This was posted 1 year 10 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dell Inspiron 14 7490 Intel i5-10210U, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD - $1094.16 Delivered @ Dell AU


Repeat deal from a few days ago from me at a lower price thanks to an additional code found by perthhunter

Use code SITEWIDE30 for 30% and stack code INSTANT8 on top to bring hte price from $1698 to $1094

9.5% cashback tracked at $94.49 so total of $999.67 after casback

Cancelled my previous order and re-ordered at this price.Link to original deal:

By far the best value ultrabook I could find.

I was originally looking at XPS 13’s when this caught my eye. Much better value. Review here also:

Additional versions with an i7 processor or / and graphics card also available. The integrated graphics suit my needs though.

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  • How did you cancel the order if you ordered at that time? Hadn't it already shipped? Mine has.

  • Mine hadn't shipped. Strange as I ordered before I posted the previous deal

  • +3

    Fantastic deal. If I didn't scoop up a great deal on a Latitude 7390 last year I would certainly buy this.

  • Is this chinese laptop better? seems to have better specs but im unsure

      • oh wow, this site is useful thankyou!

        • +1

          NP, I get that Intel's weird code names can be confusing.

    • +2

      Not really comparable. Processor on that thing would be miles behind. Don't know anything about their screen quality, build quality or support which i'd assume would all be less. Also heavier with a smaller screen and battery life much less.

      • ah awesome, i was looking for a laptop for uni so wasn't sure if it was a good deal or not, im a bit out of the loop with computer specs

    • +1

      TechTablets has done a review on this. It's a decent laptop for the price, just dont expect to be doing anything intensive on it because of the slower processor. For basic word and web browsing it should be fine. Also little to no warrantee so keep that in mind.

  • Nice deal. I envy those who need a laptop now.

  • Only lte option in stock. Rest have to wait up to 6 business days. Not good for those needing now.

  • +3

    Why no 16gb ram though? Seems pretty essential to me. Not sure this is really a good deal…

    • Don't think you'll find an UltraBook with 16GB at this price point? 512GB storage is more valuable to me than the 16GB

    • 8GB is more than enough with windows 10. 16GB is probably more for comfort with next version of windows but who know when/if that will come. This thing cant play games and is more for productivity work. Anything more than 8GB will see no benefit.

      For context, a similar Dell XPS 13 starts at 4GB ram. Dell knows full well what these ultrabooks are used for.

      • +13

        Absolutely not true, if you're doing any real multitasking with a few chrome tabs open you will definitely run out of 8gb ram, ram is not only used for games lmao. 4gb ram is ridiculous and even $300 phones have more than that now, also your statement is false anyway, DEll doesn't even sell a 4gb XPS13, and the new one only ships with 16gb. What a misinformed statement, 4gb might have sufficed in 2010.

      • +1

        4GB is a terrible excuse for RAM in 2020. Dell knows full well that they can gouge customers for wanting a tiny bit more. Can't blame them though, it's worked for Apple.

      • +1

        16GB is probably more for comfort with next version of windows but who know when/if that will come.

        Windows is now a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform for all intents and purposes, regardless of however Microsoft try to obfuscate that with marketing trickery, which means there will be no new monolithic version of Windows after Windows 10.

        Windows 10 is just a brand name now for an ever-evolving OS (read: permanent beta) that releases new builds in an 18 month life cycle (save for the Enterprise/LTSB/Education editions which have longer support periods). Most new builds don't introduce too many changes, such that Windows won't change much from one build to the next, but by the time half a dozen or so releases have gone by (currently there have been 9 builds of Windows 10 since release, including the most current, stable release: build 1909), the code base is sufficiently divergent to the point that in-place upgrades from say the Windows 10 of 2016 to the Windows 10 of 2020 start to become impossible and the differences between the builds become significant enough to be compared to the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8, for example.

