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WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes 540 Count Super Value Box (Pack of 9) $37.80 or $35.70 (Prime) Delivered (S&S) @ Amazon AU


WaterWipes are currently on sale @ Amazon AU. Listed as $42 for 540 Wipes (9 Pack). With Amazon Prime, S&S, goes down to $35.70, roughly $4.67 per pack. Almost half price. No Prime, S&S is $37.80. These are the most expensive baby wipes on the market, RRP $8 per pack.

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    Good deal. Going through a 540 wipe pack every 3 weeks with our newborn. Normally pay around $42-44 even with s and s.

    • Have you considered cloth wipes

      • We actually have heaps of cheeky wipes but we find our new born’s skin does better with the water wipes.

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          We just use old material (i.e old pyjama pants cut up) for baby/toddler wipes. Just wet them (with water), then wash with the cloth nappies. Saves a lot of money (also good for environment).

    • -1

      25 wipes a day?!

  • +10

    Good price but man these wipes are expensive. Someone bought us a pack and they are great but I imagine only for the very wealthy or those with kids that have skin irritation issues that can't use other wipes. I stick to Huggies and Curash and generally only still when they go half price. Kids are expensive.

    • +1

      Yep, I’m the same. Curash water on sale only. A good deal for those who can only use these for bubba.

      • I'm a lucky one with bubba not having any sensitivities, Dribots from Target are cheap as chips.

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    Just bought huggies 80 wipes for 1.7$ last week.

  • +7

    Our sewer systems are going to be in serious strife if the tp shortage continues

    • +8

      its been well established that these should not be flushed. I say that expecting people to know - yet my wife still did it despite me asking her not to, culminating in the plumber needing to be called out to unblock our pipes

      • +18

        Am I the only one around here who puts the wipes into the used nappy as I clean up?

        • +4

          Jimothy Wongingtons, no you aren't the only one! Been putting the dirty wipes into the dirty nappies for many years!

          • +2

            @baycie: Unfortunately, that entombs the biodegradable wipe and faecal matter for a very long time…increasing landfill. The better option for the environment is to push the faeces into the toilet with the wipe, then dispose the nappy and wipe in the bin separately…it can make a nice mess though 🤣

            • @gabs247: Unfortunately not everyone has free time to scoop poop out of nappies and seperate dirty wipes from dirty nappies.

              Kudos to those that do have the time and can afford biodegradable wipes and nappies and to those that use wash cloths and cloth nappies, also those that can manage baby elimination communication with almost zero impact on the environment!

              • @baycie: Every little bit (of poop) counts ;)

    • Instead of wet wipes I wonder how many people have contemplated just moistening a wad of toilet paper with water.. if no sink within reach of toilet then just from a part flush (which is fresh water too!).
      Cheaper, no blockage of public sewer infrastructure and almost as good (seem to need dry wiping before and after the damp one)

      • +1

        this assumes you have toilet paper…….

      • +4

        Wet toilet paper falls apart and bunches up when you wipe compared to a proper wipe

        • +1

          Agreed - I found bits go everywhere!

      • Clearly you haven't experienced poofinger..

  • Good deal E

  • but a box of 480 wipes is $10 at Coles?

    • +7

      Yes because they are same thing. Clearly you don’t have kids with sensitive skin

      • +3

        I have kids, but probably they don't have sensitive skin? could be, yeah. I haven't had a chance to run a skin comparison with other kids skin, so that's anyone's bet.

        what I don't understand is if these wipes are 99.9% water like they say, why don't you just wash your kids? that's what I do. water: gentle and perfect on sensitive skin. comes free from tap

        • I use these as well as wash and use cotton buds with water. I have tried other brands (even on myself) and there is definitely a difference. I don’t buy these by choice knowing how expensive they are

          • +4


            wash and use cotton buds with water.

            Can't imagine anything worse than cleaning a baby poo up with just a cotton bud and water.

          • +1

            @sangz: Because everyone carries around water and cotton buds for quick nappy changes?

            Thankfully our son was OK with the woolworths wipes most of the time, but every now and then (usually after he's had tomato by mistake) he'd break out into a pretty nasty rash that would require water (or water wipes when out and about).

