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2x Wild Yak 24 Bottle Cartons $30 @ First Choice Liquor


Greetings everyone, haven't got a clue why this works but if you add 2 cartons of Wild Yak to cart on First Choice the price drops to $30 :)

Adding more than 2 seems to make all cases $15 each.

Direct link seems to be adding an error now, try and add to cart from the new link.

As always, enjoy!

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor

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  • +5

    oh no…here we go!

    • Friday night special!

  • +4

    No stock in SA

  • +3

    Struck gold there mate!

  • +3

    Thats a steal.
    Great find OP.
    Even 1 carton for $30 is a great price

    • I added two cartons and the total price was $30!

      Let's see if they honour it tomorrow morning.

  • -3

    When you go to actually check out, the total comes to the correct price = $106

    • No, I got confirmation of 2x cartons delivered for $36.95 total ($6.95 shipping).

      Whether it gets cancelled or not is another question, but it absolutely processes payment at $30 for two cartons.

      • Don’t accept refund. Always ask for alternative case if out of stock ;-)

  • …i cant be arsed driving to fountain gate though :P

  • ty op,
    picked some up

    • …in 7 minutes? yeh ok

      • +5

        I live next door

        • ..enjoy the cheap beer then…nearest store for me is 15km away :P

  • Finger crossed!

  • +1

    ty, grabbed for pickup

  • Don't forget the 3% cashback!
    Obviously they've accidentally added 2 FOR $30 | MIX & MATCH on the carton

    Bought 4 for delivery, I'm expecting a refund though :P

    Make sure you screen shot!

    • ..yeh not sure im up for a refund purchase tonight. doesnt seem likely theyll honour cases for for less than 6x pack pricing :D

  • +5

    They're doing a "2 for $30" promo on a few of the craft beer 4/6 packs .. Guess someone got it a bit wrong!

    • Yak ain't craft though?

  • i got error message when loading the payment but got order confirmation email.

    hopefully they will honor it

  • Won’t let me add more than 1 on the cart. Can someone else confirm it’s still working?

    • +2

      still working in QLD

      • +1

        VIC apparently says it’s out of stock. Think they are catching on to this error.

  • Says out of stock in Victoria now

    • +2

      I had that just come up but some how it let me arrange pickup from Burwood store. I guess we'll find out tomorrow when they open!

      • +1

        Same but for Ringwood

  • +8

    If anyone wants this deal you better go to the shop now before Head office finds out. i know from past experience

    • +4

      Hah, I would except those pesky beers and red wines already got to me! :/

      • +1

        Yeah same but im not even going to try.. too much hassle

  • +2

    Got some in a previous deal, kind of gross and tasteless, fat yak is better

    • Most beers taste better extra cold, and it will given your new acquired taste ( except megaswill/coopers).

      • +2

        Most beers taste better at warmer temperatures. Cold temps literally mask flavour compounds.

        The only beer that should be drank ice cold is if you've got no option other than macro garbage.

  • +1

    Just do the click and collect for the hassle. If you decide it not to get it just dont go to collect it. You will get full refund.

  • Managed to check out with 2x cartons for C&C, but it doesn't actually say cartons in the email receipt. Also clicking on the link in the receipt and it takes me to the listing on the Liquorland website haha.

    • Yeah I think we will be right with them if we screenshot the listing page, I think they will wise up and a) honour it or b) refund us, but listing is definitely for 24 count

      • I've taken a screenshot of the listing as well, but even in your cart it doesn't say '2 cartons' or anything like that. Will wait and see if I get the pickup text!

    • +1

      And that LL site the receipt links to shows the 24 bottle carton (@$58)
      Payment receipts on PayPal in my orders show LL rather than FC.

      • I checked an old order from FC from years ago and paid through Paypal was through LL as well, but just very weird it links to their website rather than FC's own listing.

        Also my other receipt had on it how many I'd ordered (was the 10 pack of 150 Lashes for $13) and it listed it as "James Squire 150 Lashes Can 330mL (10 pack)". The receipt now says nothing about what I've actually ordered apart from it being 2 of them, will be interesting to see if I get the text to collect them tonight.

        • It depends what they've entered on their system. That's what it reports on the order.

          On the ShopBack 25% cashback Deal days ago, FC listed 330ml bottles of Asahi as product of Japan. Others got excited, but I checked. It is from China!

          • -4

            @the INFIDEL: Asahi is garbage no matter where it's made.

            • +1

              @Draupnir: I drink it regularly (especially in Japan) & know that's not correct!

