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Romoss SW20 Pro Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 20000mAh Power Bank $27.43 Delivered @ Romoss via AliExpress ($23.70 Using App+Code)


Decent price for this power bank. Good device only downsides would be that you can't charge devices using the usb c port and output may be slow for some users.
Apparently shipped from Australia.

Use this for a further discounted price of $24.35 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/522025

Coming up even cheaper in the app - $17.42USD including tax and after the $2usd discount and conversion is around $23.70

Marked as expired but it looks like they still have other models available

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    Yeah, but when will it ship?

    • +1

      Since it shipped from within Australia, I would assume not too long.

    • +4

      The ad says it will be delivered by 4/4 or your money back. Aliexpress have been decent in my experience. No harm in trying if you can wait.

      • +1

        I confirmed with Romoss that it's AU stock. Just there isn't a large amount left.

  • +1
    • I've got the 30000, for some airlines you need to get approved beforehand or declare it check in.

    • Will they make it to Australia. Has anyone tried to have a power bank shipped from China.

  • Mine came up as AU $21.86 with the $2 US off

    • Might need to add GST?

      • Yep that was it

        • Actually, it may be cheaper in the app.

  • +1

    Also this one. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000028882196.html?spm=a2g0s...

    20000mah with Fast charging. I think it is cheaper on the app

    $29.89 Website inc GST
    $29.32 App inc GST

    can be cheaper with coupon

    • +1

      So how is this one better?

      • +2

        Looks to be smaller, lighter and newer design.

        • I can vouch for that model - purchased it with a $25 ebay voucher through flybuys and haven't regretted it since

          • @ozhaggler: Ordered this one for $27 just waiting for it now :)

  • Got $3.04 discount but then sucked by by tax. Still a good deal. Thanks OP!

  • My old Xiaomi 20000mAh's second and last good USB port developed a bad connection. The metal clippy thingies work fine but it seems that both ports have detached from inside. I can get each port to work if I lift the ports up in a particular direction. I don't know how watertight I can make it once I cut the brick open…

    Do you reckon I could get this under $30 quite easily in the near future if I skip it now?

    • +1

      Yes if you have amazon prime. For less than $24 you may as well get it.

      • Thanks. Oh well, Australian stock sold out :(

      • Asked recently but they don't plan to drop Powerbank price.

    • There is a tear down guide on youtube for various power banks.

      Sounds like the solders cracked around the pins, easy fix, biggest risk is front panel cracking as it is a little thin on the first version of the xiaomi 20000.

      Watertight, it's why we have the glory of silicon.

      • Thanks for the reply. I checked a few tear-downs which is why I freaked out about keeping it watertight. Most of them seemed to butcher the near impenetrable case (apparently due to the double sided tape making leverage difficult once you've knifed the edges open). The loose USB seems to be a common problem and I found a video with a most likely similar cause (as you said): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdnqNBamyWs

        With such deals I was hoping the waterproofing doesn't end up costing me nearly as much as a new power bank. I've had trouble having silicone stay in place with certain plastics but I imagine on a $5 budget I could try the cheapest superglue as a primer and then buy the cheapest white silicone?

      • After cutting myself at the first attempt using a knife to lift the cover, I think a risk of butchering it is the safest way. I slid a flat head screwdriver under the top cover from the back panel's edge so the front panel still looks pretty.

        It seems only 1 pin on each side had lost contact, so after soldering it's all working for now. Thanks again.

  • +1

    I had to check this usb c not charging claim myself.

    The unit I have charges fine via usb c to usb c.

    • +1

      my bad. Not sure how I got that wrong.

  • +1

    Grabbed several of these on the amazon deals.
    Skeptical at first.

    I only use the USB-C port, both for in and out! Works a treat!
    Digital display is superb.

    My old OG ZMI QB820 sits in the draw now.
    Was an amazing portable charger when it came out until it got banned for export haha.

  • cheaper option no longer available :( charging my chromebook with same powerbank right now :)

  • Got one myself last deal before this one…works really well. Money well spent I paid same price.

    • So no problems shipping a power bank from China to Australia. I didn't think the airline would accept it.

      • Nope bought mine a few days ago looks like it’s coming with fast way within Australia.

        • Yep Australia and mine already arrived

          • @spy: Same mine came on Monday.

            • @Doovik: Mine came pretty quick but it was only the plastic shrink wrap over the package.

  • The last ramoss powerbanks i bought stopped working properly after a month.. cheaply made plastic imho.

    • +2

      Ramoss eh? No wonder it stopped working.
      Try Romoss next time.

      • +1

        Yah romoss seems high quality.

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