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Samsung 970 EVO 1TB $268 + Shipping (or Free Click and Collect in Sydney Store) @ Online Computer


Just went and bought this, seems like a decent price for the 970 EVO.

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    Description says 960, title is correct the product is 970.


    If anyones looking for a decent ssd at a cheaper price the adata sx8200 pro is excellent and has great speeds very similar to the Samsung's


      Worth paying the extra few $ for the Samsung over the AData.

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        Samsung has read/write speeds of 3,500/2,500 MB/s
        Adata has read/write speeds of 3,500/2,500 MB/s

        I'm guessing you mean for the Samsung name?

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          No, I mean that Samsung control every step of the process (NAND,controller, everything) from design, manufacturing, sales, and service.

          AData on the hand buy NAND from wherever they can source it, RAM cache from another, controller from another, etc. and put it all together.

          Given most things being equal (which they're not in this case - once LSC cache is exhausted you see the difference in design), I'd pay a few more $ for the Samsung.

          Always be wary of simple advertised numbers as they're not reflective of overall performance.


          The SX8200 is good drive, but given you can get the 1TB 970 Evo cheaper after cashback, you'd be a fool not to choose it over the AData.



            @xuqi: Currently you can get it cheaper after cashback but the adata can be bought for under $200 on sale. Right now it isn't worth it to be honest but when on sale I'd argue it is.


            @xuqi: It appears that only the 970 Pro and 970 Evo Plus are included in the cashback list. Not sure if this model is included unless I'm overlooking something.


            @xuqi: I would disagree, for normal use cases especially for 1TB drives the chances that SLC cache runs out pretty much doesn't happen. The most important metric is speeds at QD1/QD4. The 8200SX uses a SM controller and that has better performance at lower QD, even better than the Phison E12. If you look at load times, the ADATA 8200SX consistently beats most other drives and in terms of performance for the average consumer, I would go with the ADATA even if it is 10 bucks more. Usually the ADATA is significantly cheaper, I got my S40G same thing except RGB for 168aud during Black Friday. You should still be able to get them around 230aud…

            Honestly except for the game bundles, I see no point in Samsung drives with all the alternatives.


          we call it cheap shit.


        These things confuse me. I'm still not sure I understand them. I think there are 2 types. NVMe M.2 and PCIe M.2. I tried putting 2 in my system with no luck and then discovered one slot would only accept a particular type. I think the ADATA one is a different type to this one and you might not be comparing apples to apples. If anyone more knowledgeable can shed some light on it I am sure it will confuse me further! :P

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          I think what you are trying to say is although they're called M.2 but there are different layouts for them. Most commonly seen on SSD is the 2280 config. Check your mother board before buying these.

          Have a look here:

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          I think there are 2 types. NVMe M.2 and PCIe M.2

          M.2 is the type of slot on the motherboard.

          Then you can plug SSDs with NVMe or SATA 3 interfaces into the M.2 slot.

          PCIe are another kind of slot on the motherboard, you plug your GPU into these.

          I think the ADATA one is a different type to this one

          It's the same.

          I tried putting 2 in my system with no luck and then discovered one slot would only accept a particular type.

          M.2 comes in different lengths, the length is denoted by numbers like m.2 2280. There are four or so different lengths. Larger lengths will not fit into smaller ones.

          M.2 drives are typically one of the smaller lengths, not sure if it's the smallest though.


            @Diji1: Here is the specs for my Gigabyte motherboard.

            1 x M.2 connector (Socket 3, M key, type 2242/2260/2280/22110 PCIe x4/x2 SSD support) (M2Q_32G)
            1 x M.2 connector (Socket 3, M key, type 2242/2260/2280 SATA and PCIe x4/x2 SSD support) (M2A_32G)

            I can't run 2 SATA M.2 devices (which is what I tried to do) as one of them ONLY supports PCIe. (Or am I reading it wrong?)

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              @glenn955: You’re right, the first m.2 connector is PCIe only, second one is SATA/PCIe. SATA m.2 drives are still hamstrung by the SATA interface, but PCIe NVMe drives generally cost more for the performance increase.


        mmm, maybe, once bitten by A_Data loss, twice shy.


