expired Swap'n'Go Gas Bottle Swap 8.5kg $20 Masters Braybrook


Our shiny new Masters store in Braybrook (Vic) opened last week, and their first catalogue came in my mail today. In it i have found Swap'n'Go 8.5kg gas bottle swaps for $20. Heaps cheaper than Bunnings (around $28 to $30) and servo's in swapping over a gas bottle.

I know there are some servos and Ray etc who will refill for slighly less, this is for swap and go! (Hence the name)

You might be able to try the ole price match at Bunnings (not sure how far away they will match) and should they match (or beat) as a regular price, Masters have a 110% price guarantee up to 30 days after you buy, so potentially you could this around $18-$19.

Other specials in the first ouple of pages:
- $1 - 17cm Terracotta Pot
- $3 - 230mm Paint Roller Kit
- $1.50 - Philips Light Globes
- $349 - Prossimo STainless Steel Dishwasher
- $49 - Solargard Exterior 4L Low Sheen White paint (with free tinting)

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    That is a good price!

    This afternoon I dragged out 2 bottles from our cabana, and they need to get swapped or filled.

    I wish this was a NSW deal :-(


    Must hunt for that catalogue.


    One small thing.
    Bunnings swap and go is for 9 KG of gas not 8.5 kgs. Same for the refills.

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    Heaps cheaper than Bunnings

    Considering the LPG required to fill one of these things is only worth around $3-$4, there needs to be a lot more competition so we don't get ripped off…


      The 8.5kg fill will take about ~18 litres. 80% fill is in the regulations, AU standards etc.
      They are not meant to be using the same gas that goes in your car. So you cant compare using a 55c bowser price and 1kg dont equal 1L.

      The best gas to use is the Hank Hill approved Propane and this isnt cheap but burns more efficiently.
      A lot of the suppliers use a butane/propane mix which is a lot cheaper but still a lot more than the bowser price.

      When I was working the driveway at a servo many years ago we would simply hook our larger bottles up to the bowser and top them up, then use that for the smaller domestic bottles. Huge mark up that I felt I need a cut of and subsidised my meals etc. They had no way of tracking how many bottles had been filled.
      Country servos may still get away with it but your swap n go's and bunnings etc can not.

      Still lots of profiteering taking place and they claim its to cover the convenience, testing and maintaining of the exchange cylinders.


    danahers mitre 10 in Heidelberg do swap & go bottles for $25. Cheaper than servo's and bunnings in the area.


    The 8.5kg peeves me off as well..

    soon it will be 8kg for the 9kg bottle.

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    So would Bunnings match this price?

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      I will try it out at Bunnings Altona and let you know. Braybrook is a few suburbs across but we did actually get a Masters catalog in the letter box.

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    Anyone googled Masters?

    Welcome to Masters | Masters Home Improvement
    Offers TENS machines and muscle stimulators for hire or sale.


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    a quick Wiki search and found this

    " Masters Home Improvement is the trading name of an Australian Home Improvement chain, operated by a joint venture between Australian Retailer Woolworths Limited and U.S. Based hardware chain, Lowe's [1]. Masters was created as a way for Woolworths Limited to crack into the hardware retail space, which has been historically dominated by Bunnings Warehouse, which is owned by arch rival Wesfarmers. The two companies already compete with each other with groceries and general merchandise."