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Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse $15 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman (Online)


Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse $15.00 (Was $68.00)
Featuring an ergonomic design and optimum control at your fingertips, the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse allows you to do more, faster. Designed compact, you can easily bring it with you on the go for uncompromised productivity.

Stock available as at 10 March 2020:
NSW - Maitland, Ballina, Albury, Lismore, Nowra, Moree, Lake Haven, Port Macquarie
NT - Darwin (Incl Joyce Mayne)
Qld - Townsville, Mt Isa, DM Bundall, Capalaba, Toowoomba, Chancellor Park, Maroochydore, Gladstone, Noosa
SA - Marion - Mt Barker
TAS- Moonah, Devoport, Hobart
VIC - Bendigo, Tralralgon, Geelong, Warnambool, Mildura, Ballarat
WA - Osbourne Park, Joondalup, Midland, Karratha, Port Hedland, Armadale, Bunbury, Albany.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • The good old "Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo" is on special for $19 and available at OW too.

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      $16 at JB HiFi. Price beat at OW to get it for $15.20

    • I know this mouse doesn't have as many buttons and functions as the M510 but it might help someone out that doesn't need the extra functions, needs a keyboard as well or just wants the universal receiver.

      • +1

        And they chew through batteries like a SMG.

        • I've had mine for over three years. I just had to change the battery in the keyboard for the first time a few weeks ago. I've never had to change the battery in the mouse. They're both connected to a miniPC in the lounge room that is always on. Keyboard honestly doesn't get used very often but mouse gets used all the time. So I wouldn't say that they chew through batteries. Maybe you're just buying the wrong sort of battery.

          • @RickyJ: Nope. Varta, Duracell, anything decent.
            My experience was 5 years ago. But shaped my habits forever… Cheap costs more.

  • perfect timing. thankyou

  • +1

    Just got a order delay notice this morning from HN
    Surprise that its not OOS yet
    There must be lots of stock I guess?

    • I also got an order delay notice just now. i don't mind waiting if I know I'll eventually get it but if they hold on to my money for 2 weeks then cancel I'm going to be irritated.

    • +1

      Same. I ordered 10 minutes after deal was posted..

  • +3

    No stock in my area so save me $15.

  • +1

    Will sit in draw till needed… Then I probably will never find it. Still got 1, in true OB fashion.

  • Just got ready for collection email, thanks OP.

  • Bargain! Thanks for the tip-off. Got 5.

  • Got one C&C at a store with stock "Coming soon" as theres one across the road from my office. It was either that, leaving early to C&C at another store, or paying $7.95 shipping. I OZB'ed it for the cheapest and laziest option.

  • Ordered, thanks.

  • Thanks, purchased 2 for delivery

  • Could I get a friend to pick it up for me? Do they allow it?

  • Thanks OP who must not be named. Picked up 2: 1 for work and 1 for home.

  • +1

    Doesnt seem to be any left in Melb. You guys work fast

    • +2

      Now there is a 1 pack limit on toilet paper there is much more time to panic buy everything else.

  • None around Sydney CBD either.
    $7.95 delivery is too much for this deal

  • If anyone's curious, Logitech doesn't show the M510 when you use the Aussie store (en-au) but the US store (en-us) lists them. So there's some hope these orders might get fulfilled.

  • +2

    Just got a call from them saying out of stock Vic metro wide and refunded my money. There is stock regionally apparently.. or so I was told anyway.

    • +2

      It isn't normal times, excessive demand for mice.

    • +1

      Yeah i checked online, no stock in 8 metro stores. Devo :`(

    • Same

    • Just called Castle Hill store. They claim they are on backorder and will come in, but couldn't give me an ETA.

      I decided to leave it as is for now in case that is actually correct. I'm not that hopefully. I won't forget to call back in a couple of weeks for a refund if they don't come.

  • Didn't need, got 2, the ozbargain way.

  • picked mine up today, my mouse was having its sides peeling off any way

    very smooth and nice to use, a bit heavy, but I like it!

  • This definitely got OzBargained… I just got a call from my requested click n collect store, asking me if its ok if they refund me; because they have no stock, none on order, and "all stores have about negative 40 stock at the moment"… haha.

  • +2

    Got a call from Nunawading. They said they had 15 in stock but 70 online orders. Even though I was one of the first to order, they randomly allocated stock and I missed out. They claim their online stock counter is not accurate.
    Pathetic really.

    • +1

      That is really shabby. They should fulfil orders based on purchase order.

      • -1

        bad service, shoulda been first serve

    • How do you know exactly what time others ordered?

  • Being a true ozbargainer purchased 3 of the 4 on shelf from the West Gosford NSW store this afternoon.

    Online still showing stock for:
    Albury NSW
    Bathurst NSW
    Broken Hill NSW
    Forster NSW
    Lake Haven NSW
    Lithgow NSW
    Maitland (Newcastle) NSW
    Mudgee NSW
    Orange NSW
    Port Macquarie NSW
    Wagga Wagga NSW
    Wangaratta VIC
    West Gosford NSW

    Seems only regional areas still have stock. Although best to call to confirm availability.