      Silicon Power P34A80 is also a good candidate as well


    How about this one from Amazon
    Seem to be the same model with free shipping.


      Probably same seller?

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      Becare about the review:

      1.0 out of 5 stars Attention fraud!
      Reviewed in Germany on 3 November 2018
      Verified Purchase
      See photo. Samsung packaging and in there anything hand-glued/hand-soldered. It says Samsung again. But does not correspond to the image on the packaging and does not correspond to the image on the purchase. The glued connectors fit in elsewhere, just not in an M.2 slot.

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    Kingston A2000 1TB NVME is around $200, just put one in on the weekend.

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    You can get the newer Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB for $299 from the same store and receive $31 cashback from Samsung.
    That brings the final price down to $268.

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    Cashback seems to be for the 970 PRO and 970 EVO PLUS NVMe, but not for just the 970 EVO. The model number "MZ-V7E1T0BW" doesn't show up on the Cashback page.

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    Online Computer shows the Samsung cashback deal on the 970 EVO Plus but not the 970 EVO.

    Be wary about buying the OP deal and expecting a cashback.

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    Beware. This is not the Evo Plus. The Evo Plus is much faster, very similar to the Pro and is a fantastic value SSD. The normal Evo is not applicable for the Samsung Cashback either.


    Can this be used to upgrade my macbook pro 2014


    Tempted to get this before the prices rise…ssd are on the way up.


    Gamers won't notice the difference between the super fast Samsung 970 Evo Plus for $268 and the fast Crucial MX500 for $178. I'd recommend most people save the $90.

    https://www.onlinecomputer.com.au/118887 ($268 after cashback, mentioned above).

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AYextvB9l4 - Gaming loading times only shorter by ~1 second by going from SATA to NVME.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DKLA7w9eeA - LinusTechTips, people couldn't tell the difference between SATA, NVME and super fast NVME drives.

    In transferring data across SSDs, to get the full benefit of the speed of the Samsung 970 Evo, you are going to need a second fast NVME drive locally, or copying from a fast network source. You aren't downloading from the internet above 510MB/s, you cannot install from discs above 510MB/s, you can only read from HDD's at speeds below 180MB/s or SATA SSDs at 550MB/s. Some tools can benefit from NVME, but those users are probably already aware of their needs.

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      not everyone wants QLC without nand flash


        Crucial MX500 uses TLC NAND and has DRAM cache, but I'm not surprised you and other people haven't done the slightest bit of research. That is why I tried making it simple by supplying evidence of actual performance, but that didn't work, so next time I'll upload crayon drawings for you all.


      Not sure why you got negged for this? What's the advantage of a super fast drive unless you are doing 4k video editing or something that requires a fast drive?


      If you're buying a new M.2 SSD it's better to buy NVMe.
      No point in going out of your way to buy older slower technology.


        What benefit do you get for that $90 though? Significantly faster boot or software loading times? Not according to a large array of tests done, they show roughly 1-second improvement on most tests.

        Why doesn't every PC gamer buy a 2080Ti? A 2080Ti gives measurable benefits over a 2080 Super, yet people don't. An NVME isn't even offering benefits outside of benchmarks for most people. When buying a product, any product, you should be aiming to get good value for your money. NVME isn't offering that yet when compared to SATA SSDs.

        Star Citizen is the first game I'm aware of that requires an SSD at a minimum, it doesn't even noticeably benefit from NVME SSDs and that game was designed around streaming large amounts of data constantly.

        So I'd recommend, based on tests conducted, most people get a larger SATA SSDs over faster NVME drives. Otherwise, you might as well recommend this product over NVME:

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          Lol again you got negged! You're still technically correct though. The extra $90 won't really give you any noticeable gains. Doesn't matter whether it's newer or older technology.


    Can anyone recommend a quality enclosure for this drive?
    I've checked out several being sold online by popular electronics stores and their reviews were hit& miss.


    Would it be stupid to buy this SSD first before buying my new laptop?

    FYI, I'm waiting for the new MSI GS66 laptop which, I'd like to swap out the default SSD with the Samsung one.

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