              Besides the discussion was about incorrect descriptions on FC system, not the beer!

          • @the INFIDEL:

            It depends what they've entered on their system. That's what it reports on the order.

            Yeah, all I mean is there isn't much point taking screenshots when nothing apart from the actual product page says $50 for a carton and doubtful they'll believe from the receipt that it's then 2x cartons for $30.

            They've got about 10 mins left before I'm meant to have my text saying it's ready to collect as they say C&C will be within 60 mins when the store is open.

            • @Porthos: My store is now closed, so will see in the morning.

              Have cartons of Hoegaarden Beer (24 x 330mL Bottles) for between $10-30 delivered by Kogan last week, so no great loss if cancelled.

      • Same here. Is FC same as LL? Got a weird vibe about this mismatch as well as the fact that in the email receipt doesn't really show it's for a 24 carton or just 1 bottle.

        • +1

          It's all part of Coles Liquor.
          Link shows it's an order of cartons of 24.

          Flybuys offers often alternate between the 2 stores. Current FC offer is 1000 pts for $30 - perfect for this Deal!

        • +1

          They're both owned by Coles Group. As I said the last C&C I did with them the Paypal was through LL, but just strange the product linking to the LL website as well.

  • Ordered but expecting a refund.

  • Ordered 3 cartons from Glendale, but it said there was an issue.

    • +1

      I ordered another 2, assuming they only had 2 cases. No errors. Op, if i get 5 cases at this price, i'll send you a roll of toiletpaper. ;)

      • I've ordered 4 from Glendale! Haha

  • +1

    Got it, $15 a case Has to be a record. Finger crossed!

  • Ordered 2.

  • +1

    Doweyy Special. Cracker deal

  • Ordered 2 cartons and about 10min later got a sms saying it’s ready for pickup

    Hmmmmm wondering if this is gonna work or not

    • +1

      Go find out!

      • +2

        I will tomorrow

  • Worked. NSW. Far out. Where did you find this?

  • +1

    What a bargain! Ordered. Cheers OP

  • Thank you!

  • +1

    Trying to add more units of product ID 2821697 in VIC than are available in stock.

    getting this now

    • +1

      I got that but just sort of pushed through and it let me place the order.

  • ordered VIC, havent got pickup sms cos shop is probably closed

    now the waiting game

  • Gotta pickup an order there tomorrow anyway, i'll bite just to see their face when i rock up. Expecting refund.

  • -1

    No longer in stock for Qld its saying for me.

    • +3

      Pick your store; try again.

      • Thanks. Worked.

  • +2

    Got two at Wollongong. Best deal ever. Now, let's see if they stop the pick-up.

    • +1

      Also ordered two cases via click and collect at Wollongong store. Pick up tomorrow will be interesting…

      • Let me know how you go. I'm planning to Pick-up on Wednesday.

    • Nope, didn't get them. "The store won't be honouring the mistake, please call click and collect". Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

  • Worked in VIC, ordered two cartons. Thanks

  • Sweet.. thanks OP

  • Its prob a price error and ill get a refund but i gave it ago

  • Order went through with delivery, paid by Paypal with AMEX deal Spend $20 or more, get $5 back. Gold!

  • Just worked for me. WA, pickup Bentley

  • andddd gone

    edit: i fib - worked for cnc

  • Top work.

  • +1

    Just worked in QLD for me. Outstanding post!

  • …aaaaaand dead:

    Removed product ID 2821697 in QLD as it is no longer in stock.

    • We missed it by 2 minutes :////

      • Ok so I changed it to c&c and it went through.

        • Onya mate

  • 3 cases ordered for delivery of $56.95. Either I'll score some cheap beers, or some kind of cancellation voucher. Delivery only, pick up reverted to standard price.

    Also had a deal for 2000 bonus Flybuys points, plus cashback.

    • +3

      There's every chance you'll get a refund with no compensation.

  • Ordered 3 in VIC for pick up $45 hopefully tomorrow I get the sms

  • +1

    Ozbargained. They even had a captcha due to high traffic to their website. lol

  • Does anyone else's receipt say "Matilda Bay Wild Yak Pacific Ale bottle 345ml"?

    Did I just pay $15/bottle :(

    • Yeah just stupid working on their part

    • Discussed before. Click on the link & it shows the carton of 24.

  • Manage to order 2 with click and collect, none in Vic via delivery. Now the waiting game to see if it's honored.

  • +2

    Got Hoegaarden Beer 24 x 330mL Bottles for $10 delivered last week (stuff up by Kogan), now this Deal🍺

    • How did I miss that

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