        Office 365 is in the same boat, meaning there is no next version of Office after Office 365, but the code base will change drastically within the space of a few years, to effectively become the equivalent of a new standalone release of Microsoft Office. The difference with Office being that Microsoft still offer perpetual licences of Office for standalone editions that are released on a slower development cycle (e.g. Office 2013, 2016 and 2019), which will be more or less identical to Office 365's core applications upon release, but will miss out on new features added into 365 applications as time goes on and instead only receive security updates during their lifespan.

        • +1

          What you are saying is true. MS should just change name to Windows 365 to avoid version confusion, maybe they only do it if it sits in cloud and not on prem.

      • +2

        Not sure why you're getting negged, 8GB is about right, 16GB is overkill for a non-gaming system. More RAM also uses more power.

        Four GB isn't though.

        • Other than gaming, what are 16GB usually needed for? Data analysis? I'm looking for a lightweight laptop like this Dell but need it to manage multiple programs open at once without getting hot and loud. Would more than 8GB be necessary? Thanks

    • +2

      This version comes with 16GB RAM, an i7 CPU, 512GB SSD and a Geforce MX250 for $1544.96 not including the 9.5% ShopBack

    • +1

      Anyone know if this ram can be user upgraded or is it soldered down?

      I'm guessing the latter.

      EDIT: it's definitely the latter. The spec sheet says "integrated"

  • Is this Ok for editing video?

    • -1

      Graphics card might help for after effects but otherwise it's great.

    • Running premiere on the i5/mx250 version and it's better than what I was using before, which served me just fine for the past two years. I guess others who are more professional than I might need more grunt, but I give it a nod for editing.

    • +2

      Definitely not (unless you can get around throttling - unlikely but not unheard of).

      Basically mobile processors come with a whole lot of ways to throttle them: time at X% CPU use, battery drain rate, temps, many others. The system integrator (Dell in this case) sets what they want for the device.

      So typically you will be able to get 5 to 15 minutes worth of 100% performance, close … ish to desktop CPU, then you have a much slower CPU and you wait much longer for video encoding to complete.

      Also makes benchmarks pointless unless they test sustained performance.

  • I ordered xps13 2-in-1 i5-1035G1 8GB 256GB for $1444 on ebay store and been thinking about cancelling and get this one instead.

    Inspiron 14 7490 seems to be a bit bulkier but lighter. Soldiered RAM and SSD on 2 in 1 doesn't bother me much but at this price point, Inspiron seems very good value. Quite impressed with battery as well. Decision, Decision!

  • +3

    Thanks for the credit OP.
    FYI I bought one and Shopback notified me the cashback tracked at around 8.5% instead of the 4% I was expecting for an Inspiron. It might get revised down later.

    I bought an i5 model as apparently the i7 performance is not significantly better.

    • Credit where due. Tracked at 9.5 for me so they must have changed during the day.

      Didn’t go for the i7 for the same reason. I don’t think it’d be noticeable

  • This makes me a little sad - ordered i5/8gb/512gb/mx250/touchscreen for $1530 on Tuesday, received it yesterday. Could have saved $120!

    The laptop is very nice though.

    • You can return for refund within 15 days as long as you have everything at basically untouched condition

      • It says on Dell website that there is up to a 15% restocking fee. Do they actually charge that or is it just to spook you into keeping it?

        • When I called to cancel the order they mention 15% restock fee is for business uses only, personal use shouldn't have the restock fee

  • 1.1kg sweet!

  • Amy chance this can get delivered before March 15?
    Have an overseas trip then, would claim GST!

    • I’d ring before ordering. I’d think it’d be tight

  • Cashback tracked at $94.49

  • -3

    Pff, 8gb of Ram in 2020, no thanks

  • Is 8GB enough to run Adobe LR & PS without any noticeable problems?

    Travelling OS in 4 weeks time so I'm not sure whether to pull the trigger now or wait for something else in the next month.

