expired $139 Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR MP3040 with 1TB HDD Build-in +$15 shipping


Easy to use and full of functionality, the MediaStation HD DVR is the ultimate home multimedia player and recorder.
No wireless function for this model


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    If this supported 1080p output I would jump on it, but 1080i only kills it as a media player for me.

    I realise this is probably a cut and paste from Verbatim, but 1080i is not full HD.

    Deliver full high definition

    Get the best out of your new HD TV! The MediaStation HD DVR can playback high definition movies (1080i resolution), HD JPEG photos and up-scale standard defi nition movies to 1080i


      yeah,not support 1080P…its good DVR,but not that good as media player.


    Didn't know Verbatim did anything other than discs.

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    This unit does not review well.
    Known issues
    * No 1080P
    * Poor x264 support
    * NTSC only support for video in
    Verdict: I will avoid like Herpies


      totally agree here, got one, does more files and has dual tuner, amazing value the MP-310DT, you can record 2 hd tv channels in the background and play a media file all at the same time!


      this price is include 1TB hdd.


    plugging in lappy to TV works for me.


      your lappy has a built in pvr feature or usb tv tuner & has 1TB of space?


        we were talking bout playback.

        out of interest what quality does it record in


          You didnt reply to anyone, so how could anyone know?


    could you please tell me what's the differences between these model with the Verbatim @ similar pricing?


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