expired MyMemory UK - Portable X-Mini Speaker (Today Only) $18AUD Delivered


mini portable speaker only $18Aud, looks like close to $40 here locally




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    Seems like these are the X Mini version 1

    Bought 2 of the X Mini V2 a few months ago for $25 on this site as well
    only difference is the BuddyJack

    but for $18, this is very cheap, and also better than the Moshi BassBurger, however it is also a bit bigger

    Oh yeah, be surprised by the volume of this, for something this size, it can be VERY loud and the cool thing about is that if you have a song with heaps of bass(e.g. Dubstep) it will 'bounce' which looks cool!

    @ OP, the cnet link is the version 2 of this


    how long is the delivery to australia usually?

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    In my case 9-10 working days, but other users have reported around 5-6 working days. MyMemory have always dispatched on the same day in my experience.


    For ~$10 more you can get the v2 too.


    the cheapest on *bay is around $30 for v2