2 weeks ago and it is great.

  • Unless the price is significantly lower than usual deals, time to consider waiting for 2020 models imo

  • 'Doesn't post to Tasmania'

  • Any idea when the 2020 models will be released?

    • +6

      Between now and December31st

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        Bold prediction

    • +2

      about 2 years delay because of Coronavirus.

    • Last time I asked at jb they said April / May. They also said they don’t discount superseded models. Not even cost price to get rid of old stock. Maybe someone explain that’s associated with jb.

  • Not sure whether to bite the bullet or wait until 2020 model's comes out.

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    I’d wait for 2020 models. Hdmi 2.1..gsync support are amongst the many benefits

  • Geez, $1000 more for the 75 inch model.

  • Got this last September, amazing picture.

  • 3 years warranty is a plus!

  • edge lit or full aray??

  • +1

    Awesome TV…

    con: the stand is rather cumbersome as it has a really wide foot print - you need really wide furniture to sit it on and the foot print is even wider for 75in etc… stupid design! - I prefer a center stand on TV's so that it fits TV furniture I already have.

    • I prefer a center stand on TV's so that it fits TV furniture I already have.

      Same here.

  • Why am I always getting "This code cant be applied to your order"? This has happened before too. PLUME15 ???

    • +1

      Did you initially create your eBay account from a different country and then moved the account over to AU or is your current country set to anything other than AU? If yes, contact the customer care over chat and they'll change it.

      • Great thanks, that could be it. I have had all sorts of issues on ebay regarding the first country I registered it with. Nice tip. Thanks mate

  • do you think good guys would beat the price?

    Edit: buying ebay plus to save $16 doesn't work with this tv. i still need to pay $65 to ship it to my house REE

  • For what its worth…I nearly had appliances online match the price of $1,116 just now…I used the recipt that a fellow poster put up on the other Hisense 65R8 thread….couldnt match it cause it didnt show the date…….oh so close : ) : )

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