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Logitech G815 RGB Mechanical Keyboard (GL Tactile) $189 + Delivery (Was $249) @ Scorptec


Seen this deal online whilst looking for a good gaming mechanical keyboard.

At this price, it's a bargain. Especially given that I was able to price match from my local JB Hi-Fi, even though they are selling it for $299.
JB: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/logitech-g815-lightsync-r...
Receipt: https://imgur.com/zwYGSmk

The keyboard is the second best from Logitech at the moment, behind the G915 which is the wireless equivalent ($399.00 at both JB & Scorptec).

Do keep in mind, the deal is only on the "GL Tactile" variant. Fortunately, this is probably the best option for people who want to use it for both general use and gaming.

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  • +1

    great price, wanted them in clickys though :(

    • You could maybe fool someone price matching, only takes a phone call haha!

  • Way overpriced IMO although I haven't used these new Logi switches - they better be an improvement on the previous Romer-G switches.

    • A massive improvement from a Logitech Wave that I had been using to a decade. Well worth the money for me, anyway.

    • Kailh Chocs. Switches themselves are pretty highly regarded. Only know of two other keyboards you can get here with the same or similar switches. Keychron K1 @ $130 with Gateorons and an MSI board @ $160. This is a pretty good price considering the others don't have any of the extra bells and whistles.

      • Just remembered Keychron K1 is wireless with Bluetooth. Not so much of a good deal then. Good for a mainstream brand, but they're all a bit overpriced..

        • Fair enough. Personally I’d rather not mix and match different brands as I’ve got a Logitech mouse already. Not only because I’m anal like that, but I’ve heard it can hamper the computer by running different software. Don’t know if that’s BS though.

          • +1

            @MHK-11: I'm the same way, though I made the silly mistake of buying a O11 Razer case thinking I could ween myself off Logitechs hyperfast scroll wheels. I can't. So now I've got Synapse and G Hub running. Yeah!

  • true, might give it a shot tomorrow with your receipt maybe.

    whats it like using the keyboard?

    • Awesome, I love it. I need to get used to the LED lights going off but you can turn them off.

      Don't normally post on OzBargain but I just wanted to type something with the keyboard I'm loving it that much! Haven't used it for gaming yet so can't comment. But I'm sure it wouldn't let one down!

  • How loud are the tactile keys?

    • Look, you certainly can hear them but as is the case with any keyboard. Can't say I've compared to others but I'd assume there not as loud as a Clicky would be.

      I suggest watching this video, as I did before I purchased.

    • +3

      comparison at 2:30s https://youtu.be/JDMi5ozaJ2U?t=148

      linear and tactile sound about the same as my corsair with red switches

    • +1

      I've got one and had the same concerns, they've very quite for a mech keyboard. In fact, probably perfect for the 'tactile' feel without everyone hating you for typing on it. :)

  • +1

    popped up in my feed the other day, all i think about when i see keyboards now ahaha ; www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHt01D6rOLI

  • Expired? Shows $249

    • Seemingly, yeah. They now have a deal on the Linear at $209 if you're interested.

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