    • +1

      Should be fine if it’s light enough usage of them. If you were using them gor work i’d say 16GB would be recommended. Good article here:

    • +2

      Im in a similar situation; looking for an Ultrabook with PS capabilities. Initally was going for Zenbook Duo i7, JB Hi-Fi 2 weeks ago had it from 2299 down to 1879. Passed on it cause I'll probably wait for EoFY. This 14" Inspiron i7 is very tempting as it comes with 100%sRGB. the 16GB model is 1544, so definitely better off with the 8GB model for value, as long as your editing settings are set to optimise performance (low ram, jpeg previews etc). But ideally much rather 16>8 for photoshop. If i recall, depends on which version of LR/PS you use, I know MacOS have PS crashing with insufficient RAM. I've moved to Affinity for now and haven't had issues related to memory crashes.

      edit: downside of Ultrabooks is the soldered memory. So you'll need to decide at the time to go for the memory preference you want. Can't add ram sticks like the old days.

      • Glad I'm not the only one in this situation.

        I tend to do most of my LR & PS work on my desktop which is more than capable. I do travel quite a bit so would like something that I could do some editing whilst on the go. 8GB should suffice (I think)!

        • +1

          Lightroom with 8gb is painful. Do yourself a favour and get something with at least 16gb, ideally 32gb if you want to edit regularly on your laptop

          • @qvinto: spot on! I have a surface book with 8gb RAM and it is awful when trying to run Lightroom. It has got to a point where I cant stand to edit photos anymore!
            Im thinking of maybe a Dell XPS with an i7-9750H for about $2500+ is current promo or an ACER NITRO for about $1700. I'd be interested to know what you use?

            • @colspooners: Funny, i have a Surface book 2 15, with 16gb and lightroom is still crap on that. I was going to get a 32gb system but got an IPad Pro 11" instead and use lightroom mobile. It is very fast and pleasant to use. Has some limits of course but does the job

              I am waiting for the surface book 3 which will hopefully have 32gb ram.

              I had two Dell xps 15's and they were both buggy pieces of crap which needed lost of service. Never buying a Dell again

  • +1

    5epp stack as well for education discount, so ~$1040 pre cashback

    • +3

      That might nullify any Shopback cashback though

  • +1

    Thank you OP for updating this deal. I had been procrastinating since the first post, and after this additional discount I've bit the bullet and ordered it.

    Looking forward to receiving it. I hope the battery is as good as advertised.

  • Any idea how this is for league of legends and some basic games like civ? I work graveyards at work and needed something half decent to pass the time so stuff like battery life and bulkiness do not affect me much.

  • Very good price for this specs. But what is the quality control for Inspiron series?

  • +1

    Thanks op bought one

  • Hi, can someone kindly guide me how to place the order in order to avoid missing the shopback or cash back sort of things? Thanks.

  • Ok this or one from the previous x360 spectre deals?

    I'd be happy with i5 rather than i7.

    The spectre has more storage, I won't need it. It does however have 16gb RAM and 32gb optane. Also close to $800 more expensive and I'm worried about the build quality…

    Doesnt need it to be 2 in 1.

    I like the idea of 14in screen in 13in chassis.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Hi,
    I am looking for a 15" Dell and this one looks like a bargain. Is their anything I am missing?

    Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 Laptop Silver Edition

    It comes down to $1158 without cashback. Has anyone else considered this?

  • still active- 4 more hours to expire

  • +1

    Received yesterday. Very happy with it so far. Build quality isn't far off an XPS 14 I had previously. Only niggle is that i wish they made the keys black as it can be hard to make out the keys. Fingerprint reader for logging on is also inconsistent

  • Mine looked used and had a bit of damage on the lid. Trying to get a swap

  • Anyone else have their delayed at customs? Mine still says in transit to local facility.

    • +1

      Mine had that as the status until the day it arrived last Wednesday.

      • Good to know. Fingers crossed I get it soon. Stuck at home with no computer right now…

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