  • my logitech keyboard(k235) doesn't has on-off button, and i can't get it paired with the usb. Anyone know how to get my keyboard paired?

    • Take the battery out then put it back in (off/on)

      • tried that but still can't detect

  • thanks OP

  • Got my collection email thanks op

  • Picked my order of 2 x mice today.

    The packaging had a price sticker of $68 (O'Reilly ???)

    The store had a box of 100 units and all have been accounted for.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • It's actually being sold for $68 in store right now. I checked it when I went to pick up my online order.

  • The best mouse

  • +2

    Got mine today.

    I found the middle button so stiff and noisy in both clicking and scrolling.

    The advantage of this mouse is the normal size (heavier than my formal mouse) and side button to customize.

    I definitely would return it if I buy this at the original price of $68 posted at HN.

    But thanks for sharing!

    • Ordered 4 to be delivered. Not so sure now with what you have written. My fav mouse is the M325 mouse which is nice and compact, and the scroll wheel is smooth and pleasant to use.

      • Mine is M590. Love it too.

        Anyway, this price is a bargain. I brought two , with another one just being a gift to friends ..or my parents haha.

        • +2

          My 4 mice order arrived today. Agreed with your assessment completely. Prefer my M325 mouse actually but might persevere and see.

          Not sure what to do with the other brand new 3 packaging mice as my daughters won't like them. Didn't buy in store so not sure if can return.

    • But.. but, you wouldn't ever buy this for $68 when you have so many deals coming in for 'better value for money' mice. Would you?

  • Off to pick mine up now.

  • Ordered one when it is posted here but no sign of collection email yet. Don’t know what’s happening

  • Guys got TWO off Auburn nsw flag ship store today. It said no stock and went back order on the 9th, surprisingly they confirmed yesterday!!!! Just try on those no stock stores (would suggest on the large stores though)

  • I wonder how to fulfill click and collect back orders. Do they ship items from other stores or get them from the manufacturer?

    • +1

      Sales girl at Castle Hill talked to the operations manager, who said they couldn't give an ETA but they'll be getting more from the supplier. I can never tell if they're ly…ahem mistaken or not when they spin their…ahem provide customers with information.

  • Thx OP, ordered 2x.

    Only option was delivery for me.

  • +1

    Ordered 2 days now and still didn't receive any further news of my order (other than the delay notice that comes the next day morning)

    • +1

      Me too. although they don't care enough to even send a delay notice. Just…nothing

      • Weird, they did send one delayed email to me. And now it's ready for pick up.

    • Maybe the mouse caught coronavirus 🐁

    • +1

      I still haven't received nothing bout pick up since my order put on back order.

    • Have you received anything yet?

      • Nothing

        • +1

          when I ordered, there was still stock, I wonder why my order was placed on backorder

          • @bkhm: Same.. I think they did random allocation order so didn't matter if you bought first. Still no word from HN

  • Picked up two in Albany WA, plenty of stock here :)

    • M510 haters in Albany? 😂

  • FYI if you don’t like the sticky rubber feeling on a mouse don’t get this model.

    Otherwise it’s a great mouse overall, functionally, ergonomically and economically.

    • Does the rubber wear off? I have the m235, which is almost 8 years old and its rubber has gone sticky.

      • I just bought it so the rubber is intact. It just has the sticky rubber feeling on the sides which I personally don’t like. Some peeps like that feeling though.

  • The unifying receive itself costs ~$15

  • limit of 2 per online order

  • +1

    Picked up 2 at QV, guy said they received a ton of orders.

    I bought it to replace a small Logitech standard mouse which was starting to bother me. Happy with the upgrade nice and comfortable - I've also resurrected an old k400r keyboard with the unifying receiver - I'd lost the original.

  • I enquired online about my order and received this. I m in brisbane

    I’ve checked with the supplier and their estimated shipment date is the 25th of March but we have no ETA on when we would receive the stock in store.

    Unfortunately there have been major delays with shipments due to the COVID-19 virus.

    This could also mean that the supplier doesn’t necessarily get to ship it on the estimated date listed above.

    I apologise for the delays and understand if you do wish to cancel the order, please let me know so I can start the process for you.

    • Picked up my order in NSW today.

  • +1

    All 5 received in the mail. Good deal. Using one right now.

  • Plenty of stock at HN Penrith

    At least 30 available on the shelf

  • Good sized mouse, just bought one but note the wheel is plastic and has a very cheap feel about it..

    Not bad for 15 duckets though!

  • Damn i just missed out :(

  • HN Balgowlah, Caringbah, Castle Hill, North Ryde and Liverpool Sydney, NSW seem to have restocked and now showing stock again.

  • I just got pickup confirmation at north ryde

  • +1

    Ordered 2 for delivery on the 9th. Finally got the shipping notice. Almost forgot about this lol

    • My order is still stuck in limbo it seems. I wonder if click and collect will continue given the escalating situation.

      • I somehow missed an SMS on the 19th. Confirmed order is ready to pick up.

  • Still no pick up confirmation at all…

  • Great deal. Good mouse. My only regret is not buying more for my family members.

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