            Great price, but I don't have need for the bulk amount unfortunately.

  • Do these refill packs come with a resealable lid?

    • +1

      Yes they do, it is the sticky resealable lid, not an actual plastic lid that clicks to close. The packaging is not great. Its very easy to pull out 3 wipes instead of 1 wipe. You will find yourself going through them pretty fast unless you are very careful.

      • Also find if you don't store them upright (so side pockets in nappy bags are not great) they leak very easily.
        Only water, but still not great.

  • +1

    We were given a few packs of these in hospital recently for when our Bub was born. They are great wipes, very good on newborn sensitive skin, very soft.

    The Curash water wipes are good too, we are using them currently along side of Sudocreme, they both help prevent nappy rash.

    Huggies water wipes suck. They rip apart, the same as otherHuggies nappies.

    Will grab a box of these at this price, thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +2

    good deal,

    much better than crappy huggies wipes etc that are full of bad stuff.

  • A very good substitute to toilet paper as i can personally vouch

    • +3

      ok boomer

    • No they're not

      • +1

        And definitely not good to flush.

        Goes for any of those toilet wipes as well, shouldn't be flushed as much as the packaging state it's ok.

  • Another good idea would be to use any wipe and dip it in warm water … I found it very much useful …

    • Yes kill the bacteria

      • Yes kill the bacteria


        Do you know how bacteria works? Or are you trolling?

  • -2

    Are these ok for flushing, if not any suggestions on good flushable wipe available in the market?

    • -1

      And you expect to find them?

      • This seems to be one thing that's remained on the shelves?

    • +4

      hey there, FYI there really isn't any wipes are genuinely flushable. see: ( The term "flushable" is not regulated, and as they say in the article, manufacturers get away with it because:

      "Does it mean you can physically flush it down a toilet? Or that it will biodegrade without major issue in the sewerage system, in the manner of toilet paper?"

    • +2

      No theyre not

    • +2

      No, no wipes are flushable

  • I use to swear by these as both my kids were very sensitive to other wipes. However for parents out there, I would really recommend after they get past 9-12 months trying some of the other brands that are now mostly water and no/low other things in them. The rest of the market has caught up somewhat in getting to low irritation "water" wipes and they are much cheaper, thicker (water wipes you tend to pull more than one out of the packet when in a hurry, thicker alternatives mean you go through less wipes) and just as good (and a lot better on your wallet!). Plus as the kid gets older they get less irritated skin generally.

  • These WaterWipes are available at Costco as well, saw them yesterday. Can't remember the price.

    Having said that, I think the best wipe experience we've had so far is the Costco branded wipes. The wipes are good, and the plastic lid section is well designed.

  • I reckon the 99.9% water description on this product is very misleading as it tends to make you think it would be ok to flush. Even when they are asked in their FAQ:

    "Q. What are WaterWipes made from?

    A. WaterWipes contain 99.9% water & a drop of fruit extract (contains trace of benzalkonium chloride/BAK). The levels of BAK are negligible and have no impact on the safety of WaterWipes."

    This is also misleading as there is obviously something missing that the toweling is made from, but they make it sound like these things are just going to dissolve in water given they are supposedly 99.9 percent water to start with, which they wont and arent recommended to be flushed.

    • +3

      I think it is pretty obvious that it is the liquid which is made of 99.9% water; not the wipe itself.

      • Not really, when a question is directly asked "What are WATERWIPES made from?" and their response is 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, I expect the answer to contain everything they are actually made from. For all I know, they have developed some method to create a toweling like mesh from water and fruit extract (which is not too far fetched an idea but I don't think they have).

  • Has anyone used the thankyou wipes? Are these similar? Thanks

  • Thanks OP!

  • Available again

  • Can you unsubscribe to the Subscribe and Save for a one time order?

    • Yes, just wait until your order arrives then remove the subscription in your amazon account (set a reminder for 1 week from now).

      • Thank you kindly!

  • Thanks bought for my cat

  • +1

    240pk (4 x 60) available for $17/$18 here for those following this thread.

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